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Rick Wiles: There Is A New Nazism Rising In America That Is Dedicated To Killing Christians

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles dedicated his television program last night to urgently warning Christians that a “new Nazism” is emerging in America that will push them into ghettos and kill them.

“There is a hatred of Christianity,” Wiles warned. “The homosexuals, the leftists, the socialists, the communists, the deep state in Washington, they hate [the Bible], they’re going to team up with the Muslims, you’re going to have an alliance of God-haters that are coming together to form a new Nazism in America.”

“Right now, what we are experiencing is what the Jews experienced in the ’30s and early ’40s in Nazi Germany,” he continued. “That spirit of Nazism slaughtered millions of Jews, that spirit in here in America. Let me tell you something, it’s going to be different this time. The Christians are going to be rounded up.”

Warning that Christians are going to be ostracized and pushed into a “digital ghetto” as their rights are methodically stripped away, Wiles declared that “the ultimate desire of these people in America right now that are in high places of power in this country, the ultimate desire is to kill you. Listen to what I am saying. They are coming for you, they plan to destroy you, they plan to destroy the church, they hate Jesus Christ, they hate you, they hate your children and they are coming for you.”

Holy crap, these people are fucking nuts!!!!

How Four Countries Were Able To Eliminate Gun Deaths

Australia paid citizens to sell their guns to the government.

Following a deadly 1980s and '90s, culminating in a 1996 gun-driven massacre that left 35 dead, Australian Prime Minister John Howard convened an assembly to devise gun-control strategies.

The group landed on a massive buyback program costing roughly $500 million that bought and destroyed more than 600,000 automatic and semiautomatic weapons and pump-action shotguns.


Japan puts citizens through a rigorous set of tests.

Japan seldom has more than 10 shooting deaths a year in a population of 127 million people, due to its strict laws for obtaining firearms.

If Japanese people want to own a gun, they must attend an all-day class, pass a written test, and achieve at least 95% accuracy during a shooting-range test. Then they have to pass a mental-health evaluation, which takes place at a hospital, and pass a background check, in which the government digs into their criminal record and interviews friends and family.


Norway exemplifies the power of social cohesion and trust.

Despite having roughly a third of the guns as the US, Norway has about a tenth of the gun deaths. Sociologists who study the Nordic model have found social cohesion, between citizens and between citizens and their government, goes a long way toward ensuring a (mostly) peaceful society.

In Norway, for example, police officers fatally shoot people fewer times in nine years than US police do in a day. Gummi Oddsson, a cross-cultural sociologist from Northern Michigan University, has found that Nordic governments go to great lengths to build trust in local communities.


The UK took a multi-pronged approach.

The UK has taken an approach that combines elements of the other three countries.

Around the time Australia passed its gun regulation, Parliament passed legislation banning private handgun ownership in Britain and banned semi-automatic and pump-action firearms throughout the entire UK. It also required shotgun owners to register their weapons.

I'm not sure I would agree with the guy in Norway about the community policing idea. That seems like it would give fuel to the ultra paranoid. But I think the US could easily do a combination of all of the above.

Germany Officially Replaces US As Country With Best Brand Image

Germany has replaced the United States as the country with the best "brand image," according to a new study of 50 countries released Thursday.
The Nation Brands Index (NBI) survey by German-based market research firm GfK and the British political consultant Simon Anholt measured public opinion around the world on "the power and quality of each country's 'brand image.'"
Germany moved up to first place after coming in second in 2016. The U.S. dropped from top to sixth, with France, Britain, Canada and Japan taking spots two to five.

The study calculated the final NBI score by researching how well people viewed a country across six categories: Its people, governance, exports, tourism, investment and immigration and culture and heritage.
The land of sausages, Angela Merkel and "Made in Germany" was in the top five for all but one category. Only in "tourism" did Germany fall outside the top five, coming in tenth.
German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel welcomed the results, saying: "Germany's image no longer rests on our economic strength. People think we're capable of much in the world."

Foreigners' views of the US worsened considerably compared to 2016, particularly in the category "governance," where it slipped from spot 19 to spot 23.
The "Trump effect" explains the fall, according to Anholt.
"The loss of the U.S.'s image in the governance category is indicative of the Trump effect, which was triggered by President Trump's policies and his 'America First' message," he said.


Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-22: You Cant Always Grope Who You Want Edition

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-22: You Can’t Always Grope Who You Want Edition

Welcome back to the Top 10 Conservative Idiots! Be sure to join our Top 10 Rewards Program for exciting offers and benefits from our local partners! Oh god I hope it doesn’t come to that. We are back everybody! And whew, what a week it’s been! You know I'd like to first issue a formal apology this week. Yeah it's rare that we actually start the show this way. But I feel that I must apologize to someone who's been kind of a running joke throughout the Top 10. So I'm not usually good at this sort of thing but here it goes. Gwenyth Paltrow and GOOP, I'm sorry. Because we make fun of you for hawking overpriced and completely unnecessary crap to the masses. Well, I feel I can no longer make fun of GOOP because there's someone that has officially topped Gwen and her rich friends for selling that kind of crap. It's the famous New York City department store Tiffany's. Thank you sound effects guy! It's the same Tiffanys that was made famous by Audrey Hepburn, and the song, movie, merchandise, everything. And it is famous for hawking overpriced stuff to rich people who may have more money than god, Jesus, Buddah, Allah, Krishna, Confucius, and Muhammad combined. So what are they offering, you might ask? Well I answer you good sirs and madams! This week - they're hawking $1,000 tin cans. Yes, the same thing you can buy at a store for less than $1.00, they're literally charging a 10,000% markup! Can we get a shot of that?


That's right - in addition to the $1,000 tin can there's also the $1500 coffee can. Hey! We have one of those in the green room (sorry, we're cheap here), and since it's already been used, it can be yours for the low low price of $799! That's only a 5000% markup! There's also the $9,000 ball of yarn. You know, in case your rich cat lady friend isn't pretentious enough. So Gwen, you are no longer officially the chief hawker of overpriced crap. And if you want the same body-poisining supplements that GOOP provides, just go to the Infowars store! You get the added bonus of lead poisoning! That’s enough of the intro. We got a lot of idiocy to get to this week. But first, John Oliver had his season finale this week and recaps the year in review so far, and what a batshit crazy year it’s been and we still have a month left!

In the top 2 spots this week is Roy Moore (1, 2). Boy the shit really hit the fan in the Alabama senate elections and Roy Moore may finally have met his match with molestation accusations! And the GOP are stepping up to defend their champion moral crusader. In the third slot this week is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III because his lies stink like that two year old expired box of Omaha Steaks in your freezer. In the fourth slot, we’re going to recap Trump’s insane trip to China and the end of the second leg of his World Deplorable Tour 2017. At number 5 is also Donald Trump. So while you weren’t looking, some engineering firms built samples of Trump’s “amazing wall” and we’re going to do one of our signature deep dives on this subject. At number 6 is our weekly sermon on all things holy as we recap all the insanity on the Christian right in “Holy Shit”. But this week we’re particularly focusing on their reaction to the Roy Moore shit show. In the number 7 slot is Sean Hannity (7). Don’t think I am not going to let him get away without talking about the insanity surrounding the Alt Right’s insane Keurig protest. At number 8 is the Alt Right (8). So last week we reported that the Sandy Hooking of the Texas tragedy has begun. And the alt right is going batshit crazy again. In the number 9 (NEIN!!!!) slot this week we’ve got another installment of “People Are Dumb” because, well, people are dumb. Finally this week its’ more of the Top 10 World Tour (10). This time around we get to hang out in the Land Down Under! I’m of course talking about the land of kangaroos, Crocodile Dundee, the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef as we visit scenic Australia! Yay! Oh the kids love Australia, don’t they? Plus we have some live music for you – this time from one of Australia’s premier bands, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard! Yes, they have not one, not two but 3 albums this year! Plus they have more coming! How do they do it? Enjoy! And as always don’t forget the key!

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Roy Moore
[br] [/font]

So if you’re keeping score at home – so far the members of the White Male Groper’s Club has mainly included some of Hollywood’s elite actors, comedians, producers and directors. So far the only politician who’s been included in the mix is Anthony Weiner. Although come on let’s face it, what he did wasn’t exactly elite – he just showed a picture of his penis on a phone. Well, leave it to the republicans to not only top that, they’re being complete dicks about it!

