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Member since: Thu Oct 15, 2015, 04:36 AM
Number of posts: 4,176

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What the fuck, Chuck?

Seriously? Praising Peter fucking King? I think I was just sick in my own mouth a little.

How would you like the next year to go?

In the face of all these Bernie hate posts, I think itís fair to ask DUers what exactly theyíd like the next year and more to look like? Did people here have so much fun in 2015/16 that they just canít wait for round two?

Ok so some of you really donít like Bernie Sanders. So what? Lots of people here do. Is it absolutely essential that you share your dislike in 20 posts a day for the next year, ensuring that DU once again breaks up into buttery opposed factions, doing the GOPís job for them?

Bernie might not be your cup of tea, but heís a progressive and a billion times better than the racist asshat in the White House. So how about this time around we focus on the enemy and stop with the circular firing squad?

Wow, looks like they just caught the Original Night Stalker/East Bay Rapist/Golden State Killer.

They apparently have a 100% DNA match. Alleged to be a former cop called Joseph James DeAngelo who has been arrested and booked in Sacremento County Jail.


Live thread.


The best part of the indictments..

"Defendants, together with others known and unknown to the grand jury, knowingly and intentionally conspired to defraud the United StatesĒ. "

This is so beautiful.

Colbert is ready for Monday!


People like this actually exist..


It's not the story, but the video that plays at the link which is a voicemail left by a Trump supporter to Art of the Deal writer Tony Schwartz. Be warned, its like diving into the mind of an insane person..

Proctor & Gamble anti-racism ad: The Talk

Apologies if this has already been posted, I couldn't find a thread. Absolutely beautifully made, and it had me on the brink of tears.

Inevitably its stirred up the racist right, who can't stand the thought of people actually speaking the truth.


We're not just a superpower!


Accusations of 'concern'

For a while now people appear to be trying to get around the rules on attacking posters, by posting snarky replies to some posters about how they seem 'concerned' or directly that they are 'concern trolls'. This is nothing more than an accusation that the original poster is a right wing troll or generally not a legitimate Democrat, and is used frequently to try and drive away people with differing opinions.

Refering to the TOS:

"No divisive group attacks
Do not smear, insult, vilify, bait, maliciously caricature, or give disrespectful nicknames to any groups of people that are part of the Democratic coalition, or that hold viewpoints commonly held by Democrats, or that support particular Democratic public figures. Do not imply that they are fake Democrats, fake progressives, conservatives, right-wingers, Republicans, or the like. "

Could we clarify please whether this constitutes a breach of the TOS and as such whether we should be alerting on this behavior?
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