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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 09:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,609

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I do believe the dam broke! Pelosi and Schumer had a blast! Trump? Not so much.

And Pence? Good God! The old grandpaw just sitting there...
Hysterical in a way.

Hilarious! Trump tweeter. Re chief of staff. Rawstory.com

So, Drumpster tweets he has more choices for Chief of Staff other than Ayers who said nope. Steven Munchkin and Mick Mulvaney. Guess what? SURPRISE! Nope from them also! Who the hell would take that job? NOBODY!!!!! Nobody wants to be associated with him now...obviously! Loser!

Perhaps, McTurtle?

So Nick Ayers says, "thanks but no thanks." Nobody wants to work for the devil!

Don't blame them. But, Mark Meadows? Think he will take the job? Time will tell...

Seems Drumph is down to the worms under the dirt now. The best employees! Lol!!!

ARGHH! Missed SNL beginning!!!! Dang it!

Any word from McTurtle yet? Bwahahaha!!!!!

Re: CNN Bomb threat after Trump tweets "fake news"...

Trump is crazy and gonna get innocent people killed! WTF is wrong with him! Good God!

North Carolina. Voter fraud by repubs? Thought they were the ones worried about

voter fraud! And narry a word when its THEM committing the freaking fraud! Crazy! Typical!

I thought it was nothing but now, after Rachel's insight re Flynn . . .

Trump has GOT to be freaking. The govt has what it needs, thus the tiny sentence rec.

Correcting my first thoughts about this.

Not even a full 60 seconds.

Trump paid his respects to Bush. That was pitiful. Pitiful.

Preparing for a move to another state. A second/winter home. Yay!

But, it's from one southern state to another. Been in freak out mode all day over this so haven't watched any news. Guess I really didn't miss anything tho. Other than Poppa Bush, which is kinda old now, and Drumph - same ole same ole...
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