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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Randy Rainbow is the best!

They finally got what they wanted

My local right- wing radio morons are almost celebrating the recent mass shooting in Indiana because they finally got a "good guy with a gun" story.

Never mind that another mentally disturbed person was able to get a gun and use it to kill 3 people in a food court at a mall. Apparently that doesn't matter if you focus on the rare, last resort method of relying on "good guys with guns" to stop mass shootings. Well, they don't actually stop mass shootings completely, people still die, just less people die, theoretically that is. Anyway, my local MAGA radio station is having a great time even though people died.

I needed a quick rant.

Make sure your FOX watching friends know the coup was more than just the attack on Jan 6

The right-wing media is purposely ignoring the planning before the riot at the Capitol. Your wing nut friends and relatives will need the whole story if they'll listen.

What is the truth with this so-called attempt on Kavanaugh's life?

The right wing media acts like the guy was stopped in progress, but another source I read claimed the guy, "Nicholas John Roske was taken into custody when he called an emergency line and confessed that he wanted to kill Brett Kavanaugh".

Did the guy turn himself in before ever getting anywhere near Kavanaugh, or was he stopped on his way?

I can't seem to find a clear account on what actually happened.

I know I'm being sarcastic, but how about this idea

From now on all body armor available to civilians (not military) must be pink in color. Also, all AR style semi-automatic rifles for civilian use must be pink as well.

This would not be against the 2nd Amendment, and it would weed out those who are using guns to enhance their manhood.

The argument that being of military age (18) automatically makes you qualified to own a gun

Sorry, but 18 is not a magic age, just because you can join the military. Boot camp, as well as being a training period, is also a weed- out period. If you show that you are not mentally fit to preform well in the military during boot camp, or at any other time, you will be let go.

The military is all about gun control. They control the weapons, and have many safety measures in place. Civilians that are 18 years of age don't have the type of gun control present in the military.

The average enlistment is from 4 to 6 years. If a person enters the military at 18, they will be at least 22 when they leave the service. The training they got during the military should serve them well if they want to purchase a gun when they are of age.

Again, 18 is not a magic age that suddenly makes you qualified to own a gun.

The Framers argued that the militia would be safe from tyranny, not a police force against it

If you read the Federalist Papers, the main discussion was always about using the "well regulated" militia for defense of the new nation. It was not about having armed people constantly looking for tyranny. There is a difference.

The idea was that the militia would be safe from tyranny because it would be made up of the people, the governed, therefore they would not turn against their own countrymen and harm "liberty" should a leader ever try to use the militia for tyranny. In other words, The Founders argued that militias could not easily be used as a way of spreading tyranny. That is all. They didn't promote the idea that militias were to be constantly looking for a fight against tyranny.

Nowadays, the average 2nd Amendment gun hump has twisted things to the point where they are constantly looking for tyranny that doesn't even exist. They use the 2nd Amendment to justify the idea that they must be armed to the hilt at all times because the Founders told them to be. This is not only wrong, but very dangerous. All it would take is the right con man to come along and convince them it's time to start shooting their fellow Americans in the name of fighting tyranny, maybe it could even be some idiot that thought his election was stolen. Who knows?

I'm pretty sure the Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew what a ticking time bomb the 2nd Amendment has been turned into by the gun humps of this country.

That's my opinion based on what I've read from the framers of the Constitution.

How do you know if you're selling a gun to a good guy if you don't background check?

It's kind of hard to tell good guys from the bad guys just by looking at them. Don't cha think?

2nd Amendment gun nuts think someday they will be called on to put down tyranny. The problem is...

the average gun nut is more likely to become an accessory to tyranny than any other person, especially if they are the type of person who would follow someone like Trump and support democracy killing ideas such as "the big lie".

On January 6, 2021 we had a whole lot 2nd Amendment gun humpers show us just how willing they would be to follow the whim of one man so that he could remain in power contrary to our Constitution.

These people wouldn't know actual tyranny if it hit them in the face. To them "tyranny" is being told to wear a mask at the grocery store during a pandemic.

Supposing the Pukes get their way with arming teachers...

What kind of personal trauma is any "armed" teacher who fails to stop a shooter going to suffer?

Think of the potential guilt that will be carried by any teacher who fails for some reason to stop the threat.

Pukes usually don't like to put money toward education, so I'm pretty any therapy or counselling will be up to the individual.

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