Leigh Corfman says she was 14 years old when an older man approached her outside a courtroom in Etowah County, Ala. She was sitting on a wooden bench with her mother, they both recall, when the man introduced himself as Roy Moore.

It was early 1979 and Moore — now the Republican nominee in Alabama for a U.S. Senate seat — was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney. He struck up a conversation, Corfman and her mother say, and offered to watch the girl while her mother went inside for a child custody hearing.

“He said, ‘Oh, you don’t want her to go in there and hear all that. I’ll stay out here with her,’ ” says Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, 71. “I thought, how nice for him to want to take care of my little girl.”

Alone with Corfman, Moore chatted with her and asked for her phone number, she says. Days later, she says, he picked her up around the corner from her house in Gadsden, drove her about 30 minutes to his home in the woods, told her how pretty she was and kissed her. On a second visit, she says, he took off her shirt and pants and removed his clothes. He touched her over her bra and underpants, she says, and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear.

That’s right – Roy Moore, the guy who is the righteous champion of all things holy and staunch defender of the… *cue reverb*… SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE!!! Ooh, that was some good reverb there! And he is nothing more than a common perverted child molester. And guess what? The GOP is standing by their groper. I mean after all, you can’t spell the word “groper” without GOP!

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore holds a 10-point lead over his Democratic opponent, according to a new poll.

The Emerson College survey found that Moore has the support of 55 percent of the Alabama voters polled, compared to 45 percent for the Democratic nominee, Doug Jones.

The poll was conducted from Nov. 9 to Nov. 11, after The Washington Post published its report in which a woman accused Moore of initiating sexual contact with her in 1979, when she was 14 and he was 32.

The poll does show improvement for Jones from the last survey conducted in September. That survey gave Moore a 22-point advantage.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/360121-poll-moore-leads-jones-by-10-points

Come on, we haven’t even got to Holy Shit yet! At least save the Jesus facepalms for later! But seriously – here’s where our good old fashioned fire and brimstone American religion has failed us. There are now 53 pastors across the state of Alabama who are approving of Roy Moore’s behavior! They support child molestation. I repeat: 53 pastors now approve of child molestation!

More than 50 Alabama pastors have signed a letter supporting Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations.

Moore's wife Kayla posted the letter to her Facebook page Sunday after days of controversy surrounding her husband and allegations he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old in 1979 when he was 32-years-old. Three other women said Moore pursued them as teenagers.

Moore denies the charges.

In their letter, the pastors said Moore was an "immovable rock in the culture wars," and has met attacks with a "rare unconquerable resolve."


You know what? Fuck your damn culture war! This is children we are talking about, and creepy old fucking weirdos seducing them! Do the right thing for once! I mean really, you can’t spell the word “groper” without “GOP!” But would you be surprised to learn that this might have been a forgery? Hey Christians! Wouldn’t this count as “bearing false witness”?

Kayla Moore, wife of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, shared a letter on Facebook over the weekend indicating support from more than 50 Alabama pastors. Not all the pastors said they gave permission for their name to be be used on what appears to be a recycled letter from before the GOP primary, however.

Moore's wife Kayla posted the letter to her Facebook page Sunday after days of controversy surrounding her husband and allegations he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old in 1979 when he was 32-years-old. Three other women said Moore pursued them as teenagers. The letter was posted before a fifth woman, Beverly Young Nelson, came forward with additional charges Monday.

Oh and *ANOTHER* accuser has come forward! This is putting Roy Moore in Herbert The Pervert territory, and I thought he didn’t like competition!

"An Alabama woman is expected to disclose allegations of sexual assault against Roy Moore during a press conference today in New York.

New York Attorney Gloria Allred is holding a press conference at 1:30 p.m. CST (2:30 p.m. EST) with the new accuser, whose name hasn't been made public. The woman alleges that Moore, Alabama's Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, assaulted her when she was a minor.

"The new accuser wishes to state what she alleges Roy Moore did to her without her consent," a news release from the lawyer states."

