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I'm honestly frightened by the direction our society has taken and I have joined DU in the hope of finding.. well... hope.

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I need help thinking this through...

While the country is discussing the complicated issues involved in our current profiteering-based healthcare system vs. healthcare as a basic right, we're overlooking the fact that medical care is usually an immediate concern and that we should probably be installing some kind of stop-gap measure to improve our nation's overall health until the situation irons itself out, with or without the formal blessing of the governmental machine (or politicians, or special interest groups, or whichever party or subgroup that involves themselves in the issue).

This is a very broad outline of what I'm thinking and please let me know if I'm missing some serious flaw or if I'm just being a naive idealist (fair warning: I have no idea how the insurance industry works and financial paperwork is no different than ancient alchemist runes to me);

A non-profit corporation with the sole purpose of providing healthcare insurance on a national scale. Funded by tax deductible donations, legitimate grants, in-kind donations from willing care providers, and any other fund-raising schemes that are legal and moral.

It is not uncommon for non-profits to work with huge and complex budgets and history shows that some of our greatest social advances have been made on a national scale by large and complex organizations such as the ACLU, GLADD, even the ASPCA (does the term NGO fit here?). There are a number of very prestigious non-profit hospitals and clinics who are already carrying their side of the burden.

As with any non-profit, staff would be paid market wages BUT we would be taking the very large profit margin out of the equation and quite possibly find other ways to reduce costs.

I know, I see all the very valid arguments right off the bat and the loudest one in my own brain is that IF anything like that actually gets off the ground it will serve to undermine the fight for ANY type of National system not to mention be literally provoking the wrath of the existing, powerful, and ruthless healthcare profiteers.

But hey, we seem to be stuck in an endless loop in our quest to simply take care of ourselves as a nation while we suffer and die and I thought I would throw this out there.

I thought maybe it's an idea worth discussing or perhaps it's just so blatantly impossible that I should just go back to my morning coffee and watch the world go 'round.
Posted by JustThinking... | Sun Jun 30, 2019, 09:07 AM (10 replies)
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