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Beto O'Rourke for VP?

What are your thoughts on the Congressman from El Paso as a potential VP candidate?

IMO, he comes across as more authentic (actually speaks fluent Spanish) and less smarmy than Castro, while providing a solid balance if we go with HRC/Bernie/Biden. The only candidate I'd be hesitant to align him with would be O'Malley.

Most importantly, what do Latinos think of this guy? Real or pander-y?

Private prisons and the minority vote

I am concerned we are vulnerable here, considering the disproportionate number of minorities locked up.

If you were a campaign advisor for your nominee, and he/she took money from the prison lobby, how would you address these concerns in a debate, if asked? Both Primaries and the General.

If Biden enters the race, predict the primary results for IA, NH, SC

IA, NH = Sanders in a close race. Clinton 2, Biden 3
SC = Biden, wide margin Clinton 2, Sanders 3

Re: your preferred Democratic nominee

1) Do you think in terms of who YOU would most want to vote for, or do you try to think of the candidate who would garner the most votes in the Primaries/General?

2) If #1, do you believe that the average Democratic voter thinks and votes the way you do? Or are you willing to concede that your target market isn't the winning one?

We gotta start talking about Biden...looking good for the general

Sorry guys, I know you guys don't want to.

Some poll numbers I found interesting:

Trustworthy or not?

Biden: 58% yes, 34% no WOMEN: 59% yes 32% no
Clinton: 37% yes, 57% no WOMEN: 43% yes 51% no

Biden is leading within the margin of error against all GOP frontrunners, and crushes Trump (along with Clinton).

Would you say that Biden/Clinton care about the needs and problems of people like you or not?

Clinton: 45% yes, 52% no. Independents: 42% yes, 54% no Women: 50% yes, 46% no
Biden: 57% yes, 35% no. Independents: 56% yes, 34% no Women: 58% yes, 31% no

Which of these is the most important personal quality in deciding your vote in the 2016 general election for president: is it someone who is honest and trustworthy or is it someone who has strong leadership qualities or is it someone who cares about the needs and problems of people like you?

Tot Rep Dem Ind Men Wom

Honest/Trustworthy 37% 49% 25% 39% 40% 35%
Strong leadership 26 32 25 24 27 26
Cares Needs/Problems 33 17 48 33 30 36
DK/NA 3 2 1 3 3 3

What this tells me if we're looking at running for Obama's 3rd term, it's looking good for Joe. Gotta think beyond the primaries guys....
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