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Conservative Christian Leader Says Single Moms Should Put Their Kids Up For Adoption

From Addicting Info:

Right Wing Watch reports that Southern Baptist leader Richard Land is calling on single mothers to put up their kids for adoption so that Christian households with two parents can raise them.

In a November 23rd article published on The Christian Post, Land urges single mothers across the nation to stop being selfish and hand their kids over to good Christian parents so they can be raised properly, the way he thinks God intended.

“Keeping the baby is almost never preferable to allowing a baby to be adopted into a solid, faithful Christian home,” Land claims. “A single mother who keeps her baby is quite often denying that baby the father that God wants for that baby, and every baby, to have. Furthermore, in most circumstances, keeping the baby circumscribes and forecloses both the mother’s and the baby’s economic futures in tragic and unfortunate ways. If the mother is doing what is best for her baby (one of the defining marks of maternal love), she will part with her baby so that it will have the future God intended for him or her to have… Adoption allows the mother to give her child both a mother and a father who will love and cherish the child.”


Land says he understands that there are already 100,000 children waiting to be adopted in the United States, but he still thinks all 11 million single moms in the nation should freely surrender their kids. Why? Because he says the children of single moms are being raised improperly and really should be given the chance to have a father in their lives, even if they have to squander their childhood in orphanages waiting to be adopted.

What about the single dads? I guess they are exempt from the "rules" regarding single parents. My brother is a single dad and my niece is an awesome person. It's only directed at single moms. I'm a single mom. My two boys are awesome people.
I am really getting sick and tired of these "christians" who think they know what God says and wants. I think i will keep my God who loves everyone regardless of their lot in life or their color or their nationality. The conservative christians can keep their God who seems to hate everyone. I am not a particularly religious person. I feel my religion is in me and what i believe in. -Treat all people with respect and compassion. So this article is particularly offensive to me. Why do people follow these people? I truly don't understand it.
Why would you want to align yourself with such hateful people with no compassion?

just got an e-mail from Barack

This is my 1st post. So i hope i did it right. I'm From Wash state and new to DU. I enjoy the posts immensely because it helps me sort out my thoughts and opinions. I think i will like it here.
I know this is an e-mail sent out to everyone who signed up on Barack Obama.com. But i just thought it was such a class act for a president to do this. I hope that everyone in the path of this storm stays safe. My thought are with you all on the east coast.

Jan --

This is a serious storm, but we are going to do what it takes
to keep people safe and secure, and make sure the communities
affected get the assistance they need. FEMA is working with
state and local governments to respond effectively. We all owe
a debt of thanks to the first responders who will be dealing with
the immediate impact of the storm.

If you live in the storm's path, please listen to state and local
authorities about where and how to take shelter and stay safe --
and encourage your friends and family to do the same. If you are
asked to evacuate, please take that seriously.

For more information on how to prepare for this storm, visit Ready.gov:


And if you'd like to find out how to support relief efforts where
they're needed most, please visit the Red Cross or your local relief


Michelle and I are keeping everyone in the affected areas in our
thoughts and prayers. Be safe.


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