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Oklahoma governor unexpectedly vetoes pro-gun ‘shall sign’ bill for Class III items


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Tuesday sank a popular pro-gun bill to designed to speed up the approval process for gun owners to receive suppressors and other NFA-regulated items. The bill would have made it easier for gun owners to legally obtain National Firearms Act-regulated items by making it mandatory for local law enforcement to approve legal paperwork for law-abiding citizens — a key part of the process.

Almost universally accepted by state lawmakers, the measure had passed unanimously in the Senate and cleared the House by a 92 to 1 vote on April 23. “Unfortunately, our progress has stalled here at the Capitol,” Fallin said during a press conference announcing that she had vetoed 15 House bills that, in her opinion, addressed “minor issues.”

The bill that would have mandated ‘shall certify’ for NFA items was among this group of bills. The vetoed bill, HB 2461, would have required the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer, or CLEO, to process all required documents by those intending to purchase NFA-regulated items such as suppressors and short-barreled rifles, within 30-days.

The two-page bill instructed the CLEO verify whether the applicant was prohibited from possessing a firearm by running their information through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check system. “Any bill that is passed by a legislature with only one dissenting vote is not a ‘minor issue,” said Knox Williams, president and executive director of the American Silencer Association, who had supported HB 2461. “We are currently exploring all options, and will work to ensure the passage of this legislation this session.” The National Rifle Association echoed Knox’s call.

(Excerpt, remainder of articles at link)

With this kind of overwhelming support, I can't see the veto standing. Luckily.

Gun buybacks not effective for curbing violence


...And it's unlikely some of the weapons we saw could muster the mettle to even help commit a crime. Our data crunching turned up prop guns, starter pistols and even antique black powder guns among the collection.

Retired federal agent and current University of Maryland criminology professor Thomas Mauriello wasn’t shocked by our findings. "Real criminals, a firearm is a tool of their trade, so they're not giving up their weapons for gift cards or money," Mauriello said.

But that's what these events often offer. In Prince George's County last December, gift cards worth up to $150 were given out. In total $10,000 worth of cards was handed out in exchange for guns, with half of the cost funded by a county grant.

And while some buybacks, like the one held in Baltimore City, didn't use public funds for the firearms, tax dollars were still at work at each and every one. That’s because police agencies are the partner, with police officers collecting and categorizing the weapons. “That's money and effort that could be spent on interventions we know are more effective in reducing rates of street crime and violence overall," Vernick said.

(Excerpt, entire article at link)

Surprisingly skeptical (for a local tv station) article on gun "buybacks".

Pet peeve: how can it be a "buyback" when the people who get the gun didn't own it previous to the event in question?

FNH-USA’s FNS pistol gets new low price


FNH-USA is cutting the price of their all-black models of FNS pistols by $100. The decision to lower the prices of FNS pistols makes them even more appealing and very approachable. The FNS is FNH-USA’s latest striker-fired polymer pistol. The FNS series, introduced mid-2012, has seen a fair share of success in the polymer pistol market despite being a recent entry. While a premium handgun that, in general, cost a little more than its competition, the FNS stands out for its strong set of features and above-average construction.

“We are pleased that the FNS line has been so popular,” said Mark Cherpes, FNH-USA president, in a company press release. “Because our sales volume was so high in 2013, we were able to reduce our production costs enough to realize a savings we are now passing down to our customers. We hope consumers will take advantage of this new, lower price and choose an FNS when they are shopping for a new pistol.” “Since launching the FNS line of striker-fired pistols in 2012, it has been exciting to see how well-received they have been by all firearms enthusiasts no matter if they are looking for a competition pistol or a reliable handgun for home defense,” added Ken Pfau, senior vice president of sales. “We believe their popularity is due in large part to the fact that it is one of the only fully-ambidextrous striker-fired pistols on the market today and its low bore axis significantly reduces recoil so it’s a much more enjoyable and controlled shooting experience.”

