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Profile Information

Name: Now Sam
Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Aug 12, 2015, 10:09 AM
Number of posts: 1,252

Journal Archives

I'm not Trump either

so why not vote for me?

Why 300,000,000 people in the USA are not Trump. Why not vote for them? All Hillary has is "Vote for me because Trump is worse."

I have a looooooooong list of reasons to vote for Bernie and not just against Trump.

A billion is a thousand millions

and there are 535 members of congress. There are 535 members of congress. A billionaire who spends a billion just to buy congress's good favor would give $1,869,158.88 per member. How many of the 535 members could be bought for 1.8 million?

Trump could do that.

Goldman Sachs (Hillary) could do that too.

This system is bought and paid for. The corruption is so deep. Is it too late?

In the spirit of civility

Today, rather than engage at all with anything or anyone here who I find nasty or unpleasant, I will just trash the threads or entire forums. Quite calming. I have come to the conclusion that confirmation bias is so powerful and the propaganda branch of the corrupt system is so strong that I would be wasting valuable energy interacting with those who have no eyes to see or ears to hear.

So cheers to bread and circuses and may the force be with you all. And Help us, Obi Bern Kenobi, you are the last hope for the future of our once great civilization.


The coordinated effort by all media

today to proclaim Bernie finished and that people just aren't buying what he's selling is so blatant and so ugly - the magnitude of the dragon Bernie has bravely set out to slay - is truly remarkable.

This whole election is a sham. The people need fair elections and they aren't getting one. The media is in the bag for Clinton and that is quite an unfair advantage.

Bernie is the only hope for the future of this nation. If, God forbid, he fails, then who will be our champion?

If Hillary wins the people lose anyway.

If Bernie fails I think we are in extreme danger of losing our basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I cannot put my trust in Clinton and Warren stayed on the sidelines too long to matter.

If not Bernie than who? I think it is Bernie or bust. The only other person I could think of would be. ..Al Gore because - the environment.

What a sad state we are in - Thanks Nixon. Thanks Reagan, Thanks Bush, Thanks Bullhorn Bill, and Shrub. Obama did much good except for the atrocity of the TPP. That single item has sold us all down the river.

The future ain't what it used to be.

The fact that many HRC supporters here on DU

Don't care that Bill Clinton blocked people from voting in Mass today shows that the party has lost its soul.

How can sane people really vote for a person

who has consistently over decades had a problem with the truth? Are we really okay putting a proven liar in the White House? Does character count for nothing? Winning is all that matters? Even if war = peace and moderates=progressive and Jogging left and moving back to the center...this little dance of lies and selling out all values. I guess we will get the government we deserve if that candidate is elected.

Get ready because there will be lots of war and lots of for profit prisons and lots more poverty and all of what we have been getting for decades.

UNLESS we are brave and reject this false choice of the lesser of 2 evils and vote for a more perfect union that works for everyone.

When we stand together is a signature Bernie line

and Hillary has the gall to use it in her victory speech? Does she realize that she is again turning off and alienating half of democrats? Yes, She won big in SC BUT at the end of today both candidates have accumulated 2% of the total delegates. This is a close race and passions run deep. By stealing Bernie's lines and trying to pass of his policy positions as her own she is just infuriating more people who will never vote for her as a result. I know many people that are voting for Bernie, not because they agree with his policies but because the believe in him. He is honest and forthright. Most people I talk to hate Hillary - yes Hate - because she isn't true to herself or us. She has no core beliefs, it seems to me, except that winning is everything to her so she tells one group she is moderate and another group she is progressive. She tells some groups she is against the TPP and tells other she helped create it. She vote for the war but says it was just one little vote. She is for the pipeline or against it? Depends on what day it is. And the outright stealing of her opponent's actual signature speech is inexcusable. She would do that in the general if she runs against Tump. She will be all for the wall and for more war. She will slowly adopt Trump's whole platform - which is fairly empty anyway. I pray that the people aren't really as dumb as Hillary thinks we are.

Today doesn't change anything

But change is coming. No matter the outcome in South Carolina. Friends who desire the necessary changes we must make as a society - take heart - better days are coming. To those of you protecting the status quo against your own self interests and against the interests of the people, and the planet, may you soon see the light of truth and wake up.

Maybe the Pres knows Bern will really

Hey done the things He started. I think President Obama is will be viewed as the bridge to change the course of the nation away from the disastrous Reagan way to the path being blazed by the the Bern.

I've been blocked again

I have been blocked from the Hillary group for some time and today I just got blocked from the Florida group for making a hanging chad reference. I didn't know it as the FL group when I posted. I don't always see the group if it is in the latest threads area. So I chimed in with a little joke about chads. Sorry, Florida, for offending you. I think you your blocking response was a bit harsh but whatever. I don't live there and hopefully never will. Isn't DWS from FL? Isn't she this year's Katherine Harris? Anyway, I guess at the rate I'm going I won't have many friends on DU.
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