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Porter told Kelly he would leave WH in Dec after failing sec. clearance, Kelly talked him out of it

And a big part of the reason Porter couldn't get a security clearance is because he is a wife beater, so Kelly knew about it and didn't care .....

Rob Porter told John Kelly he would leave the White House in December after failing his security clearance investigation, but agreed to stay at Kelly’s urging, a Republican said on condition of anonymity to HuffPost.



After finding out Steve Bannon beat his wife, Trump started calling him "Bam Bam"

Every time you think Trump has hit rock bottom, he finds a way to go lower ........

Trump Reportedly Nicknamed Bannon ‘Bam Bam’ After Domestic Abuse Allegations Surfaced


Politico’s Eliana Johnson reported an unsettling statement from President Trump, when he reacted to a disturbing story about former chief strategist Steve Bannon’s past.

When Bannon became CEO of the Trump campaign back in 2016, there were a lot of reports and profiles about his strange, nomadic lifestyle before he took the helm at Breitbart. One aspect of Bannon’s past that received attention was a lawsuit his ex-wife filed against him for domestic violence and battery.

The case against Bannon was dropped when his ex-wife didn’t show up to court, and the controversial chapter had no impact on his position within the Trump campaign. As Michael Wolff’s book continues to fuel the newfound animosity between Trump and Bannon, Johnson tweeted this account of what the future-president thought when he found out about Bannon’s alleged actions:



Senate Democrats in Trump States Raise More Than GOP Challengers

Senate Democrats in Trump States Raise More Than GOP Challengers

Ten incumbents raised $19.9 million in fourth quarter of 2017

More than 20 Republican candidates netted just $6.6 million


Senate Democrats in this year’s toughest re-election races have raised millions more than their Republican opponents as the party looks to turn donor anger at President Donald Trump into success at the polls in November.

The Democrats had a combined $71.3 million in their campaign accounts as of the end of the year, nearly four times more than the Republican candidates, who had about $20 million and must still finance primary campaigns.

The Democrats’ early fundraising edge comes as the party faces a much more challenging Senate map this year than Republicans. Democrats and independents who caucus with them are defending 26 seats, while Republicans are protecting just eight as they try to hold or build on their 51-49 advantage.


The collective total these 10 Democrats have in their campaign accounts is almost double what they had at this point in 2012, when they last faced election. The total raised far exceeds the $10 million they netted in the same quarter six years ago. So far, with the exception of Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, the 10 incumbents raised more during the quarter than their Republican challengers combined.

Much more on the link



Trump White House Blamed Corey Lewandowski in Rob Porter Smear Campaign

I just love watching these Trumper assholes eat their own....

Trump White House Fingered Corey Lewandowski in Rob Porter ‘Smear Campaign’

A frantic effort to save the Staff Secretary has raised questions about just what the White House knew and when they knew it.


On Tuesday afternoon, senior White House officials reached out to Sen. Orrin Hatch’s (R-UT) office with an urgent request. They needed the Utah Republican to put together a statement praising his former chief of staff and then-White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter. At issue was a story that was about to pop from the British tabloid, the Daily Mail, in which two of Porter’s ex-wives detailed the emotional and physical abuse they endured by him.

The White House officials told Hatch’s office that the story was the product of a “smear campaign” being orchestrated against Porter by his political enemies. Among those they pinpointed was former Trump campaign manager (and current outside adviser to the president) Corey Lewandowski, according to two sources familiar with the conversations. Multiple White House staffers told Hatch himself that Lewandowski “was digging into Rob’s previous marriages,” recalled one source, who said Porter himself was among the officials who fingered Lewandowski.

Reached by phone on Thursday, Lewandowski flatly denied that he had anything to do with the allegations against Porter. “I’ve never had a bad word about Rob Porter,” he insisted. “I think he did a very good job, and I wish him the very best.” Lewandowski had, indeed, been speaking critically of Porter behind the scenes, as The Daily Beast previously reported. But he said he was surprised to learn that senior White House officials had implicated him in an alleged campaign to facilitate his ouster.

Hatch’s office ultimately sent the statement to the White House before the Daily Mail’s first story surfaced—and before, the source said, Hatch knew that his former staffer was being accused of physically assaulting his ex-wife, or that a story on the allegations was imminent. But Hatch largely stood by his sentiments the next day, when he encouraged Porter to “keep a stiff upper lip and work on his problems.”

