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Member since: Thu Oct 13, 2005, 03:25 AM
Number of posts: 27,031

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When you vote for a Republican ...

... you are voting for a politician who is putting a lethal weapon into the hands of a potential murderer.

If you're okay with that, you're okay with your own child potentially being slaughtered in their classroom.

Think about that before you cast your next ballot. It may be the last vote you cast before your own child's funeral.

Don't Look Now, Republicans ...

... but your hypocrisy is showing - and it's being broadcast all over the country.

All of your blathering about how women shouldn't have the right to an abortion because every baby's life is precious - well, in case you haven't noticed, that's going to be a hard sell now, isn't it?

Have your think-tank geniuses come up with a marketing plan to promote the idea that life begins at conception - but ends in an elementary school classroom?

Have you figured out a way to explain to your voters that while you're deeply committed to "precious children", that shouldn't prevent you from putting automatic weapons into the hands of criminals, the mentally unstable, and every other whack-job who shouldn't suffer the inconvenience of a background check?

I'm sure Republican politicians are hesitant to put a price on a child's life. But we've all actually seen the number you've attached to children's lives - and it directly correlates to the number of dollars that flow into your campaign coffers from the NRA and other gun advocates.

The nation has had to face up to a few cruel realities in the past few days - the most glaring of which is the fact that when you vote for a Republican, you are putting a gun into a potential murderer's hands.

So you have to wonder how many parents are willing to put a gun into the hands of someone who might use that weapon to slaughter their own children.

I'm not seeing a lot of takers - do you?

Yes, Republicans - your hypocrisy is on full display. And I doubt that "Spare the the automatic weapon and spoil the child" will be a winning campaign slogan come November.

About arming teachers ...

This sounds like a great idea. Why inconvenience child murderers by forcing them to bring their own weapons when you can simply ensure that they're already on site?

If you're not lugging around a rifle or an automatic weapon, you don't have to deal with being spotted with one before you get into a school building - you can simply waltz in the front door, with no one being the wiser.

Besides, having guns stashed all over a building full of school kids - well, come on, what could possibly go wrong?

Name them.

I invite anyone who has posted that Republican parents are willing to have their own children slaughtered because gun ownership is more important than the lives of their own children to name them.

Name the parents who have expressed such sentiments, and provide the statements they made in support of the idea that their children's lives was a sacrifice they were willing to make to uphold the right to bear arms regardless of the consequences.

Then tell me how accusing Republican parents of being willing to have their own children gunned-down in their classrooms is any different than Republicans saying that Democrats drink the blood of dead babies.

I am truly appalled by some of the rhetoric being posted here tonight

Republicans grieve the loss of their children in the same way any parent would, regardless of political affiliation.

To suggest otherwise is beyond despicable.

Okay, Republican voters - let's talk

Millions of you have children - children that you love, that you cherish, that you hope to see grow up and have children of their own.

I've no doubt that most of you are horrified by today's events. You wonder how any parent can bear the grief of losing a child in such a horrific way. You look at your own children and think, there but for the grace of God ...

But the reality is that the grace of God has nothing to do with it. If your children came home from school today safe and sound, it's because someone with a gun showed up at someone else's school, instead of theirs.

The simple fact is that every time you vote Republican, you are putting a gun in someone's hand. You are supporting a party that doesn't care if that person will act responsibly, or will open fire in your child's classroom.

Today it was some other parent's child whose life ended in a hail of bullets. Tomorrow it could be your child.

I'm sure the grief-stricken parents who lost a child today appreciate your thoughts and prayers. What they'd appreciate more is your support for sensible gun-control legislation.

Think about that the next time you cast a ballot. Are you voting for someone who wants to keep your children safe - or are you voting for someone who is going to arm the gunman that eventually slaughters them?

You can do something to stop the carnage. But if you choose not to, you're putting your own child in the cross-hairs.

I hope your children come home from school tomorrow safe and sound. But if they don't, you'll have to live with the fact that you support the party that led to their deaths.

The Republican Solution

The Republican solution to increased violence: Stir the pot at every opportunity, encourage citizens to see each other as enemies that must be eliminated, promote the idea that civil war is not only inevitable, but welcome.

The Republican Solution to mass shootings, gun crimes: Pass legislation that makes it easier to own firearms, avoid background checks, and support stand-your-ground laws that justify murder.

The Republican solution to losing elections: Suppress the votes of those who are likely to vote against them, and spread the Big Lie in order to promote the idea that any election they lose is due to fraud.

The Republican solution to the rights of white Americans being diluted via brown/black immigrants: Take away the rights of women by forcing them to give birth to more white babies.

The Republican solution to poorly-educated citizens: Ban books, ban discussion, ban everything that leads students to actually think for themselves.

The Republican solution to growing the economy: Raise taxes on the poor and the middle-class, give more tax-cuts to wealthy individuals and corporations.

