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"I didnt leak nothing to nobody" Susan Rice

Take that dRump... more proof you/The White supremacist Bannon and putin are just full of shit...... I hope you all die in a plane crash.... but dont worry your impeachment is coming.....

Russian/Drumpf Yatchs morned together

I cant wait until his administration and his fucking Yatch sink to the bottom of the fucking swamp
Hopefully all the drumps are onboard

Here's your daily proof...


By John Pacenti - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Two yachts believed to be the Anna, owned by Dmitry Rybolovlev, and the Sea Owl, owned by President Donald Trump’s financier Robert Mercer, are seen in a cove near the British Virgin Islands on Friday, March 10. (Provided)
Updated: 10:48 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, 2017 | Posted: 6:40 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The coincidences are piling up.
Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev last week disavowed any contact with President Donald Trump.

But speculation again was stoked when his state-of-the-art yacht Anna sat anchored in the British Virgin Islands on Friday night and another equally resplendent luxury liner, the Sea Owl, sidled up, according to a website that tracks the movement of yachts.

After disavowing any contact with President Donald Trump this past week, Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev’s state-of-the-art yacht Anna sat anchored in the British Virgin Islands on Friday night when another equally resplendent luxury liner, the Sea Owl, sidled up, according to a website that tracks the movement of yachts.

The owner of the dark-hulled yacht? President Donald Trump’s biggest financial supporter and Breitbart News moneyman, Robert Mercer.

» COMPLETE COVERAGE: President Donald Trump in Palm Beach

Rybolovlev has repeatedly said he has never met Trump or had any dealings with anyone in his campaign. The oligarch did purchase a Palm Beach mansion from the developer in 2008 through a family trust, Rybolovlev’s spokespeople say.

Within days of the election this past year, Trump’s and Rybolovlev’s jets were parked on the airport apron in Charlotte, N.C., on Nov. 3. Trump had a campaign rally that day in Concord, N.C. Rybolovlev said he was there for business.

The two planes were also in Las Vegas at the same time in October.

Since the CIA and FBI said Russia launched a campaign to interfere with the U.S. election in an attempt to benefit Trump, ties between one of America’s longtime nemeses and the president have surfaced on several fronts, including Rybolovlev.

Russia is the top suspect in hacking the emails of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which were released through WikiLeaks.

The president’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former campaign adviser Carter Page all have had interactions with Russian officials. Trump has business ties with Russians who developed properties with him in Fort Lauderdale and New York.

There is also a possible connection through Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who has part ownership in the Bank of Cyprus, which has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rybolovlev also owned shares in the bank. Ross also has a home on Palm Beach where Trump owns Mar-a-lago, now dubbed the Winter White House.

Then there is the Deutsche Bank connection. The former CEO now runs the Bank of Cyprus. Deutsche Bank is Trump’s top creditor to the tune of about $300 million. Deutsche just paid $425 million in fines to the state of New York for laundering $10 billion in Russian money.

Now one of the president’s chief financial backers during the campaign has been spotted within one-tenth of a nautical mile of oligarch Rybolovlev in the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. The yachts stayed near each other on Saturday then later motored away from each other, but were in the same vicinity during the weekend.

A source provided The Palm Beach Post photos of Mercer’s Sea Owl and Rybolovlev’s Anna anchored off the North Sound near Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. One photo shows the two yachts separated only by a few sailing vessels between them.

The two vessels were a couple hundred feet away from each other on Friday and about 1,000 feet apart as late as Monday, according to data from www.marinetraffic.com obtained by the Palm Beach Post.

Besides taking photos of the boats up close and from a distance, the source did not reveal any other information or the motivation in reaching out to The Post. Neither Rybolovlev or Mercer were observed on the vessels.

“Mr. Rybolovlev has never met Robert Mercer and has no relationship with him whatsoever,” said Brian Cattell, the oligarch’s spokesman, said Tuesday.

A staffer at Mercer’s residence in Suffolk County, N.Y., answered the phone and took a message, but no call was returned for comment.

How important was Mercer to Trump being elected president? He supported U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, before throwing his support to Trump.

