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Member since: Wed Jan 27, 2016, 05:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,134

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Have you ever wanted very much to respond to a nasty anti-Sanders post

only to discover it was posted in the DU members-only Hillary Clinton country club that blackballed you? They post the most incendiary, taunting things knowing they can't be responded to.

Would the FBI investigate whether she was selling secrets?

To me this would be the ultimate indictment - if she was using state secrets to lure contributions to the Foundation?

Trump leads Clinton 46 - 44 (trending on Twitter)


Interesting editorial in the Wall Street Journal about the primary

As more polls show that Hillary Clinton could lose to Donald Trump, Democratic media and political elites have decided that the problem is—Bernie Sanders. The socialist warhorse has had his campaign fun, but now he and his supporters refuse to slink away quietly into Howard Dean obscurity. Doesn’t he know that his persistence is helping Republicans?

We’d humbly suggest that these Democrats are looking through the wrong end of the campaign telescope. Bernie’s continuing string of victories is the symptom of the political...

To Read the Full Story,


What would happen in a 3-way race?

If Bernie were to run as an independent against Clinton and Trump, wouldn't he draw not only his own already-in-place supporters but from each of the parties as well?

What kind of a person

in charge of national security for the whole freaking nation would JEOPARDIZE US ALL with this unprotected server system?

What kind of person does this shit?

Hillary & her entrenched supporters as victims

Wow, to read the sudden flurry of posts ranting about Bernie's violent supporters reeks of unified desperation. Same message repeated over and over. Same nonsense.

Barbara Boxer & Hillary

Listening to Barbara Boxer's insane rant in the face of overwhelming boo's - and I believe a moderator who kept trying to get her off the stage (they should have had a hook) - one thing stands out. Her comment: "She cares about us."

You know what? Hillary Clinton doesn't care about me. She doesn't care about you. And this attempt to turn her into some kind of Mother Goddess is laughable. She cares about one person only. So stop saying she cares about US. She doesn't.

Was Bill Clinton a force behind Trump's run?

There have been scattered stories that he suggested to Trump he run for president. If true, it would appear he expected that Hillary - then unopposed - would trounce Trump in the general. This was before Bernie. (B.B.) - If true, He must be sweating bullets about now.

Why the HELL does CNN

think their pontificating panelists are more important to hear than Bernie Sanders giving an awesome speech?
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