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Gender: Female
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: United States
Current location: Kansas
Member since: Mon Sep 2, 2013, 11:08 AM
Number of posts: 180

Journal Archives

Another Affordable Care Act success story!

Starting next month, I'll have health insurance with a $250 deductible and $500 annual maximum for under $35/month! I'll finally be able to afford to see my oncologist again.

Obamacare Gives Workers Freedom Conservatives Demanded!!

A few quotes from Greedy Obstructionist Party:

“A lot of people change their jobs. So the tax benefit should change and go with them, and not be attached to their jobs. We want to address job lock. So, the key question that ought to be addressed in any health care reform legislation, is are we going to continue job lock, or are we going to allow individuals more choice, and portability to fit the 21st century workforce?” (Paul Ryan 5/20/09)

“Of course there are a number of things that I like in health care reform that I’m going to put in place…. I also want individuals to be able to buy insurance, health insurance, on their own as opposed to only being able to get it on a tax advantage basis through their company.” (Mitt Romney 9/9/12)

“[T]he employer-based system leads to ‘job lock,’ whereby people are afraid to leave their jobs if they fall ill on the job, because switching plans could mean higher premiums or denial of coverage.” (Avik Roy, former health care adviser to Mitt Romney 2/7/12)


Why do Universities resist closing during bad weather?

At least two Universities in Kansas took their sweet time closing despite the governor declaring a state of emergency, public transit not running, and all other schools in the area being closed. Topeka Kansas ended up with over a foot of snow and Washburn University insisted on staying open for morning classes. Emporia State University didn't seem to notice that all other schools in the area were cancelled and the city transit wasn't running and stayed open for morning classes as well. It has been reported that several ESU students were taken to the hospital by ambulance due to injuries from falling. When some government offices and all other schools are closed due to bad weather, colleges should be closed. When there's no public transit, colleges should definitely be closed. Not all students who live off campus can afford cars. To make matters worse, many college professors have strict no excuse attendance policies. I guess Kansas college students are expected to walk to school during winter storm warnings? Are Universities in other states this resistant to closing due to bad weather?

Three GOP senators finally have a replacement for ACA!


Let's make patients responsible for a HIGHER PORTION of their medical bills. GET RID OF SUBSIDIES and BRING BACK PREEXISTING CONDITIONS so everyone can assume personal responsibility for their health care. People should be 100% personally responsible for maintaining continuous coverage since they have total control over their bosses and can guarantee they will never ever lose their jobs. Those poor insurance companies should never have to cover preexisting conditions. Health insurance should be just like car insurance. It's not like there's any difference between a car not getting fixed after a preexisting accident and someone DYING because they have a preexisting condition. Oh, and nobody that isn't a mother, a child, or "frail" can have Medicaid, even if their incomes are under 138% FPL.

Get rid of Affordable Care Act's family glitch without Congress by calling this number!!

Sue-Jean Kim or John B. Lovelace at (202) 622-4960. According to a person I spoke with from the IRS, if enough people call and complain about the family glitch, the IRS has the power without Congress to change the way they calculate the 9.5% affordability test. That means instead of basing what is considered affordable health insurance on the worker's premium alone, it could be based on the premium of the entire family instead, which would result in many more low income families being eligible for the subsidies and cost sharing they so desperately need. For those unfamiliar with the family glitch, here's the problem it poses: Under the PPACA, employer provided health insurance is considered affordable if the premium costs no more than 9.5% of household income. If employer provided health insurance passes this test, workers and their families are ineligible for health insurance subsidies on the exchange. Unlike the exchange, employer provided health insurance is not subsidized according to income. Unfortunately, the IRS is only counting the employee's portion of the premium in the affordability test, not the family premium. The family members, despite not being counted, are still ineligible for subsidies. I specifically asked the person I spoke with if the IRS could change this without Congress and was told yes. The number to call is (202) 622-4960 and the individuals to speak with are Sue-Jean Kim or John B. Lovelace.

This is the link I got the names and number from.


Why is nothing being done about the family glitch?

So much is being done for people who lost their worthless insurance policies, but absolutely nothing is being done about the family glitch. Anyone who has access to health insurance through an employer is ineligible for subsidies, regardless of income. This includes spouses and children of workers as well. But the 9.5% affordability test doesn't count the premiums of spouses and children. It only counts the premium of the worker. It also does not count co-pays and deductibles. As a result, many low income workers are paying for family health coverage they can't afford to use and are ineligible for the subsidies and cost-sharing they desperately need. Families making 139% FPL can't afford the $5,000 deductibles and $10,000 annual out of pocket maximums for family coverage that many employers offer. What are people in those low income families that have expensive chronic conditions like diabetes or cancer supposed to do? Both of these conditions are fairly common and most if not all of these people end up owing a huge chunk if not all of their deductible every year. Another thing that's fairly common in the US is low paying service jobs. How many people working at low income service jobs have families? The government is doing everything to help the people whose worthless insurance policies got cancelled, but nothing for low income families caught in the family glitch. If I'm wrong and something is being done, someone please tell me what. I really want to be wrong.

Does the Affordable Care Act make it illegal for hospitals to demand entire deductibles up front?

I'm glad the health care law is helping so many people get health insurance, but I hope it can be improved to help more. Unfortunately, the way the law is written is leaving many poor American families ineligible for the subsidies they need because their low paying employers offer high deductible family health insurance. I've read that if a patient needs surgery or expensive cancer treatment, hospitals can demand the entire deductible up front. What if the low income family member needing treatment doesn't have good enough credit to get a $5,000+ loan to pay for the deductible or doesn't know anyone who can come up with it? Does anyone know if the health care law makes demanding entire deductibles upfront illegal starting in 2014?

Would you let your adult child or parents live with you?

I've read that multi-generational households are becoming more common. I'm curious about how common this is and the effects it has on dating for single parents. What would you do if you had an adult child who wanted to live with you for awhile? Maybe they just graduated from college and were looking for their first job or wanted to pay off student loans. Maybe they lost their job and are going through cancer treatment. Maybe they and their spouse want to spend 2-3 years saving a decent sized emergency fund or for a down payment on a house. Would you allow it? Do you think the majority of parents would or would not allow it? Would you allow your parents to live with you? If you were single and looking for someone, would you date anyone who had family living with them or would that be a deal breaker?

Walmart Health Insurance

Here's a breakdown of the plans for 2014. All rates I listed are for non tobacco users.

The deductible on the HRA plan for employees is $2,750. For families (including partner and/or children), it's $5,500. After the deductible is met, insurance pays 80%. The annual out of pocket maximum on the HRA plan is $5,000 for employee only coverage and $10,000 for family coverage. Monthly premiums are as follows: $36.80 for a non-smoking employee, $123.80 for an employee and partner, $59 for an employee and children, $147.80 for an employee, partner, and children.

The deductible on the HRA High plan is $1,750 for employees and $3,500 for families (including partner and/or children). After the deductible is met, insurance pays 80%. The annual out of pocket maximum is the same: $5,000 for employees only and $10,000 for families. Monthly premiums are: $122.60 for employee only, $310.40 for employee and partner, $172.80 for an employee and children, and $339.20 for an employee, partner, and children.

Fighting Obamacare subsidies to avoid paying $18 a month for health insurance.

A group of businesses and individuals are trying to get rid of subsidies in states that refused to set up their own exchanges. One individual fighting against the subsidies doesn't want to choose between purchasing health insurance for $18/month or paying the penalty, which figures out to $12/month. His reasoning: If he wasn't eligible for subsidies, he would be eligible for an exemption.

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