Unlike most pistols the FNS is fully-ambidextrous, with a full set of controls on both sides of the gun. This makes it a go-to pistol for lefties and a strong option for law enforcement agencies who want a gun that’s more universal. The FNS has more aggressive texturing than just about every other service pistol on the market, ensuring a positive grip in any circumstances. Combined with interchangeable backstraps makes the FNS an excellent all-purpose pistol, from home defense, to duty use and competition shooting.

Additionally the pistol has a loaded chamber indicator on the extractor and a passive trigger safety. The gun quickly developed a solid reputation for its quality trigger, which is a two-stage design with a short, light take-up and a positive break and reset.Initially launched in 9mm and .40 S&W as a four-inch service pistol with an ambidextrous manual safety, FNH-USA has followed up with models without the manual safety as well as “Long Slide” models with full-size five-inch barrels. The FNS is offered with and without night sights and each pistol comes with three magazines. FNS pistols chambered for 9mm have a capacity of 17+1 and 14+1 when chambered for .40. Reduced-capacity 10-round magazines are available for restricted markets.

(Excerpt, remainder of article at link)

While I'm a big fan of FN products, I don't have any experience with this particular pistol. Anyone else have one? What are your thoughts?

California bill aims to end the single shot exemption for handguns


A bill that passed the California state Assembly last week would break the popular practice of the ‘single shot exemption’ for modified semiautomatic handguns not on the state’s approved roster. “AB 1964 will ensure that all handguns purchased through a dealer in California are handguns which meet all safety and firing tests and contain all state required handgun safety features,” said Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento) sponsor of the bill, in a statement. “By limiting the guns available for sale we can further protect our families and our communities from gun violence,” he added.

Dickinson maintains that the current law, which allows a gun shop to convert a semiautomatic handgun not currently on the state’s approved roster to fire single-shot only (no semiautomatic reload of a bullet in the firing chamber), typically through use of a magazine plug and extended barrel, is a loophole. To justify his concern, Dickinson cited figures that indicate before 2009 an average of 1,100 single-shot handguns were registered each year in the state, but by 2013 the number of registered single-shot handguns had grown to over 18,000.

His bill would limit the guns eligible to be converted to “break top or bolt action.” Further, the bill would require any gun that has been converted to meet all of the same testing requirements on the state’s semiautomatic handgun list. Guns must also retain the current requirement to have a barrel of no less than 6-inches and an overall length of no less than 10.5-inches. As such, AB 1964 is supported by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which labeled it a ‘priority bill,’ as well as the Coalition Against Gun Violence, and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Both the National Rifle Association and the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL), however, oppose the legislation. “AB 1964 does not address any legitimate public safety problems,” stated a release by the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Criminals are not buying single shot handguns from firearms dealers to commit their crimes,” it continued. “By further banning common handguns from civilian use, AB 1964 violates the Second Amendment, and is likely to add to the litigation for which the State is already embroiled.”

(Excerpt, remainder of article at link)

Banning single-shot handguns? Really?

Mandatory ‘shall-sign’ legislation for Class III NFA items sweeping the nation


Over the past few weeks a number of laws have been passed that make it mandatory for local law enforcement to sign off on Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ forms to allow legal gun owners to receive suppressors, short-barreled rifles and other National Firearms Act (NFA)-regulated items.

At stake is the process by which an individual applicant for a regulated item has to obtain the signature of a local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) on their ATF Form 4 before being able to complete a transfer. In some jurisdictions, the CLEO, be it a local sheriff or police chief, often will not approve the application for arbitrary reasons, thus denying the transfer and forcing would-be NFA item owners to set up a Gun Trust as a way around the process.

A number of states are streamlining the CLEO requirement by requiring these law enforcement officers to process these forms through a new breed of ‘shall sign’ or ‘shall certify’ legislation.

