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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:19 AM
Number of posts: 2,020

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It's taken me nearly ten years to reach 2000 posts.

This is what I say today:

While I feel way too little time is devoted to our environmental emergency, I find most discussions here on DU informative and thought provoking.

Thanks to all Dems here for caring, and to my fellow progressives—Keep pushing left.

Greta clear and precise as usual, yet, more clear is that the world "can't handle the truth".


Really "Liberals"? "Lock em' up, lock em' up, lock em up".

When did we adopt this conservative/authoritarian/Republican chant? It never has set right with me. It seems to have begun its crossover when the right hurled it incessantly at Hillary. Is this who we are?

Justice is absolutely essential. Yet, look at where “lock em’ up” is a crippling, social injustice.
I’m offering no solutions other than a deeper look into modern, progressive approaches to crime and punishment like those practiced in some Scandinavian nations.

That said, “lock em up” sounds wrong coming from liberals.

Republicans are street fighters.

Except for a few real brawlers in the House and Senate who, quite admirably, stand up with their backs to the wall, openly willing—and who speak out even while chided by their peers, most Dems appear to shy away, not wanting to muss their clothes or ruffle any feathers.

I love our good manners compared to their crass lumbering, that said, Please fight for us Dem Congress Critters, and tell us what we can do.

It's discouraging

when we must battle some of our own regrettably over empowered troops just for a chance to fight for our Democratic agenda.

Destination Mars


Every time I hear a Republican Congress critter lie or attempt to block and obstruct, or even speak,

I think—shouldn’t this person be in the penalty box, in a timeout somewhere, serving an unpaid leave of absence, or sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on? Yet, there they are, strutting about and blowing hard like nothing happened, like it’s business as usual, like they all didn’t just go out and collectively crap on our own lawn every day for the last four years.

Something is fundamentally wrong with our system when one of our planet's

biggest assholes can lose three popular votes (counting the Senate here) and still claim victory, when our government’s vestigial structure (again the Senate) can monkey wrench effective government for years upon the feted whims of a power mad amphibian, and when a lunatic minority (you got it, the Senate) can hold sway over an apparently more creative and intelligent majority. It’s (the Senate) not functional. It’s corrupt. It’s diseased.

It's a sorry, embarrassing sight to behold:

Republican Senators are behaving like a coupla dozens abused dogs who’ve never met running around a yard they’ve never been in before. They are manic, needy, and afraid. And, sadly, at this point, they represent no one and nothing.

Will Florida become Trumpistan? Will there be any resistance?

Will it’s unofficial borders spread west along the gulf coast? How organized could it become?
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