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Kajun Gal

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Member since: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 10:39 PM
Number of posts: 1,304

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So Trump called Stormy Daniels "Horseface"? Well, umm, he picked her, right? For the

affair? So what does that say about him and HIS choices? Not much.

Voter suppression should be illegal. n/t

So, we now have to hear Trump's two cents from now till Nov. 6th?

He is so vain. He probably thinks it's about him...

Well, it kinda is!!! People are ready to get back to normalcy and get rid of him and the repugs who enable him!

What's up with the green hats at Trump rallies these days?

It doesn't matter to Trump what he does as long as he wins? He said it.


Beat Georgia!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

I swear, republicans have to cheat to win. Brian Kemp! Another cheater in the bunch.

Ok guys and gals. After watching Rachel I am scared.

I am just an old retired lady who sometimes felt a need to speak up. Life was great when I was young and oblivious. I paid no attention to politics.

Now, after the journalist story, I can only pray. And my prayers are for all of us who speak their opinions. I am not sure how long we will be able to do this anymore.

And yes, my concerns came only lately, with the Trump administration. Never before have I been scared to speak my mind. Never.

But, this is crazy stuff. I have been a political geek for years and only lately I have felt free to speak on this site. But, I wonder...are we safe here? Are we free to speak our thoughts? I don't know anymore.

I am not of the "rich and entitled", so I really am unsure about speaking out. I have no political connections to help in a time of need if need be.

These are strange and scary times y'all. I know we can't stay silent, but I also know things can turn quickly if one speaks the truth.

Just saying...y'all be cool. Think I may chill out a while.

Peace and love.

Kanye West and Trump. GREAT SNL sketch. Apologies if offended but just look at

Trump as Kanye is speaking.

Got a reply from La. Senator John N. Kennedy re Kavanaugh...after the fact!

Today I received 2 replies from John N. Kennedy, La, regarding my letters to him begging him not to vote FOR Kavanaugh. I wrote 2 different letters. HIS 2 replies to me were EXACTLY THE SAME! Nope, they do not read our letters. They don't give a flying fig what we think. My husband said, "so basically you got a 'robo-letter'?" I had to laugh. Thinking about writing one more time, but addressing the body of the letter to "his aides" and thanking them for the "robo-reply".
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