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JohnSJ's Journal
JohnSJ's Journal
January 23, 2021

Why even bother with a trial in the Senate, why not just indict him for multiple crimes?

This was presented on Chris Hayes 30 minutes ago, and I believe they said it was on the same day that trump called Georgia election officials to overturn the election

September 2, 2020

Morning Consult Poll on direction where we are going reported on Morning Joe this morning

Right Direction: 28%
Wrong Track 72%

Who do you trust more to handle Healthcare?

Biden: 52%
trump: 35%

Who do you trust more to handle the economy?

trump: 45%
Biden: 44%

57% disapprove of trump's performance as President

Morning Consult Poll among 1988 registered voters from Aug 28 - Aug 30


September 18, 2019

Who gives a f**k what the racist, bigot, says. Today he he said he would solve the homeless

crisis the Democrats caused

Thank-you for letting us know what the pathological liar thinks

September 2, 2018

The odds our that Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and that Roe if not over turned will

be greatly restricted.

While most of us here are rightfully angry, none of us should be surprised.

What did those self-identified progressives who refused to vote for the Democratic nominee by either not voting or voting third party think would happen?

When 47% couldn't trouble themselves to even vote, this was bound to happen

Missing entry

Missing entry

September 4, 2015

geez, can't people grow up

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