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Member since: Tue Mar 1, 2016, 12:16 PM
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How many people are hell bent for Hillary only because she's a woman?

To start - I have no question about her ABILITY to be president.
I think she'd be a competent one.

This is about people only looking at her gender and voting with their... hearts, yes hearts.
As opposed to actually, seriously looking at her personal beliefs and policies she's supported over the years.

As far as the first female president, I would have preferred Elizabeth Warren.

There's a legislature in California who would be an AMAZING president. She is wicked smart and VERY progressive.
I forget her name, but there's a black congress woman who is on Stephanie miller's program I would prefer over Hillary.

My issue is with Hillary's politics, and who she is in bed with.
But I wonder how many people are just looking for the first female president.

I have a great deal of respect for MRS Clinton. The bullshit she and Bill have been put through is epic and they still manage to hold their dignity. That's not a bad trait in a president. I can understand how that could make fanatical followers
But is She really the best person for the job?

Since when is prosperity for all a "white" issue?

I keep reading how Bernie just can't get the minority vote and I honestly don't understand.
Bernie's message is essentially prosperity, or at least a better lot for everyone.
A better chance to succeed and a more secure net for those who don't.

how is that a "white" message?

Justice for all isn't a "white's only" goal.
Medical for everyone isn't a "White's only" goal
An increased minimum wage isn't only going to be applied to whites
Free/reduced cost higher education isn't going to ONLY affect white kids
Making sure kids are fed in school k-12 isn't a white-only thing
reducing poverty won't only affect the poor white folks.
Making sure there are liberal judges at every level of the judicial system, supremes on down is not a white's only issue

Also... why is it only the AA and Latino (barely) communities that demand/get pandered to?
What about the rather LARGE asian population?
The Native Americans?
The Indians
The middle-easterners
The Samoans
Puerto Rico - Which voted to JOIN the US... how many times do I have to say that before it sinks in?
The virgin Islands?
The Marianas islands where a LOT of textile Slave Labor happens

Why are those people always left out of the minority pandering?

Just things that I think of when I'm annoyed and don't get enough coffee.

on a side. grats to Hillary. I'll vote for her in the GE but I'll have to hold my nose.
The more I find out about her (legitimately not the RW bullshit) the less I like.
I truly hope she isn't as conservative in office as she is appearing to be... but she's still better than anything the gop has... or Drumpf for that matter!

I have come to realize that PUMAs are our party's tea-partiers

8 years ago I thought they were just REALLY zealous to get the first woman elected president.
Sexist, but still a reasonably admirable goal.
Now I have come to realize that they are our party's tea-haddists.

They are controlled by fear and raw undiluted emotion.

8+ years ago my person was Dennis Kucinich, but I voted from California so my vote never saw the light of day to help him.
Then Edwards, but he blew up faster than the Hindenburg - pity because moral failings aside, he was a great man.

Then it came down between Clinton 2 and Obama... and Honestly my vote was with Hillary. I felt she was a known quantity... but her fans scared me. PUMAs are ... well yeah.
But I voted for Hillary. I felt she was better capable than Obama, even though I was afraid if she got in it'd be gridlock like we've never seen... and it was.

I realized that if Hillary gets in THIS time, it will make Obama's term look like a orgistical love fest.

But I'm being rational. I'm weighing my options, and honestly I prefer a dreamer like Bernie who has over TWENTY FIVE YEARS in congress and probably knows where most of the bodies are buried, not to mention his political awareness going back to his march with MLK in DC!

I hate the term X-bots. It suggests that the person following X is mindless. However after seeing so much out right HATRED at their fellow democrats (assuming they actually ARE democrats and not Dinos) I'm afraid I need to use that term.

Hil-bots are likely right wing shills or people who would be ok burning the world if we don't elect a woman this time.

PUMAs are people who are so afraid to vote for anyone else they know only vitriol and spit venom.

I sincerely hope this ends with this election cycle.
I hope we never have to deal with such closed minded supporters and bots ever again.

We are democrats, liberals and progressives! We believe in intellectual discourse not vitriolic screaming!


and we need to start the healing process.

posted here because I'd likely get TS if I posted in GD, sadly.

update:correct years in office

My worry about Hillary has never been her competence

I know she's competent.
Day 1 20+ years ago that was never an issue I had with the rather talented lawyer Rodham-Clinton.
It's not her policies - whether I agree 100% or not, I know she'd be MORE for the average person than anything the GoP puts up.
It's not the manufactured scandals - begazi.. really?
It's not her Husband
In fact the main reason I have never wanted Hilary in the big chair is this:

N O T H I N G will get done

Seriously, I don't think people understand the level of psychotic hatred H A T R E D the Reich wing holds for her.

Bill Clinton was hated for being a better Republican and negotiator than anyone on the GOP's side for a decade or more.
If you think things under President Obama area bad... that's every day racism!
that is N O T H I N G compared to the H A T E that they have been frothing up since the primaries of Billary back in 91!

This has always been my case against a president Hillary.
She's competent as all hell, but the other side will make what they are doing to Barack Obama look like a hippy love fest!!!

I personally wanted Warren.
I'm pleased with Bernie.


Im just afraid that more republicans will come out if only to vote AGAINST her than against Bernie.
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