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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 08:01 PM
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Countries without extradition treaties to the United States

Looks like Eastasia. Hover for detail:


Pro-Trump FBI protest cancelled after not one demonstrator showed up

Johanna Chisholm
The Independent/yahoo, August 15, 2022,

A pro-Trump protest that was scheduled to be held outside the FBI headquarters in Washington DC over the weekend was cancelled after it was promoted on far-right blogs as a suspected “trap”, The Daily Beast reported.

Following the FBI raid at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, supporters of the former president began reupping a call to arms across social media platforms and alt-right blogs to coordinate protests outside the offices of the federal agency responsible for domestic intelligence and security service.

A Sunday demonstration outside the headquarters in the nation’s capital was first promoted by the far-right Falun Gong-backed Epoch Times, who reported shortly after the 8 August raid at Trump’s Florida residence that a veteran named Adam Hardage had called for a demonstration on the following Sunday “to protest the out of control FBI and its actions against President Trump”.

The outlet later reported on Thursday, just a few days before the event was scheduled to happen, that it had been cancelled after conspiracies began speculating throughout pro-Trump media forums that the event was a “trap” and could perhaps be co-opted by the same agency the supporters were protesting.



And I thought I’d never get a laugh out of treason.

Last chance for Dixie.

I imagine once-wealthy aristocratic slaveholders who survived the war trying their damndest to get their fortunes back as riverboat gamblers. Today, their white devil slave master descendants in GZP Congress double down. It’s all they can do to buy time.

Maybe in the Cambridge Five sense.

Total Information Abhorrence

The Cambridge Spy Scandal That Haunts Britain


US confidence in British intelligence nosedived during the Cold War after a ring of Cambridge University-educated spies working for the British government smuggled intelligence to the KGB.

The furor erupted when Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean - two of the so-called ‘Cambridge Five’ - disappeared in 1951. They had defected and later resurfaced in Moscow. Both were hopeless drunks, unstable and promiscuous characters who’d been appointed to top jobs in London and at the British Embassy in Washington, DC.

The embassy reported back that the international incident had “severely shaken the State Department's confidence in the integrity of officials of the Foreign Office".

The Americans pointed out that drunkenness, recurrent nervous breakdowns, sexual ‘deviations’ and other human frailties were considered security hazards and dismissible offenses, and that Britain should “clean house regardless of whom may be hurt”, according to declassified papers released by Britain’s National Archives.


Philby had worked closely with James Jesus Angleton, CIA chief of counterintelligence, and the Brit liaised with the FBI at a time when director J. Edgar Hoover was convinced Soviet spies were everywhere. Philby had also been briefed on Washington’s Venona project, a program to decrypt top-secret messages transmitted by Soviet Union intelligence agencies including the KGB.

Philby is suspected of tipping off Maclean and Burgess, telling them their covers were blown, but remarkably Philby continued to operate for more than a decade before Philby too defected to Moscow in 1963.



Lessons in Counterespionage

If you tell Trump, you’re talking to Putin.

Money up front, then the lawyering.

Expensive. Sad. Trump is gonna need to steal more Top Secrets.

Trump got his Roy Cohn.

Talk about Karma.

Roy Cohn Condemned the Rosenbergs as Soviet Spies. Their Granddaughter Just Made a Film About Him.

Ivy Meeropol, the director of Bully. Coward. Victim., discusses the life of the Trump mentor who remains one of America's most infamous villains.

By Gabrielle Bruney
Esquire, JUN 18, 2020


Cohn was just 23 when his role as a prosecutor in the Rosenberg trial made him a nationally-known figure. Electrical engineer Julius and his secretary wife Ethel were native New Yorkers who met in the Young Communist league in the 1930s, and were arrested in 1950. In a trial riddled with prosecutorial misconduct, the Rosenbergs were convicted of passing to Russia secrets of the atomic bomb. One of their allies later confessed that Julius did commit espionage—but historians generally agree that the information he relayed was not at all crucial to Soviet bomb-building efforts. Alan Dershowitz, a true Trump-era Forrest Gump, says in the film that Cohn told him the trial amounted to “fram[ing] guilty people.”

But Ethel was almost certainly innocent. Her brother and spy ring co-conspirator David Greenglass testified during the trial that his sister was involved in the plot, but later recanted his account, saying that, with Cohn’s encouragement, he lied to spare his own wife and family. Unlike everyone else involved in the spying operation, Ethel was never given a codename. Still, Cohn boasted in his autobiography that when trial judge Irving Kaufman, torn over whether or not to sentence Ethel to death, called him for advice, he urged the judge to condemn her. “The way I see it,” he told Kaufman, “she is worse than Julius.”

The Rosenbergs’ extended family members were too afraid of falling under the taint of communism to take in their orphaned sons. Robert and Michael were eventually adopted by Abel Meeropol, writer of the anti-lynching protest song “Strange Fruit,” and his wife Anne, after the children were introduced to the couple at a party at W.E.B. Du Bois’ home. Both grew up to be university professors.



Ya gotta know somebody to get into Mierda-del-Loco.

The arrest of a woman carrying a USB stick with malware into Mar-a-Lago exposes glaring flaws in the resort's security, as FBI reportedly investigates whether she is a Chinese spy


"Mole? What mole?"

“WTF? We work here.”

Trump is a fucking spy!

WaPo just reported, Ari Melber on MSNBC said, some of the papers at Merde de Lardo may be “so sensitive, they cannot be described in public.”

The former Mueller investigator guy Andrew Weissmann said it sounds like sensitive compartmentalized information.
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