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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 10:40 PM
Number of posts: 2,173

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trump, "The Outlaw President" and American's love an outlaw

trump is an outlaw, a mythological creature of the American imagination. His tribe see's him as good, fighting the powerful folks of their oppression. Kind of like Robin Hood that steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Or, Bonnie and Clyde? Or Billy the Kid? Continue with the impeachment facts but... destroy trumps image as being one of our folk hero outlaws !!!!!

Bravo House Dem's, fulfilling voters demands from 2018 elections

to hold trump accountable! Impeachment was necessary. Keep on keeping on!

Shit for brains teapubs chant three syllable to display smarts

benghazi ... burisma ... Oh boy, do they sound so smart ... LMFAO

repubs hide behind giuliani back channel cover up

WTF was he doing on behalf of trump? Force the issue!

louie gohmert's performance today ...


Question. Why can't I donate $30,000 cancer meds leftover after my love one dies?

Unopened, in it's blister pack ... no one will accept it, I have checked. Co-pay $3,500 for 30 day supply. This is one area that Dems need to look at. How many hundreds of millions of dollars of these meds are being destroyed? How many Americans can use them, specific to cancer treatment? How is BIG PHARMA influencing our laws? Damn shame on us.

To say, "I don't believe it" is so wrong - trumpers!

This is what I hear from dotard supporters about the impeachment investigation. We hear the same from repubs in the Senate. Seems to me they are just like the all white jury in "To Kill a Mockingbird" ...

I want this investigated. Melania's parents moved to front of immigration lines

So my question is: are Melania's parents getting Social Security benefits for which they never worked or payed into since they never payed taxes nor any Social Security deductions from a pay check that they never had here in the USA? One would think trump supporters would be happy to know about? Freeloaders.

Road to citizenship for Melania Trump's parents came through program Trump wants to change

The attorney for first lady Melania Trump’s parents confirmed on Thursday that the couple became U.S. citizens with help from their daughter, in a process sometimes called “chain migration” or family-based migration that has been previously lambasted by President Trump.

Michael Wildes, the attorney for the first lady’s parents Viktor and Amalija Knavs, told The New York Times on Thursday that their daughter had sponsored them for a green card, and that they applied for citizenship once they were eligible.

When asked if the couple became citizens through chain migration, Wildes replied, “I suppose. It’s a dirty — a dirtier word.”

Wildes told ABC News "they applied on their own."

“It stands for a bedrock of our immigration process when it comes to family reunification,” he told the Times.

The Times noted that the couple would have to have their green cards for five years to become eligible for citizenship. Wildes told the newspaper that the Knavs fulfilled the five-year requirement, but declined to give further comment.

The Knavs were sworn in as U.S. citizens earlier Thursday, during a ceremony in New York. The couple is from Slovenia, where Melania Trump was born and raised.
President Trump and other conservative lawmakers have described the immigration process as “chain migration,” and have called for it to be replaced with a merit-based system that would prioritize immigrants with certain skills for green cards.

Democrats and immigration advocates who back the program refer to it as “family migration” and “family reunification visas,” saying the term “chain migration” is offensive and that the policies help reunite communities that are otherwise separated.[/blockquote


Santa's "guid pro quo" ... lol


My zombie facebook page can't be deleted, I tried

So, I deleted my Facebook page last week, followed all the instructions. Last night I thought to check to see if my effort was good. Brought up the Facebook sign in page and did the usual sign in and WOW, there it was, my page as if I had never left. Furthermore, I got an email welcoming me back! "Facebook is a social media disease", that you can never get rid of. Let's call it face-herpesbook. "It's alive," just like a zombie, but with herpes.
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