This month alone, legislation was signed into law in Utah, Kentucky, Kansas and Arizona, all of which mandate that CLEOs shall sign off on the applicant’s Form 4 within a limited period of time, unless the applicant is found to be a prohibited person, i.e felon, mental defective, minor, domestic abuser, etc. Many of these new laws, such as the Arizona legislation, also require that those refused by a CLEO be advised in writing and mandate an appeals process.

(Excerpt, remainder of article at link)

Who says there's no good news these days? It's time to make suppressors and SBRs more readily available.

‘Shall-issue’ legislation introduced to Calfornia Assembly


A sweeping handgun carry license reform bill introduced into the state Assembly could make California a ‘shall-issue’ state if adopted. The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, (R), would be the biggest change to the Golden state’s gun laws since 1923.

It follows in the wake of the groundbreaking Peruta decision by a federal appeals court which found San Diego County’s ‘may-issue’ standard of granting concealed-carry permits to be unduly harsh. “AB 1563 fixes California’s handgun carry license system by implementing a fair, efficient, and effective framework that eliminates the burden on local law enforcement while still requiring background checks and that licensees be law-abiding people,” said Donnelly of the bill.

“What we’re doing is unwinding decades of unconstitutional laws and replacing them with a framework that respects our Second Amendment rights, bringing us in line with dozens of other states.”

Donnelly’s bill, AB 1563, is a multi-tiered attack on the California stringent concealed carry laws. Proposing to scrap the current chapter of the state’s penal code on carry licenses, it would replace it with a ‘shall-issue’ standard that accepts ‘self-defense’ as sufficient cause for a law-abiding gun owner to request a license.

(Excerpt, remainder of article at link)

Unfortunately for Californians, there is almost no chance of this becoming law.

Kansas will nullify local regulation of guns

Source: SFGate

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas will strip cities and counties of their power to regulate guns and nullify local gun regulations in July, ensuring it will be legal across the state to openly carry firearms and adding to a string of victories in recent years by gun-rights advocates.

Gov. Sam Brownback announced Wednesday that he signed a bill late the previous day preventing local officials from restricting the sale of firearms and ammunition or regulating how guns are transported and stored. The National Rifle Association has described the legislation as a model for states seeking to strip local officials of gun-regulating powers. "Kansans have long believed the right to bear arms is a constitutional right," the governor said in a statement.

Jonathan Lowy of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence said it was offensive for Brownback to sign the measure less than two weeks after a man with Ku Klux Klan ties fatally shot two people behind a Jewish community center in Overland Park and another person at a retirement community. Lowy said the Washington-based center will consider challenging the new Kansas law. "It is outrageous. It's contrary to public safety, and it's undemocratic," Lowy said. "This is certainly one of the more extreme pre-emption laws that I've seen."

Kansas law doesn't expressly forbid the open carrying of firearms, and the attorney general's office has in the past told local officials some restrictions are allowed. The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., has prohibited the practice, but the new law sweeps any such ban away, except to allow cities and counties to prevent openly carried weapons inside public buildings.

Read more: http://m.sfgate.com/news/article/Kansas-will-nullify-local-regulation-of-guns-5424037.php

It also streamlines the paperwork for acquiring silencers and SBRs (short barreled rifles) which, given how absurdly long it's currently taking for approval (almost a year) is certainly a good thing.

A very telling quote from Shannon Watts (Moms Demand Action)


“Moms are afraid our children will be taken away and in the end, I think that’s the emotion that will win the debate."

And there we have it...she admits that her position is based on emotion, not reason. Her advice: Be afraid...be very afraid!

An anti-gun poster shows a complete cartridge being fired. Again.

So not only is this gun shooting a complete cartridge, but the finger on the trigger has returned to its non-firing original position only milliseconds after the [strike]bullet[/strike] cartridge has left the barrel! Man, I wish my revolver's action could cycle that quickly!

For your listening pleasure: Muppet Christ Superstar. (No, really)


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