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Member since: Wed Mar 16, 2016, 12:25 AM
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Bernie Sanders campaign uses its funds to help combat covid 19

This is what a real campaign does that actually cares about the issues. Only campaign to do this so far.


As a Bernie Supporter I think Biden will lose to Trump if he continues to do these steps

I like Joe Biden as a person and plan on voting for him in the general however, he has made some mistakes that makes me think will cost us in the general.

1. He has come against Medicare for All, poll after poll says Democrats want Medicare for All and this is going to be a damper on enthusiasm from young voters we need to show up.

2. I'm really worried about his debates with Trump in the fall, he says things that we know of uncle Joe that we know that are off putting to voters and Trump will capitalize on to try to win. I won't name them but you know some of the headlines in the news.

3. He is more moderate in his positions then the democratic party of today in general, he still has positions from the 1970s such as busing, foreign policy, and health care.

4. There is an enthusiasm gap between him and Trump, from the ABC poll 53% are enthusiastic to vote for Trump while only 24% for Biden. This is important because Obama won because so many people were excited to vote for him and if Biden can't replicate that enthusiasm we are going to have a very nervous night on November 4th.

5. I know this going to get heat but he needs to convince Liberal personalities such Joe Rogan and TYT, say what you want but they have a lot of sway in the younger generation crowd. One of the reasons we lost in 2016 because we had a divided left.

I think one of things Joe has gone for him is that he was Obama's VP, he will be President if overcomes these flaws.

Trump's approval going up should be a wake up call

This election will not be easy to win and where is Biden since Tuesday, he should controlling the messaging of the Democratic Party. Democrats should be running ads up and down the swing states about Trumpís incompetent handling of the c-virus.

Trump did one good thing

Giving every American 1000 dollars and the fed giving zero interest rates loans to small businesses. Even agreeing to Nancy Pelosiís bill out of the house. Even though the rest of the response was botched. I mean I will be afraid if his approval rating starts to go up after this.

Bernie shouldn't get pressured out of the race

If we divide the party going in the general election, Trump wins. Sander supporters already believes the establishment is pulling the strings, we don't need to give them ammunition. When Sanders drops out let him make the decision on his own, it's not going to hurt us of this primary continuing Biden supporters.

Sander supporters online are saying Trump is sure to get re-elected

with Biden as the likely nominee, seeing this on facebook and twitter and liberal personalities on youtube including the network that had a meltdown on Super Tuesday when Sander's wasn't winning. I won't link them. They are doing Trump's dirty work for him to make sure Biden is damaged as possible.

Like it or not Biden has to win over Sander's supporters

the coalition that propelled Barack Obama to the white house was with a large base of young voters. I don't see Biden winning without them. He needs to adapt some of Sander's policy. Biden has done terribly with young voters so far, so hopefully when Biden is the nominee, he will try to appeal to them.

What's with the mass hysteria from the Biden voters here

about Bernie not dropping out. Its only mid march don't you realize not even half the states voted yet. Plus Trump, is not going to get any bounce from us continuing this primary, since he is poorly handling the cornavirus outbreak. Are you guys afraid of the debates with Biden? The Democratic party only benefits from a longer primary in my view.

I don't want Bernie to drop out yet..

I want give a chance for the other states to vote at least until Florida and Georgia. I also want see a Biden vs Bernie debate. It actually helps our party when battle of ideas are debated and the general election voters know what we stand for. Remember Obama vs Clinton was drawn out until June and we still won the election in a landslide.
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