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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Boston, Ma.
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Wed Nov 21, 2012, 07:54 AM
Number of posts: 490

About Me

Former union activist. Still registered as Independent (unenrolled) in Massachusetts but have voted straight Dem for the last 12 years. Progressive and still not afraid of term liberal. Sent money to Elizabeth Warren... and sent more money to Elizabeth Warren. She's my Senator now and I'm damn proud of her. I know she'll do a good job. Couldn't send lots of money because I'm disabled and on SSDI but she got flooded with lots of small donations so I guess I'm not alone in the "I'm sinking" boat. Good luck to all! Umm... do you think we can get them talking about climate change in the next four years? I know that's a lot but we need a viable planet to live on or all this work will mean nothing.

Journal Archives

Elizabeth Warren takes on the south....

"Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes received a boost from a leading Democratic woman who is also taking on Republican Mitch McConnell across the country. U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts visited the University of Louisville on Sunday to stump for Grimes...." WFPL News. Link: http://wfpl.org/post/elizabeth-warren-alison-lundergan-grimes-will-be-fighter-kentucky

In addition, there are lots of great pictures in this KOS Diary. "Standing room only..."
Link: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/06/30/1310627/-Elizabeth-Warren-s-rally-with-Alison-Grimes-is-a-huge-smash-w-photos

Sorry if this was posted before. I'm just so excited I'm practically bouncing up and down.

Edit to add: Geesh I even forgot to add in the donation link. Grassroots small donations. Show 'em we care. Show 'em we know what they're up against. Link: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/warrenforgrimes?refcode=kos

I call myself a feminist too and I don't hate men.

What I want is equality but it will never happen as long as guys have to act macho. Some of them want me to relieve them of this burden but never seem to realize that's work they must do themselves.

Some give me the excuse that women only go after "bad boys." I tell them they are interested in the wrong type of women then. Those women don't even respect themselves so why want one?

They give me the excuse that they are "nice guys." Well, I'm a nice girl but I still make an effort to speak respectfully, look good on a date and take an intellectual interest in expanding my knowledge. I want a guy that does the same. Why should I settle for less?

Equality requires effort from men as well and yet there always seems to be loads of them that don't want to do the work. Sorry guys... you need to stand up to your macho friends. Hear them telling rape jokes? Call them out. Hear them talking about women as if they're sexual conquests, call them idiots. And for FSM sake, see your friends cat calling a woman on the street, don't cheer and hoot and holler. Tell them to stop. If you can't do this pathetic minimum then nothing from me is going to help you so stop asking me.

Thank you for this Op. K&R (with respect)...

And it doesn't matter if the SI photos were posted by a woman. We are taught to disrespect ourselves. I disrespected myself for years. I paid for my birth control since I was sixteen. I never thought to ask my boyfriend to pitch in, let alone an insurance company. It wasn't till Viagra came out under insurance that I really got the idea that birth control should be on insurance.

I have women I don't know disrespecting me every day by calling Mrs. Jasana. I've never been married. It's Ms. Jasana, thank you very much. Why do we have such difficulty with these things? It's simple respect. Assume a woman is not married. If she wants to be Mrs. NotHerOwnName then let her make the correction.

I'm sure the woman who posted the photos didn't even realize she was disrespecting herself. Things like that belong in the Lounge. I don't want to see that crap popping up in the middle of a political discussion forum.

So... everybody (male and female) get a clue.

Persistent Acid Reflux Disease

If you have Persistent Acid Reflux Disease and have tried everything. And I do mean everything; cut out nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate. If you raise your head and don't eat before bed. If you've had all the blood tests to rule out bugs in the intestinal track. If you've tried every heartburn pill out there and tried every specialist.

If you've gotten so desperate as to cut your food down to bread and water and still had heartburn even when taking two Prilosec a day... you may want to try an experiment...

As a totally unrelated event, I developed a neurological condition very much like MS but not yet diagnose as MS. Even so, my neurologist gave me a prescription of Gabapentin for nerve pain. It didn't do anything for the nerve pain but within the first week of taking it, my seven year case of heartburn went away. I had not even told my neuro about the heartburn. I was more concerned about the other symptoms at the time... like not being able to walk.

I have been off Prilosec for two years now and can eat what I want. (I even tested one night by going wild and eating a whole bag of Doritos and drinking 2 beers on an empty stomach. No heartburn. Nada.) The irony is that I can do all that eating now and because of the neurological condition, I can't move so much and am gaining weight.

But there is no doubt the Gabapentin stopped my heartburn dead in its' tracks. If you're desperate, see if you can talk to your doctor about giving Gabapentin a try. PM me anytime if you want or need more info.
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