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NanceGreggs's Journal
NanceGreggs's Journal
July 4, 2024

A Very Tearful Farewell

Still reeling from Monday's devastating SCOTUS decision, I came back to DU today in hopes of finding the comfort and camaraderie I have always found here, along with a sense of renewed commitment to fight the good fight in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

What I found instead was post after post about how "Joe must go".

"But what about his debate performance" is the new "But what about her emails." 

"We'll do just fine with a different candidate."   In other words. let's tell voters that  Democrats will fight for democracy, freedom, and the Constitution - we just won't fight for our own President. 

Joe has had our backs for three and a half years.  It is beyond sad that so many people here no longer have his.

And with that said, I leave DU.  I just want to offer a final thank you to EarlG and Elad for all they've done in the past, and to all of you who have befriended me over the years.  I will miss you more than I can say.

With a corrupt MAGA Supreme Court in place, our democracy is hanging by a thread.   Our best chance to salvage what's left of that democracy is Joe Biden, a proven fighter.

I simply don't want to be around those who can't move fast enough to throw him under the bus.

July 2, 2024

RIP American Democracy

You had a good run, but now it's over.

You are now living under the dictatorship of five corrupt SC 'justices' who have declared themselves not only above the law, but above the Constitution.

SCOTUS decisions will no longer be based on legal scholarship or precedent, but based solely on the furtherance of a political agenda that strips away the rights and freedoms of the citizenry.

I have always been a glass-half-full optimist - but tonight the glass is completely empty, and lies shattered on the grave of what was once a great nation.

June 28, 2024

Still With JOE!!!

I'm voting for the guy who debated by citing the facts, instead of the guy who told the same old lies he's been spewing for years.

I'm voting for the guy who understood the questions posed and answered them directly, instead of the guy who had to be asked the same question two and three times - and still couldn't give a direct response.

I'm voting for the guy who speaks up for democracy, freedom, and the Constitution - and if he speaks up for those things with a stammer or a stutter, the words are still crystal clear.

As for the hair-on-fire pundits screaming DISASTER!!!, I guess they've forgotten what a disaster the tRump presidency was, and are oblivious to what a disaster a second term would be.

Biden's accomplishments in office are too numerous to name, and his honesty and decency have been on display every day.

The idea that one debate performance has the Democrats "in a panic" over Joe's candidacy is beyond ludicrous - low-hanging fruit for those stupid enough to base their political stance on the last ninety minutes instead of the last three-plus years.

June 25, 2024

I'm With 'Sleepy Joe'

I'm voting for the 'befuddled' guy who delivered an infrastructure bill, lowered prescription drug prices, and expanded healthcare access, instead of the guy who promised things he never delivered.

I'm voting for the 'mentally unstable' guy who understands the threat of climate change, instead of the guy who rants about faucets that only drip and toilets that don't flush.

I'm voting for the 'cognitively impaired' guy who champions women's rights, instead of the guy who actually brags about taking those rights away.

I'm voting for the 'slow-talking' guy who speaks eloquently and truthfully about the issues, instead of the guy who lies about everything and rambles incoherently in doing so.

I'm voting for the allegedly 'corrupt' guy, instead of the convicted felon, fraudster, tax cheat, and rapist.

I'm voting for the 'dimwitted' guy who has overseen a strengthening economy, lower unemployment, millions of new jobs, and higher wages, instead of the guy who is openly hoping for the economy to crash because he thinks it will help him politically.

I'm voting for the 'demented' guy who believes in democracy, the law, and the Constitution, instead of the guy who abhors the very principles the nation was founded upon.

The choice is clear between a steady hand guiding the ship of state, and a raving lunatic who thinks ranting about electric boats and being eaten by sharks is a sure vote-getter.

June 22, 2024


Rump has continually described immigrants as rapists, thieves, sexual assaulters, and criminals who belong in insane asylums.

His latest addition to the list is people who speak in a gibberish language that no one can understand.

Not for nuthin', but I'm beginning to think that the Orange Anus snuck across the border at some point - because he clearly meets all of his own criteria.