Ooh, I like that one! Seriously the GOP can’t stand that one of their own is now a member of the White Male Groper’s Club! It must be driving them completely insane! So is there anyone left defending Mr. Moore?

Some conservatives are destroying their Keurig coffee machines in protest of the company pulling ads from Sean Hannity's show over his coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations levied at Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Keurig, Realtor.com, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature's Bounty all pulled their ads from the television show, in response to the Fox host urging viewers not to rush to judgment against Moore.

On social media, many used the hashtag #BoycottKeurig to slam the company for pulling its ads. Some posted videos of themselves smashing their Keurig machines and others vowed never to use the coffee maker again.

Bet you didn’t think it was gonna be him did you? And you think you’re so smart! We’re going to talk about this more later in the show, but we’ll end this entry with this clip because I feel it’s fitting!

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Roy Moore
[br] [/font]

Come on sing it with me!

You can’t always grope who you want. You can’t always grope who you want. You can’t always grope who you want. But if you try some times, you might find… some pussy!!! Ooooooo!!!!!! Thank you! So Roy Moore and the Christian right and their god awful “culture war” that they are the only ones convinced they are fighting, are the very reason why we can’t have nice things. As we already pointed out, the Christian right is doing nothing to denounce this mad man and will most likely make him a senator. Yeah let that sink in. So here’s how batshit insane the religious right is:

Nearly 40 percent of Alabama evangelicals say in a new poll that they are more likely to vote for GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore after allegations of sexual misconduct arose against him.

A JMC analytics poll finds 37 percent of the evangelicals surveyed say the allegations against Moore make them more likely to vote for the GOP Senate candidate in the upcoming election.

Just 28 percent say the allegations made them less likely to vote for Moore and 34 percent said the allegations made no difference in their decision.

In all, 29 percent of respondents in the poll said the allegations against Moore would make them more likely to vote for him, compared to 38 percent overall who say the allegations would make them less likely to support Moore.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/360010-poll-37-percent-of-alabama-evangelicals-more-likely-to-vote-for-moore-after

Yeah BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Really, I’d like to tell them where they can shove this bullshit “culture war”. Although I already did! Moving on! Moving on! So you might want to rethink your senate campaign decisions, there, Alabama GOP. How about a write in candidate?

The chairwoman of the Republican Party of Alabama on Sunday cautioned against supporting a write-in candidate in next month’s Senate race as concerns in the party grow over allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore.

“It would be a serious error for any current elected GOP official or candidate to publicly endorse another party’s candidate, an independent, a third party or a write in candidate in a general election as well,” Terry Lathan told the Alabama Political Reporter.

“I have heard of no GOP elected official or candidate that is even considering this option.”

There has been increasing talk of a write-in campaign since The Washington Post published last week a report containing allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior against Moore, the Republican nominee in the Senate race.


OK so that doesn’t work! Or maybe you are Roy Moore yourself. Ah, who am I kidding? There’s no one in my audience who’s a wannabe cowboy with a shit eating grin is there? Is there? Well, how about your good friend – the lawsuit?

(CNN)Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore says he will sue the Washington Post over its report alleging he pursued sexual relationships with teenagers -- including a 14-year-old -- when he was in his 30s.
"The Washington Post published another attack on my character and reputation because they are desperate to stop my political campaign. These attacks said I was with a minor child and are false and untrue -- and for which they will be sued," Moore said Sunday night during a campaign speech in Huntsville, Alabama.

Oh come on, Roy! What attack on your character? You’re just a creepy old southern white dude with a god complex who’s part of a “good old boys” club! You’re just doing what your friends in said club would do – have sex with underage girls! Now *THIS* is putting Roy way past the Good Old Boys club into creepy Herbert The Pervert territory!

Greg Legat, who is now fifty-nine and living in East Gadsden, was, from 1981 to 1985, an employee at the Record Bar, a store that was in the Gadsden Mall. By the early eighties, Legat told me, the mall was “the place to be. There were no empty stores. And lots of kids came around. Lots of teen-agers. You went there to see and be seen.” Legat met his wife, Jo Anne, there. She worked at a restaurant called Orange Bowl. Legat remembers that parents dropped their kids off at the mall, typically unchaperoned. Teens filled the place.