The Republican solution to climate change: Just ignore it - it will go away by itself, just like Covid did.

The Republican solution to corruption in government: What corruption? We have no idea what you're talking about. Investigation is just another word for 'witch-hunt'.

The Republican solution to pretty much everything: Lie, cheat, and steal in order to gain political power - so that you can continue to lie, cheat and steal.

I love the smell of flop-sweat in the morning ...

The smart folks are realizing that cooperating with the Jan/6 Committee is their best chance of survival.

They've finally come to the conclusion that the Jan/6 Committee has irrefutable evidence of their participation in trying to overthrow the US gov't, along with our democracy.

They're now willing to throw their "pResident" under the bus in order to save their own skins.

They're now aware that there will never be a re-elected "pResident Trump" who can pardon them for their crimes.

They now know that it's every man for himself, and that loyalty to Trump is a one-way street - and they're about to be left in a ditch on the losing side of a dead-end.

There's a road sign flashing up ahead: Last chance to save your own ass before the Jan/6 Committee nails it to the wall.

Number of people willing to go to prison in order to protect Trump? I'm betting on zero.

Of course, YMMV.

Cheer up, Trumpy

Things may not be going great for you right now, what with all those investigations into your business dealings, allegations of tax fraud and/or evasion, the Jan-6 hearings going prime-time, yadda yadda.

But let me assure you that no matter what happens from here on out, you will never be forgotten. There will never be a time between now and your dying day - and even beyond - that anyone will ever say, "Who was this Trump guy? Never heard of him."

Rest assured, you will be the punchline of jokes for decades to come. Late-night TV shows hosted by up-and-comers who are contemporaries of Colbert's, Kimmel's, and Fallon's great-grandchildren will still be eliciting yuks simply by mentioning your name in their opening monologues.

History teachers will dazzle their students with tales of a "pResident" who once captured the hearts and minds of devoted supporters who died of Covid due to following his medical advice, gathered together to await the resurrection of long-dead politicians and rock stars, and believed that a self-proclaimed "pussy grabber" was chosen by God to lead a Christian nation.

The BIG LIE will be remembered as the BIG LAUGH, and future generations will wonder how a bunch of inept Trump-humpers thought they could overthrow democracy while leaving a trail of emails, text messages, and phone exchanges in their wake.

And your face will never be forgotten. All of those photos of you staring into a solar eclipse will live forever - along with the videos of you acting like an orange-faced buffoon while you insisted that wind-turbines cause cancer, suggesting that injecting bleach can eliminate a pandemic, or promoting the idea of nuking hurricanes.

You WILL live forever, Donald. You will forever be a shining example of corruption, failure, and abject stupidity - a born loser whose only claim to fame was being impeached twice, orchestrating a failed coup, and reminding the world what shit looks like when it rises to the top of the punchbowl.

"The Gang That Couldn't Coup Straight" ...

... premiers June 9th on TV screens the world over.

Already predicted to be the "must watch" show of the year, this drama/comedy miniseries will feature a cast of well-known politicians, along with behind-the-scenes witnesses who caught them in the act of attempting to overthrow democracy.

You'll laugh, you'll cry! You'll be infuriated by the actions of a multitude of Republicans who risked it all to keep their favourite Idiot in the White House - you'll lapse into hysterical laughter when you hear about their ineptitude as they left a trail of emails, texts, and phone records behind, evidencing their own guilt every step of the way!

Trailers for the show have already proven to be a hit with audiences, especially the "I never said that" denials followed by audio recordings of the denier saying EXACTLY THAT!

Remember when Trump told his supporters to show up in DC on January 6th because "it's going to be wild"? Well, these hearings are going to be over-the-top wild - it's not every day that American citizens can actually watch GOP political careers die in real time!

So get comfy, fire-up the popcorn machine, and prepare to enjoy a recounting of the antics of a party too stupid to cover their tracks as they attempted to overthrow the government they swore to defend and protect.

It's gonna be WILD!

Welfare checks needed

For the past few years, I have opined that Republican voters are willfully ignorant, blind to the obvious, and jaw-droppingly stupid.

Given that their GOP representatives have consistently voted against measures that would actually help the constituents they claim to represent, I think the situation is far worse than I first imagined.

Republican voters are not just stupid - I now believe that they are braindead.

If you have family members, neighbours or friends who still support Republicans, I urge you to do a welfare check on them to determine whether they are still functioning human beings.

Are they aware of their surroundings? Do they demonstrate any ability to think? Are they capable of performing their jobs, feeding themselves, and/or recognizing random objects like person, woman, man, camera, TV?

Do they speak in coherent sentences - or do they babble on about Jewish Space Lasers, Chinese hurricane guns, and/or the cancer-causing noise emitted by wind turbines?

It's time to identify the braindead as a danger to themselves and others. If you have seen the symptoms of brain-death among Republicans you may know, please report their condition to the nearest mental health facility in your community.

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