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Member since: Tue May 29, 2012, 11:47 PM
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Porn Again

The real genius of using gender to divide and conquer is that it's timeless.

Right Wingnuts learned that long ago. It's still workin for em bigtime. Such that people are still calling themselves Republicans instead of fleeing the insanity; voting against their own best interests and even their own bodies and health.

Health is at stake here: physical, emotional, psychological, societal. It's all wrapped up together.

On this board, recent squabbles about discussing women's issues inevitably turn to issues of control, dominance and accusations of censorship.

Why? Why is being able to discuss women's rights and societal impacts on the lives of women automatically turned into a supposed affront to the rights of others?

Because they want to watch porn?

It's possible to chew gum and walk. Maybe it's possible to discuss societal impacts on gender issues AND also consider the huge can of worms that is pornography (or not even think about it).

Being pro-feminist, pro-woman, pro-healthy relationship/society is not automatically anti-male, anti-porn, anti-free speech. To pretend that it is, shuts down open discussion and serves the Right Wing agenda.

What's with the no New Deal?

Wouldn't a Works Progress Administration type program help the country and help the president get reelected? Where is the relief for Americans? If this election is about, "Different bums are better than what's happening now," are Democrats in trouble?

New Deal Art During the Great Depression
On May 6, 1935, the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) was created to help provide economic relief to the citizens of the United States who were suffering through the Great Depression. The artistic community had already become inspired during the 1920s and '30s by the revitalization of the Italian Renaissance fresco style by the inspired creations of Mexican muralists Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueriros. Certain visionary U.S. politicians decided to combine the creativity of the new art movements with the values of the American people. The Federal Art Project was one of the divisions of the W.P.A. created under Federal Project One. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had made several attempts prior to the F.A.P. to provide employment for artists on relief, namely the Public Works of Art Project (P.W.A.P.) which operated from 1933 to 1934 and the Treasury Department Section of Painting and Sculpture which was created in 1934 after the demise of the P.W.A.P. However, it was the F.A.P. which provided the widest reach, creating over 5,000 jobs for artists and producing over 225,000 works of art for the American people.

It is this legacy of the thousands of workers who labored at their craft for little money but great pride which we have to inspire us today. Although many of these works of art have been destroyed or stolen, those that remain must be preserved. They stand as a reminder of a time in our country’s history when dreams were not allowed to be destroyed by economic disaster.


tolerance  [tol-er-uhns] Part of Speech: noun Definition: open-mindedness
Synonyms: altruism, benevolence, broad-mindedness, charity, clemency, compassion, concession, endurance, forbearance, freedom, good will, grace, humanity, indulgence, kindness, lenience, leniency, lenity, liberalism, liberality, liberalness, license, magnanimity, mercifulness, mercy, patience, permission, permissiveness, sensitivity, sufferance, sympathy, toleration, understanding
Antonyms: bias, disapproval, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, prejudice

Having been part of some diversity discussions on DU, it seems that the one-step forward, five-steps sideways aspect to some threads, is not merely different points of view or background information; it's a matter of the ability to tolerate - for the sake of discussion - the possibility that you don't know something.

Tolerance is not merely tolerating a point of view you don't identify with. It's tolerating the fact that you can't possibly know everything and sometimes it's okay - recommended even - to step back and take a breath.

Especially when it come to issues of race/gender/(lack of)faith and other topics too hot for the dining room, sometimes STFU is not a bad tactic. LISTEN. Face the fact that - unless it's your story, you can't know what that person has been through. You have your opinions. You may not have The Truth.

It's okay to say I don't know. It's okay to try to imagine how the word "boy" or "bitch" or "god" affects someone else. It may be different for you. And when certain group experiences are encoded to the point of cultural resonance for those words; when you KNOW at least intellectually, that they may offend others, EVEN IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OR RELATE TO HOW AND WHY, it's okay to just be. Let them be. Befriend, don't offend. Organize, don't antagonize.

Posted by ManyShadesOf | Sat Jun 9, 2012, 01:56 PM (1 replies)

I didn't vote.

Tuesday, the day that all the crap stops clogging up my mailbox?

The last political mailer I actually looked at was where a Steve competing against another Steve for council, and I'd met one and still couldn't tell them apart, sent a multi-pager with the brilliant concept that the current council had their cell phones paid for and he paid for his own cell phone.

How stupid do they think we is?

I live in a "Democratic" city where the level of corruption is so complete, it's not even worth describing here for entertainment value.

For decades, I voted every opportunity on principle just because I was so pissed that Carter conceded to Reagan as early as he did. And because our people really have fought and died for our right to cast a ballot.

This town has a financially-funded fool figurehead at City Hall and there were no viable challengers. There weren't other drastic issues current. I'm distracted by my own need to survive - which has nothing to do with the concerns of the crony criminals running the region - to feel the need to show up on principle, yet again.

I've voted when it doesn't matter, when it doesn't count, when no one cares but me, when my right to vote is the only motivator.

This time I didn't.
Posted by ManyShadesOf | Tue Jun 5, 2012, 11:58 PM (0 replies)
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