More on the link


GOP message: we're "neglecting our defense" meme destroyed in one graph .....

I think this tells you all you need to know about US defense spending .....



Posted by KelleyKramer | Fri Feb 9, 2018, 12:46 AM (0 replies)

Incredible video of Falcon rockets landing. Just ... Wow!

This is awesome! ...............





Edit to ad- (hat tip to nightwatcher) for pics of the car being loaded into the payload bay ............


Posted by KelleyKramer | Tue Feb 6, 2018, 07:59 PM (4 replies)

#YoMemoJokes is trending.. the comments are hilarious!

You can click the link, but its loading so fast I copied a few below

Enjoy! ............


Nunes’ hyped up memo was so lame, #YoMemoJokes is now a thing that’s happening. Hannity’s head must be an entire fireworks display at this point.

Hey, Devin.
Yo memo so bankrupt, it used to be a Trump casino.

Yo memo bombed so hard, Hawaii put out another distress alert

Yo memo is so devoid of useful information Betsy DeVos added it to every school curriculum.

Yo memo so weak, it dodged the draft 5 times.

Yo memo so lame, even Wikileaks wouldn't leak it.

Yo memo so dull Mother told Mike Pence he could have lunch with it.

Yo memo so evil it dropped the stock market 666 points.

Yo’ memo so fake, Sheriff Clarke pinning it on his Uniform!


'Yo memo is so stupid Eric Trump beat its SAT scores'

Yo memo is so juvenile that Roy Moore tried to take it on a date.

Hey, Yo’ Memo...Y2K called...it wants it’s pointless hype back.


Humiliating: Watch Nunes Demolish Himself On Surveillance - The Beat With Ari Melber MSNBC

Humiliating: Watch Nunes Demolish Himself On Surveillance | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

In a “Beat” special report Ari Melber breaks down republican hypocrisy on the controversial GOP memo and how GOP leaders overseeing a key surveillance law are now politicizing it.


How a Trump SoHo Partner Ended Up With Toxic Mining Riches From Kazakhstan

This is a long read, there are a lot of dots to connect. Amazing how many of Trumps crooked connections lead back to Russian dirty money............

How a Trump SoHo Partner Ended Up With Toxic Mining Riches From Kazakhstan

The long road from the old Soviet republic to the offshore financial centers of the Caribbean to London—and all the way to a partner in Midtown Manhattan's Trump SoHo.

(From left) Eric Trump, Tevfik Arif, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump attend the Trump SoHo press conference at the construction site on Sept. 19, 2007.


All of this starts at the Aktyubinsk Chromium Chemicals Plant (AZXS), a Nikita Khrushchev-era complex. It shares an industrial zone with a vast smelting plant; together, they have yielded lavish private wealth since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In one sense, it’s a familiar snapshot of post-Soviet capitalism: state assets bought for a song, workers saying they were cheated out of shares and connected businessmen getting wildly rich.

This story, however, carves a path from near Kazakhstan’s northern border with Russia to the offshore financial centers of the Caribbean, to London and all the way to Trump property in Midtown Manhattan. How and why funds from former Soviet states flowed into Trump-branded real estate has been the focus of speculation since the start of the 2016 presidential campaign. One theory, propounded by opponents of President Donald Trump is that his admiration for Russia’s Vladimir Putin comes down to money, a suggestion Trump has forcefully denied.

Still, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is digging into Trump’s business dealings, and the scramble for Kazakhstan’s chromium riches may fill in a piece of that puzzle. Company records, court filings and interviews in Kazakhstan and London suggest millions of dollars from the Aktobe plant wound their way to the U.S. and a development company with which Trump partnered to build a controversial Trump SoHo hotel-condominium complex in Manhattan.

It was on the 24th floor of Trump Tower that Kazakh businessman Tevfik Arif, a key figure in Aktobe chromium, established Bayrock Group LLC. The plant passed millions of dollars to Bayrock, which organized financing for the Trump SoHo high-rise that Trump once hailed as a “work of art.” Earlier last month, Trump Soho’s new owner bought the Trump Organization out of its management contract for the project.

MUCH more on the link-



A neighborhood book store responds to Trumps shithole remarks .......

I thought this was well played ...............



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