Has anyone asked to see his birth certificate? Maybe we should.

June 4, 2024

Fauci v MTG

As I watched MTG sparring with Dr. Fauci at the latest look-busy-but-accomplish-nothing hearing, I kept wishing the good doctor would insert the term "peach-tree dish" as often as possible into his responses
to her inane questions.

He also could have explained that his team hoped to destroy the Covid-19 virus with Jewish Space Lasers, but was advised by the Gazpacho Police that they were all being used to start wildfires in California again this summer.

If stupidity was a crme, MTG would have been in-dick-ted years ago.

June 2, 2024

The Perfect Candidate

We all know that Donald J. tRump is a liar, a racist, a con-man, a hypocrite, a rapist, and a man as devoid of intelligence as he is of moral rectitude.

And now he is a convicted felon.

All of the aforementioned makes him the Perfect Candidate for the GOP, in that he epitomizes the depravity of his party, the blatant corruption of its office-holders, and the ability to attract the most gullible, lowest-IQ voters in the country.

I can't think of anyone who better represents what the GOP has become, or who more fully exemplifies that party's continuing spiral into the depths of complete madness.

May 20, 2024

Real men wear diapers?

Uh, no.

Real men take the stand.

If tRump wants to counter all the 'lies' told by the prosecution's witnesses, he can haul his lardass up to the witness stand and do so. No doubt the jury will be dazzled by his brilliant bullshit - and who knows? Maybe it was the late, great Hannibal Lector who actually had that 90-second sexual encounter with Stormy Daniels!

Just as a side note: Given how much shit was smeared on the floors and walls of the Capitol on January 6th, it looks like the "real men" forgot to wear their diapers that day.

May 11, 2024


Even most non-Christians know Jesus's admonitions to his followers to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and care for the sick and dying.

Now let's acknowledge the bleedin' obvious, shall we?

There isn't a self-proclaimed-Christian Republican who would ever run for office espousing those principles, because they know no self-proclaimed-Christian Republican would ever vote for them.

Show me a Republican candidate running on a platform of making healthcare more affordable, or providing free meals to the poor, and I'll show you a candidate who will be shouted down by the "good Christians" in his party for wanting to give away their tax dollars to undeserving, lazy deadbeats.

Show me a Republican office-seeker campaigning on the promise of housing the homeless, and I'll show you a candidate whose first campaign speech in front of his Bible-thumping Republican base will be his last.

Given today's hate-the-browns-and-blacks climate in the GOP, dare I even mention Christ's directive to "welcome the stranger"?  That's the kind of rhetoric that could get you crucified these days - and those self-proclaimed-Christian Republicans would gladly supply the wood and the nails.

The only time you'll hear a Republican politician invoke their alleged Christianity is when they rail against abortion and homosexuality - two topics Christ never even spoke about - or to ask for thoughts-and-prayers after a mass shooting perpetrated by someone with an automatic weapon that, as Republicans will tell you, he had a God-given right to own.

I don't know where all the real Christians are these days - but it's pretty obvious they aren't in the GOP.

May 7, 2024

Oh, to be a fly on the wall ...

Christians believe that at the moment of death, they will stand before their Creator to be judged, and either welcomed to heaven or condemned to hell.

Oh, to be there and hear a Trump-humper explain how he saw a lying, theiving, adulterous bigot, who proposed killing migrants at the border, a man who used the power of the presidency to enrich himself while his fellow citizens went hungry and homeless, who mocked those afflicted with a crippling disease, and proudly breaks every Commandment - and then compared him to Jesus Christ,

"Honestly, Your Godship, how could I not think that of all the men on earth, a selfish, self-centered, orange-faced braggart was 'chosen' by You to lead a nation? Surely you recognize that Donald Trump and Jesus are so alike, it's almost impossible to tell them apart."

If nothing else, at least God will get a few chuckles out of the MAGAts who try to wiggle their way out of eternal damnation with this sorry excuse.

I don't believe in God or a Final Judgement - but I often wonder if those MAGAts who do ever spend time practicing what they'll say in their own defence when their time comes.

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