Legat says that he saw Moore there a few times, even though his understanding then was that he had already been banned. “It started around 1979, I think,” Legat said. “I know the ban was still in place when I got there.” Legat recalled a Gadsden police officer named J. D. Thomas, now retired, who worked security at the mall. “J. D. was a fixture there, when I was working at the store,” Legat said. “He really looked after the kids there. He was a good guy. J. D. told me, ‘If you see Roy, let me know. He’s banned from the mall.’ ” Legat recalled Thomas telling him, “If you see Moore here, tell me. I’ll take care of him.’ ” Legat said that his boss, Eddie Hill, also told him to look for Moore. A phone call to Hill’s number was not returned.

You know what’s really creepy? Someone gets paid to write for that character! So what if you’re the Senate? How do you do some major damage control on this whole thing? I believe this is what we call a circular firing squad!

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new accuser said Monday that as a teenager in the 1970s she was sexually assaulted by Roy Moore in a locked car, further rocking the Alabama Republican's race for an open Senate seat. The allegation came on day when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Moore should quit the contest, and Moore fired back that it was McConnell who should step down.

Even before the news conference by Beverly Young Nelson, Moore's campaign released a statement saying that attorney Gloria Allred — who's representing Nelson — "is a sensationalist leading a witch hunt." It said Moore is innocent and "has never had any sexual misconduct with anyone."

In tears, Nelson said in New York that when she was 16, Moore offered her a ride home from the restaurant where she worked. She accused him of touching her breasts and locking the door to keep her inside his car. She said he squeezed her neck while trying to push her head toward his crotch and tried to pull her shirt off.

Yeah… it’s kind of like that! But guess what? He ain’t going anywhere, folks! Oh, this thing just got a whole lot messier especially with a new accuser coming down the pike. But the GOP just can’t see through that one of their own is a creepy fucking pervert! What does it take?

WASHINGTON — A fifth woman accused Roy S. Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, on Monday of making sexual or romantic advances toward her when she was a teenager, as senior Republicans in Washington called for him to drop out of the race and threatened to expel him from the Senate if he wins.

The new accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, told a news conference in New York that Mr. Moore attacked her when she was 16 and he was a prosecutor in Etowah County, Ala. Ms. Nelson was represented at the news conference by Gloria Allred, a lawyer who has championed victims of sexual harassment.

“I tried fighting him off, while yelling at him to stop, but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch,” Ms. Nelson said in a statement she issued at the news conference. She said Mr. Moore warned her that “no one will believe you” if she told anyone about the encounter in his car.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Jeff Sessions
[br] [/font]

So I was originally going to talk about Infowars in this entry but I don’t have to now! Yay! Thank you to our esteemed Attorney General and Kate McKinnon impersonator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, esquire. For you have saved me!! Why? Because Jeff Sessions lies so much, his lies have their own undertones – much like a fine wine, or that box of Omaha Steaks your clients gave you that’s been sitting in your freezer for the last two years. You’ve been meaning to cook them, damn it! So what’s Mr. I’m Too Southern lying about this week? Well…

Sessions: I don’t recall Russia reports, but I shot down Trump-Putin meeting.

Mr. Sessions denied that he lied in October when he testified that he knew of nobody in the Trump campaign who had contacts with Russians during the presidential campaign. “And I don’t believe it happened,” he said.

Court records later revealed that Mr. Sessions led a March 2016 meeting in which George Papadopoulos, a campaign aide, discussed his Russian ties and suggested setting up a meeting between Mr. Trump. and Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian president.

“I had no recollection of this meeting until I saw these news reports,” Mr. Sessions said.

Mr. Sessions testified Tuesday that was still hazy on the details about what Mr. Papadopoulos had proposed.

Well fucking duh! Of course he’s going to lie! That’s what compulsive liars like Sessions do! They lie so much their lies have their own character and body to them. How much does the shit stink, you might ask yourself? Well the answer good sir / madam is this:

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's repeated public comments attacking the Justice Department have not influenced the department or ongoing investigations, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday during a contentious House judiciary committee hearing.