Along with Mercer’s support came Stephen Bannon, the man who ran the right-wing website Breitbart News. Bannon took over Trump’s campaign and engineered the biggest upset in American politics in decades. Now Bannon serves as chief strategist to President Trump.

Cattell, Rybolovlev’s spokesman, used to write for Breitbart. He said he never met Mercer.

Rybolovlev’s known tie to Trump is the purchase of a 62,000-square-foot mansion in 2008 on North County Road in Palm Beach for $95 million, the highest price paid at the time for a residence in the U.S.

The oligarch’s jet showed up in places where Trump just happened to be campaigning, Las Vegas in October and Charlotte, N.C., in November. This past week, for the first time, Rybolovlev through a spokesman said he and his plane did share the airport apron at the same time as Trump but it was purely coincidental.

“Particular attention has been focused on a trip made by Mr. Rybolovlev to North Carolina,” said Sergey Chernitsyn, an adviser to Dmitry Rybolovlev. “He was in North Carolina for a business meeting and we can state categorically that he did not have any contact with Mr. Trump or any of his advisers at the time he was there.”

The statement did not address the time when the president and the oligarch were both in Las Vegas or why his plane was in Miami on the weekend of Feb. 11 when Trump was at Mar-a-Lago entertaining the Japanese prime minister.

Now enter Robert Mercer, who along with his daughter Rebekah, have supported right-wing causes, whether it be Breitbart or Super PACS, including Make America Number 1, which supported Cruz before getting behind Trump.

In December, Trump, Bannon and senior aide Kellyanne Conway attended a lavish Christmas costume party Heroes and Villains at the Mercers’ Long Island family estate.

Mercer worked for IBM for two decades before getting wealthy when he joined the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies.

The political clout, though, tends to be wielded through his daughter, Rebekah. Politco in November reported that she was playing a major role in shaping Trump’s administration.

Cattell, Rybolovlev’s spokesman, said the oligarch did not know Mercer’s daughter.

The Mercers have poured at least $1.4 million into organizations that cast doubt on climate change science and $34.6 million to 30 conservative non-profits from 2011-2014, according to Politico.

This past month, the Guardian profiled Robert Mercer, noting he had a $10 million stake in Cambridge Analytica, that specializes in “psyops” — “election management strategies” and “messaging and information operation.”

Also reportedly on the board of Cambridge Analytica: Steve Bannon.

The company can psychologically analyze Facebook users — reportedly without their knowledge — based on their activity.

“We are thrilled that our revolutionary approach to data-driven communication has played such an integral part in President-elect Trump’s extraordinary win,” Alexander James Ashburner Nix, the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, said after the election.


10yo making Nazi Salute at WH tour?

President Donald Trump on Tuesday took time away from berating his staff and making wiretapping claims to drop in on a group of visiting students from Birmingham Alabama’s Briarwood Christian School who were taking a tour of the White House.

Things stayed pretty on script as Trump invited a 10-year-old to pose with him for the cameras. The touching moment was captured in a brief video posted to CSPAN, which ultimately made its way to their Twitter account.

Largely unnoticed, however, was a curious hand gesture made by the 10-year-old toward the end of the footage. In a simpler time, the gesture could have been written off as an “ok” symbol… but not today. The hand movement bears a striking similarity to one that has often been made by the ultimate Trump meme warrior, Pepe the Frog.

The animated frog reached near mythical status during the 2016 campaign, earning a special condemnation from Hillary Clinton and hate symbol status from the Anti-Defamation League.

While Pepe’s prominence waned after the election, he is still regularly invoked by provocative right wing pundits. The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft and Lucian Wintrich, for example, recently flashed the gesture from the White House briefing room, prompting Media Matters to once again remind everyone that it was a “hand signal associated with the racist ‘Pepe’ meme.”

It’s also worth noting that the gesture is widely used by President Trump himself and that the young man may have just been trying to emulate the President of the United States.

This is unbelievable did they get these kids straight out of Hitler's Youth Camp?
Who is teaching this kid this horrible things I want to give the benefit of the doubt but in drumpf world this seems OK. This kid needs to be taken from his deplorable parents and sent on the correct route thru life.
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