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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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If you don't have your glasses for the eclipse, print this out! ('toon)

A little early for this warning

But heed it.
The total eclipse of the sun, according to "The little shop of horrors" is what brought us Seymour.

No wonder Potus 45 went back to "the dump" today

The renovations are complete

Peeking in on the second day of 45's vacation (Margulies 'toon)

When will that last tricky nail go in? 45 self destruction cartoon

Just tried it and Photobucket worked for me

I've not been taking photos, and then I've been scared off thinking I had to learn something new and wanted to wait for when I could concentrate on it.
I took Lola to the lake for a walk and came home with some photos, and the upload worked.
I pay them $ 39 a year, have for a number of years now.

Lola is now 8 months old, she has motion sickness in the car and I take her on short outings to toughen her up. It is helping. Today was her first time to get to play in water.

Stephen King fans like myself can only agree

'toon fot the day - Turtle afoot bearing death

After this we will ALL love Opera


Last photos and tales from the African Bush - includes a tent at the end

This Zebra appeared out of nowhere.

The Giraffes were my very favorites. The 45 diagonal necks would appear in the trees and startle me. Being handicapped with only my cellphone these are my only giraffe photos.
Don't miss the baby in the third photo.

The Wildebeests run around in herds. They are the favorite prey of the lions I think, but nothing and nobody is safe from that cowering ready to attack lionness I saw while the wildebeests huddled tightly hoping to not be the chosen one

This is the lake that holds the Hippos. I saw some hippo backs and heads, but did not get a photo. I learned they are singularly the most dangerous and unpredictable animals, quick to come out of the water and quick to kill what's moving in front of them

A very clever way to build a fence

Here is the tent we were told we would be staying in. The price for this had been finagled to such a low number that I had brought heavy night gear and stuff for protection for our two nights
in "the tent".

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