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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 294

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This Anonymous Op-Ed Writer is a GOP P.O.S!

The naked political calculation this Op-ed is espousing is that as long as we get tax cuts for the well-off one percent class, deregulation of environmental protections for the corporations, and fanatical judges purely to control women's bodies, this anonymous writer is just fine with trying to control this erratic, amoral, deranged fascist dictator. Trump is a convenient idiot that they think they can control by ignoring the Constitution, subverting the White House, and then warning us with a wink and a nod that they are in control even if Trump isn't.

Well, color me unimpressed with this anonymous "resistance" and its phony reassurances. It has far less to do with a resistance movement and far more to do with collaborators and sympathizers. No one on either side of the aisle should feel good about the words written in the New York Times.

Unindicted Co-Conspirator.......

I just wanted to say it.

If you have a College Illinois! Saving Plan, read this...

An interesting fact I learned recently just netted me about $9,000!!! I have two College Illinois! savings plans for my kids and was amazed to learn that the approx. $35,000 I had in each account was never depleted and they never informed me that I needed to write them a handwritten letter to request the final balance on the account.

The issue was that my kids didn't use the accounts to attend Illinois schools. They went out-of-state. The plan pays for 8 semesters at an Illinois school or the equivalent quarters, not sure there are any Illinois schools on quarters. When the student attends an out-of-state school, the contract no longer pays for semesters, it pays by the number of credit hours, in other words, it becomes cash rather than semesters. I had a total of 60 credit hours for each kid, most people buy 120 hours, I have a 50% discount. In one case, my oldest son used his 60 hours but the payouts only totaled about $29,000. I figured when they ran out of hours, the money was depleted. Apparently not. The remaining balance will not be paid out because he ran out of "hours" but the balance can be requested by writing a letter to College Illinois! and asking them to send it to you.

If you are in this situation, and your kids went out-of-state or to a private school, log onto your account and look at the total of all the invoices for all semesters/quarters and see if was less than your contract total amount. You might be owed a refund with interest that they never bothered to tell you about.

Did you ever wonder if the Progressive Democrats need a more progressive symbol than a donkey?

I mean, for a party that is supposed to represent progressive ideals, the donkey says any but progressiveness. Any thoughts on what the new symbol should be if you could pick it? It doesn't even have to be an animal. I'm thinking maybe an eagle or maybe something celestial like the earth, the universe, etc.

What would you suggest to bring this party into the 21st century and excite the younger generation?

To Trump Supporters, If There Be Any Here On The DU

I know that many liberals tend to just dismiss Trump supporters and call them idiots and a whole host of other names. I can't say that I haven't done the same. I now realize that this isn't a viable solution to build a bridge, and, that when you put politics aside, these same people are my neighbors, friends, and family members. So help me to understand your support. That is all I am asking. Please, no side comments from the regulars of DU. I already know what you think.

Anyway, Please list as succinctly as possible the top three things that Donald Trump has done to earn your support. Not the things he said he would do but the things he has actually done. While I do not support him or his administration, even I can name things he or the GOP have done that have actually benefited me. So let me start:

1. Because I have a high household income, I have received about $10,000 more annually from the Trump/GOP tax cuts.
2. Honestly, Donald Trump has energized the Democratic Party and the youth vote like nothing else in years, it's undeniable.
3. Finally, I feel that Trump's presidency will hasten the demise of the GOP which demographically has been doomed for years.

I realize that there may be few to no Trump supporters here and I am OK with that. But if you're lurking and can muster up the courage of your convictions, please help me to understand your support choice. I promise not to judge.

Wells Fargo All Out FB Media Blitz

If you want to have a good time, go to the comment section of Wells Fargo's FB Ads. They are being roasted while their minions try to defend the organization with serious responses to comments like "You suck Wells Fargo". It is the most fun you can have right now on FB. I now look forward to every new Wells Fargo Ad that pops up just to read the comments. Have a look. Enjoy.

What Rosanne COULD DO Moving Forward

If, and I mean if, Rosanne Barr were smart, and I think that we have ample evidence that she is far from the top of her graduating class, she would turn this entire debacle into a movement by becoming a bridge between the American racist subculture she embraces and the very people she had been deriding for years. She has the fame to affect change and could begin to erase her reputation as an unabashed supporter of bigotry over a long period of time if she chose to take the higher road. Not doing so will put the final nail in her legacy as an abhorrent social pariah that will inevitably follow her to her grave.

If she is comfortable with being identified as a racist and rich enough to hide from the public until she is eventually forgotten and finally dies alone only to have this entire incident brought back as the defining moment in her career all over the media, then she should just keep making excuses and spewing racist tweets all the way into irrelevance. This is her moment to make that choice.

What will you do Ms. Barr? The country is watching. Which side of history will you come down on?

The winner of the Vikings-Saints game?

Vegas baby!! If Minnesota would have kicked the easy extra point, they would have covered the spread and Vegas would have lost millions. I wonder what was being said in their ear while waiting to run the last play?

Ted Kennedy got out of his deathbed to vote to give millions of Americans healthcare

John McCain got out his his deathbed to take healthcare away from millions of Americans. If you ever wanted to know the difference between Republicans and Democrats, this example pretty much defines it.

Half Staff for the Half-wit

I think as long as Donald Trump is president, we should all fly flags half staff in Memoriam of Democracy. During protest marches, people should carry flags on half staffs signifying the death of our democracy. As long as Trump remains in the White House, no flag should see the top of any pole. It's a silent protest that will piss him off to no end. Pass it on.
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