Sessions said although his Justice Department will consider investigations into Hillary Clinton, he could not say whether he would recuse himself from the matter, contradicting his previous statements on the matter. He said there was not yet enough evidence of impropriety to merit assigning a new special counsel.

"You can have your idea but sometimes we have to study what the facts are and to evaluate whether it meets the standard that requires a special counsel," Sessions told Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. "'Looks like' is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel," the attorney general later added.

Dude, here’s an experiment for all you science loving Top 10 fans – take a Jeff Sessions lie, any lie, take one and let it ferment like a good home brew, or again, that box of Omaha Steaks that’s been sitting in your freezer for the last two years. I don’t even have a working grill, damn it! Well, just like that two year old box of Omaha Steaks, if you peel back the layers, you will find something very disgusting sitting underneath, like this:

We know President Trump during the campaign publicly encouraged the Russians to hack and release Hillary Clinton’s emails. We know he referenced the WikiLeaks email dump 145 times in the closing days of the campaign. We also know that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort met with Russians in June 2016 with the promise of “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, and we have learned that campaign adviser George Papadopoulos had extensive contacts with Russian officials that included discussion of “dirt” on Clinton. To say that there is no evidence of collusion, then, would be one more big lie in a series of big lies the administration has deployed to defend itself in the Russia investigation that threatens to sink this presidency. But in case all of that were not enough to constitute “collusion” (which is not a legal term), The Post reports:

Trump’s eldest son exchanged private messages with WikiLeaks during the presidential campaign at the same time the website was publishing hacked emails from Democratic officials, according to correspondence made public Monday. Donald Trump Jr. did not respond to many of the notes, which were sent using the direct message feature on Twitter. But he alerted senior advisers on his father’s campaign, including his brother-in-law, Jared Kushner, according to two people familiar with the exchanges.

In the messages, WikiLeaks urged Trump Jr. to promote its trove of hacked Democratic emails and suggested that President Trump challenge the election results if he did not win, among other ideas. They were first reported by the Atlantic and later posted by Trump Jr. on Twitter.

So you say there was no collusion, yet Trump’s own son colluded with Wikileaks and Lord Of The Trolls, Julian Assange! So we’ve removed the 2 year old steaks from their containers, now let’s peel off the wrapper and see what’s underneath that!! Speaking of Wikileaks!

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange went public Tuesday with his pitch to Donald Trump Jr., saying his election-year offer to be an ambassador to the U.S. as an advocate for whistleblowers is still on the table.

Trump Jr. has given his private Twitter correspondences with WikiLeaks over to lawmakers investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. Some of those correspondences leaked to the Atlantic on Monday, so Trump Jr. released them on Twitter.

WikiLeaks, which published emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta before last year’s election, pushed Trump Jr. in the private messages to tweet out links to their work and to check out some of the campaign dirt that they’d come across.

Trump Jr. did not respond to most of the messages from WikiLeaks, but the contact has only added to the scrutiny surrounding the Trump campaign and possible ties to Russia.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Donald Trump
[br] [/font]

You know is Donald Trump following us? Or maybe when I put together our World Tour schedule, I was a psychic! Just maybe a week off. We’re in China, he’s in China! We’re in the Philippines, he’s in the Philippines. And yes – he’s with his wannabe BFF, Rodrigo Duterte! You know back to Sean Hannity fans boycotting Keurigs. Here’s the craziest part of this whole thing – they seem to think that’s offensive! Yes, this is somehow offensive!


Nah. You're just an idiot who destroyed a $300 coffee maker. You know what's more offensive? This.

President Rodrigo Duterte crooned a hit Filipino love song at a dinner in Manila for leaders from across Asia, explaining later that it was “on the orders of Donald Trump”.

The US president and Duterte were among 19 leaders at a gala in the Philippines capital on Sunday before the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) summit. At one point Duterte took the microphone to sing Ikaw (You), in a duet with local pop diva Pilita Corrales.

One of the song’s verses, translated from Filipino, begins: “You are the light in my world, a half of this heart of mine.”

