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Member since: Wed Jan 28, 2004, 02:25 PM
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Get Ready To Laugh!

Back In The Mid-Eighties I Lived In Atlanta For A While

Some friends of mine had gone to dig a pond on a farm belonging to relatives of theirs outside of Phenix City, Alabama. One of their bulldozers broke down they called and asked me to pick up a gasket set from the Caterpillar plant and said they'd pay me if I'd bring it to them.

The directions I was given were a little spotty and when I got close I had to stop and get directions. The first guy I asked said, "Well, ya can't get there from here. Ya need to go up the road a couple of miles and take ya a left and go a about a mile and take ya a right and follow that road till ya see the road yer lookin' for." I tried to follow his directions but when I couldn't find the road I stopped and asked another guy I saw out in his yard. He said, "Well ya can't get there from here. Ya need to turn around and go back down the road about a half mile and take ya a right and the road yer lookin' for ain't marked so take the first right ya see off that road." Well, I'd never heard "Ya can't get there from here" before.

When I finally found the right road and the mailbox I was looking for I pulled into the driveway (farm road?) I noticed the dirt changed three times. The first 1/4 mile or so was the white sandy, broken shell dirt you see in Florida. Then it changed to the red clay dirt that you see in Georgia. Then when I got closer to the house it was a gravel driveway but dirt on the sides was the blackest, richest soil I've ever seen.

Anyway, it was late enough in the day we decided I should stay over night in one of their Winnebagos. About a half hour later this old station wagon pulled up. It was their aunt and she said, "I brought you boys some food." The back seat was down and the whole back of the station wagon was full of covered dishes, Tupperware and plates, pans and bowls covered with foil. There was like six of us there and we all had to make several trips to get it all in. It covered all of the counters and completely covered the huge kitchen table. There was like 3 different kinds of chicken, 4 different kinds of pork chops, beef, ham, a couple different types of Bar-B-Que, hamburgers, a couple kinds of sausages, fish, salads, slaws, and every kind of vegetable you can think of (and some I'd never heard of), breads and corn bread and muffins. Plus all kinds of pies, cakes and cookies.

I remember this all so vividly because, though I've eaten at some of the best restaurants all over the country, I think that was the best meal I've ever had.

I Was At My Kids' Grade School On 9/11

I was supposed to set up a table outside the cafeteria to recruit Cub Scouts. I heard about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center just as I was pulling into the parking lot. I had worked in Manhattan previously and a small plane had crashed into a building then, so while it was pretty unusual it wasn't really alarming.

When I went in one of the ladies that worked in the office (who I knew from our boys being on a soccer team) kinda teased me, saying "Well it must be serious if they called in the Boy Scouts". (I had my Den leader shirt on) Anyway, we went into the AV room off of the library and were watching when the second plane hit. And then the Pentagon and in the field west of us in PA. They decided to cancel classes and send the kids home, but they decided not to tell the kids the reason. Since I was there I was gonna take my boys home, but my younger boy who had just started kindergarten pitched a fit because he wanted to ride the bus. So I followed his bus home. The towers didn't come down until after we got home. We were glued to the TV but we had to keep the boys busy at the same time to keep them away from it.

I had been in all of the World Trade Center buildings for my job. After the truck bomb in the sub-basement of the towers security was really tight. You had to wait in line at the corner across the street by the federal building. They checked ID and they looked under you vehicle with a mirror on a long handle. Then you drove down through a checkpoint again showing ID. Then you parked by the security desk where they made a copy of your ID and issued a temporary pass and told you where to park. I had been all the way to the top floor of both towers, sometimes waiting as much as 45 minutes for a service elevator to come back down. So I think I was even more freaked out, not knowing exactly what the hell was going on but having had that experience at the Trade Center.

I was in fifth grade when Kennedy was assassinated. I had walked home for lunch that day and run into a classmate on the way back. We were clowning around a little until we walked into the classroom. Everyone was upset, some girls were even crying. Our teacher kind of yelled at us saying "Oh is it funny to you that someone shot the president?" Of course we had no idea and when we told her that she just told us to sit down and be quiet. They let us out early that day too. Back then they didn't have 24 hour news channels like we do now, but the weekend after the assassination it was nothing but live news reports on every channel. We were glued to the TV then as well and saw Oswald shot as it happened. I was in shock that whole weekend and really couldn't wrap my head around what was going on.

I think because of how I was traumatized back then I was really careful about keeping my kids away from the news for a while. I knew at 5 & 8 they weren't going to really understand it and as they did become aware all I tried to do was make them know that we were all safe.

I Posted This Picture...

On a Joy Reid Facebook fan page;

So far I have gotten over 1.2k likes.

For My 6000th Post...

I'd like to add my thoughts & memories about one of my all time favorites who passed today, Gregg Allman.

I saw the Allman Brothers the first time in Denver when they opened for Elton John. I had never heard of them but they just blew us away. It was also the only time I have ever seen an opening act have two encores. I went out and got their album the next day and a few months later Idlewild South was released.

I got to meet him in the late '80s in Clearwater, FL, when he was playing smaller clubs. A good friend of mine knew Gregg, but he knew his road manager real well & he put us on the 'guest list'. When we got there (with our dates) right before he went on they actually set a table up for us right in front (on the dance floor) just like in 'Goodfellas'. Gregg recognized my buddy and after the show he waved us to follow him backstage. We went back to his tiny dressing room and we hung out with him for about an hour. Then he invited us to come up to Orlando with him to party some more, but we all had to work the next day so we had to take a pass.

I got to see him a couple more times, once after The ABB reformed with Dickey Betts and once later on after Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks joined.

He was one of the greatest song writers of all time and his soulful voice was incredible. His music has been a big part of my life for many years, but today I keep thinking about that time in that small club when his sidemen left the stage and he sat five feet away singing 'Midnight Rider' and playing an acoustic guitar alone in the spotlight.

When A Cover Is Better Than The Original...

On Of My Friends "Shared" This On Facebook


I Didn't Have Any Obama Yard Signs Stolen This Year

In 2008 I had to replace stolen signs about 8 times. In 2004 my Kerry signs were taken at least 8 times. In 2000 my Gore signs were taken a half dozen times. I live on the main street of my town, near the outskirts, and a half mile from where I live my road turns into a highway (just past a Wal Mart). I get a lot of traffic by my house.

Now this year I did bring my signs in every night (which is when most of the thefts occurred in the past). My republican neighbors didn't put Rmoney signs up until after the first debate, which is the latest ever.

The most interesting thing to me about this cycle is that I have seen hardly any Rmoney bumper stickers, and many, many more Obama bumper stickers in this mostly red area of Pennsylvania. I believe republican "enthusiasm" has been greatly exaggerated by the media this year.

I'm Not A Katy Perry Fan But...

This is awesome;

Joe Biden In York, PA Sunday 9-2 (Dial-up Warning)

My 16 year old son & I went to see Joe Biden in York today. Between 1200 & 1400 people were estimated to have been there;

My son took this shot before we went in. He said, "Look, it's Mike from 'Mike & Molly'".

The state champion High School Baseball team - The Bulldogs. They were sitting near a group from my volunteer team.

Joe coming in with his son & grandson.

We were close enough to shake hands with him after his speech.

On the way home I drove thru a Burger King to get something to drink for the drive home & as we were leaving his motorcade happend to go by.

~updated to change dead photobucket images & remove link to dead local news video

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