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Member since: Wed May 31, 2017, 05:01 PM
Number of posts: 322

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RIP David White founding member of Danny and the Juniors, writer of 'You Don't Own Me', 'At The Hop'

'Rock-n-roll is Here to Stay' and many more.

He was also very progressive politically which is to be expected as the author of 'You Don't Own Me' a big hit for Lesley Gore. David was my facebook friend and a super nice person. He had a lot of the best liberal political memes until he became ill earlier this year.

Every week we lose another doo-wopper or rockabilly cat or kitten but is it rarely reported in the mainstream news. If I weren't a well connected oldies fan I wouldn't know either.

How important is it that a band or artist writes their own songs?

Whether or not they write their own music is of no significance to me. What is important is how much I enjoy the music.

Some songs were recorded several times before it fell into the hands of a singer who turned it into magic. For instance, 'Tonight You Belong To Me' was a pedestrian big band number for Perry Como or someone of his ilk. Then it was covered by Patience and Prudence who put a new spin on the song. Then the Lennon Sisters recorded the song. Still the magic was missing. Then the Lennon Sisters sang the song on the Lawrence Welk Show and suddenly this throw away song became pure magic to my ears!

We would have nothing if not for songwriters but sometimes it takes a particular performer to bring out the real magic that tickles the ears.

Remember Phil Silvers as Shifty Schafer in some episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies?

The Clampetts knew Shifty as Honest John. The whole premise reminds me of Trump and his bamboozled followers. The world sees John Schafer as 'Shifty' Schafer, well known con-man and general no-good But to the Clampetts he's Honest John, the salt of the Earth, a man of his word who helps a kindly old Native American woman. He tells them 'To be Schafered means to be taken in' 'Yes' say the Clampetts, 'it is good to be taken in.' The Clampetts are informed that Schafer is a bunco artist, which they interpret to mean that he paints buncos. Despite evidence right in front of their faces repeatedly, nothing can sway their faith in Honest John.

Shifty had the Clampetts hoodwinked and could've taken them for every last dime but turned soft and let 'em off the hook in the end. Too bad Shifty Schlump isn't gonna let his rubes off the hook.

Johnny Weir is the coolest cat in the USA.

Only a genuine American star dresses like and carries themselves the way Johnny Weir does. That hair, that suit, that watch! It's been so long since anybody has gotten it right though Bruno Mars comes pretty close.

Elvis and Little Richard think the man has swagger and style! He probably drives a pink Caddy too. Kudos Johnny Weir, you are the man!

Trump Univ Litigious Grifters, Nigerian Princes, MyPillow Fleecers and the Bernard Made-offs. Looks

to be another great season in the good old International Bunco League.

Young con-men (and con-women!) are emboldened by having one of their own as President. It just shows that a career in the Bunco Arts is a noble and worthwhile profession.

Regardless of who wins this year's Bunco Cup, these young flim-flammers will be out in the real world ripping off the elderly, suing everyone in sight and taking advantage of marks and pigeons all around the world very soon.

Thanks to whoever came up with the name Litigious Grifters. It's the perfect name if Trump University really was a school for the Bunco Arts that competed with other flim-flamm organizations. Apologies if MyPillow isn't a scam- the fleecers is just too good of a name to pass up.

Any other good scammers to add to the league?

Should Chubby Checker be in the RnR HOF? Connie Francis?

Just wondering your opinion DU lounge. Do they make the cut someday or should they be forever relegated to buying a ticket like you and me?

Even 100 years ago people were lamenting about how everything had turned fake:

Oh love oh love of loveless love, has set our hearts on goldless gold, from milkless milk to silkless silk we're growing used to soulless souls

Such grafting times we never saw, that's why they passed the Pure Food Law, in everything we find a flaw even love oh love oh loveless love

We S.O.S. on wireless wire and in the wreckage of desire, we sigh for wings like Noah's Dove just to fly away from loveless love

Don't drive a stranger from your door, don't drive a stranger from your door, don't drive a stranger from your door you're bound to reap just what you sow

This recording is around 85 years old but the song was written over 100 years ago. I wonder how they would feel in today's world?

Sha Na Na made it into the RnR Hall of Fame!

Screamin' Scott Simon said, 'It's true, the credit card cleared and we went right on in!'

Screamin' Scott actually told me that so it's a true quote lol!

Down in Alabama, shoutin' bamalama!

Otis Redding helping to celebrate tonight's victory!


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