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Profile Information

Name: Lara
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Ugh, the deep south.
Member since: Fri May 2, 2014, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 4,390

About Me

I'm me and I don't care if you don't like me. I like me, my wife likes me and my pets like me...a lot! And that's all that matters to me.

Journal Archives

Corporations: You'll Never Appease Anti-LGBTQ Boycotters. They Want to Be Angry - Opinion

Oh, snap! Charlotte Clymer hits this nail right on the head!

"If you're a corporate marketing officer concerned over what's happening with Target, let me make something abundantly clear: You will never appease anti-LGBTQ extremists. But moreover, there's a colder truth at play here: They don't want to be appeased, they want to be angry..."

"Corporations need to understand something about these people: their objective is not really to gain any ground but to find an outlet for their rage at the world changing around them. They are starving for outrage and will feast on any scrap. They would rather be perpetually angry than be mollified. They are furious that anyone would ask them to learn about others because it de-centers their experience as the unassailable, unaccountable default. And deep down, they know LGBTQ people are never going away. The closet has been permanently opened.

These people long for an America that always catered to those who look and act like them—that is: white, heterosexual, traditional families. They use religion as a shield for their bigotry. They don't really care about what Christ taught; he's just a convenient vehicle.

But that America is long gone, and it's never coming back. We are witnessing the very long and painful last gasp of that world. And boy, are they furious. Enraged. They've had to keep quiet about it for so long, but in the past several years, the quiet part became very loud.

They are angry, and beneath that, they are very, very scared. They will claim they're not scared. But they're terrified. None of this works without fear. Fear of what? Uncertainty over their place in a changing society that increasingly doesn't defer to them..."

"We can never give in to these people's bottomless pit of outrage."

@[email protected]


I Was Censored for Talking About Right-Wing Cancel Culture.

For the first time in my life, I was canceled during a corporate keynote speech for talking about right-wing cancel culture.

Earlier in the week, a tech company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team invited me to address their employees to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which ended in May. I lasted all of five and a half minutes before the Zoom meeting abruptly ended without a warning or any follow-up messages, texts, or calls from company personnel.

I assumed it was a technical glitch. I spent 15 minutes trying to log back on but to no avail. After an hour and two emails, a member from the DEI committee finally replied and told me they ended the Zoom due to “internal issues.” That was the first and last communication I received. They initially didn’t even inform their employees, several of whom messaged me on Twitter over the next two days asking if I was censored for my comments.


Can anyone identify this bird?

He/she has taken up living in my eaves, but I have lots of ferals. I hope they will be ok. North Florida, near Tallahassee.

Twitter's rightwing takeover is complete. Why are liberals still on it?

It looks like they’ve finally done it. For years, the far right has repeatedly tried and failed to set up a social network of their own – one where they can spread conspiracy theories and sow hate without any of the pesky content moderation that happens on the big tech platforms...

In the meantime, everyone (myself included) who is still on Twitter has some hard questions to ask themselves. There is no pretending any more that Twitter is anything other than a far-right social network headed by a CEO who revels in chaos and is platforming extremism. So why are news organisations still on it? Why is anyone who considers themselves to have liberal values still on it?

Ego is probably the main answer to that question. A lot of journalists have built up very large followings on Twitter. Nostalgia is another factor: Twitter used to be fun and useful and it’s difficult to leave it behind. It’s time to start trying, though: we can’t keep hand-wringing about Twitter turning into a cocktail party for Nazis while stubbornly refusing to leave the room.


Going on in my neck of the woods...

I used to drive by this place on my way to work. Had a t#@$p sign up for the longest time. And what an idiot, it's not Veteran's day anyway. It's Memorial Day. Big difference. He's just another patriot poser.


Has anyone called CPS in Colorado after Boebert's son called 911?

This needs to be investigated.



If you have Netflix, you must, must must see

Hannah Gadsby's new stand-up, Something Special. She is a masterful storyteller. She weaves in and out, spinning her delightful yarn. She is brilliant!!

If you have Netflix, you must, must, must see

Hannah Gadsby's new stand-up, Something Special is really, for lack of a better term, Magnificent! She tells a story like a gifted artist, painting with her words. Twisting and turning for almost an hour and the ending is so unexpected and brilliant!!

Please run, don't walk, to Netflix for this grand storytelling.

I will cross post in the video/media group.

Congratulations, Mayor Donna Deegan!

Newly elected Democratic mayor of Jacksonville, Florida!!

She ran on a platform of improving the city’s infrastructure, increasing access to health care for the city’s residents and bringing businesses to Jacksonville that “want to be part of growing a better, fairer, more inclusive city” and “value our increasing diversity.”


IN YOUR FACE, LIL' WHITE BOOTS!! Florida wants diversity and a return to democracy.

And yet another reason not to vote for RFK,Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and American “NeoCons” of intentionally provoking Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Monday. In a paragraph-long tweet, the Democratic presidential candidate claimed that Zelensky could have prevented the invasion by just saying the five words “I will not join NATO.”

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