Yes - that's the mass murdering dictator of the Philippines rekindling his bromance with Trump by serenading him with the Filipino equivalent of "I Want To Know What Love Is". Now *THAT* is fucking offensive! Thank you! But there’s more to this trip than just the wrong and very disturbing bromance between Trump and Duterte.

Washington (CNN)Before their bilateral meeting in Manila on Monday, President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte posed for pictures. Reporters were late for what is known as the "pool spray" because, according to the pool report of the meeting, they were held up by security.
When they finally got into the room, reporters asked questions of the two leaders regarding Duterte's controversial human rights record and whether Trump would raise it with him. Here's what happened next:
Duterte: "We will be discussing matters that are of interest to both the Philippines and ... with you around, guys, you are the spies."
"Hah, hah, hah," Trump said laughing.

Yeah because mass murderers like Duterte will often joke about things that might be considered crimes against humanity to others. Kind of like when you’re playing the latest Mario game and Bowser has a good laugh over the destruction of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yeah never mind that thousands of innocents are dying, let’s all have a good gut laugh about it! I mean because if you can’t laugh at yourself you’re not much of a person, right?

MANILA — President Trump said on Monday that he had a “great relationship” with President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, making little mention of human rights at his first face-to-face meeting with an authoritarian leader accused of carrying out a campaign of extrajudicial killings in his nation’s war on drugs.

In a stark break from past practice by American presidents, who have pressed foreign leaders publicly and privately about allegations of human rights abuses, Mr. Trump instead pursued his own transactional style of diplomacy, dwelling mostly on areas of common ground during his meeting with Mr. Duterte. On the sideline of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit meeting, Mr. Trump focused on combating the Islamic State and illegal drugs as well as on trade issues, the White House said.

“Human rights briefly came up in the context of the Philippines’ fight against illegal drugs,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary.

I have a great relationship with the Philippines, OK! Unbelievable! Totally! The best! You know what can we show that tweet there?


Holy shit! Even his smile is psychotic! I mean how is that possible? That is the smile of a guy who looks like he gets joy from kicking puppies and taking candy from babies! Oh and by the way , way to bury the lead there from Trump spokesperson, and woman whose couch and clothing are most likely covered in cat hair, Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Because this shit is happening and Trump just stands there and smiles psychotically!

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has sanctioned a bloody drug war that features extrajudicial killing. He called Barack Obama a "son of a whore." This week, he boasted that he murdered a man with his own hands.

All that went unmentioned in public by President Donald Trump when the leaders held talks Monday in the Philippines.

Reporters saw the beginning of the leaders' bilateral meeting in during which Trump praised Duterte's hospitality, the organization of the summit he was hosting and even Manila's weather. Trump said nothing about human rights and both leaders ignored shouted questions about the violent drug crackdown. The two men also shared a laugh in the meeting when Duterte called reporters "spies."

Trump is like this:

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Donald Trump
[br] [/font]

So while Trump is on the second leg of his World Deplorable Tour 2017, let’s talk about some issues back home. Like remember the border wall? Did anyone else forget about that? You know how Trump promised that he was going to build a massive border wall – “It’s gonna be the greatest wall ever, OK? And Mexico is going to pay for it all!”. So how does one begin acquiring land for this job? Well, if you guessed illegally, you are correct!

Washington (CNN)Although approval for a new border wall has yet to come, the Trump administration has taken subtle steps to be able to seize land to build one, including by restarting litigation that has laid dormant for years against landowners, according to a new report from Senate Democrats.
Roughly two-thirds of the US-Mexico border runs through private or state-owned lands, meaning the federal government would need to purchase, seize or seek permission to use land in order to build a border wall. Based on efforts a decade ago to build border fencing, that process is likely to cost the government millions and could take years of complex litigation.
And it appears the administration is gearing up for it.
Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee produced a report on eminent domain and a border wall on Monday, citing the administration's lack of clarity about what would be required to build President Donald Trump's proposed wall.

Yeah I think everyone’s hopes are deleted at least for the time being. But you know the border wall was one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises. So he’s fulfilling one end of it illegally. How’s he fulfilling the other end?

Documents obtained by the Observer offer new insights into the Trump administration’s plans for a border wall in portions of the Rio Grande Valley. A map produced in May by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shows where the administration expects to build 33 miles of wall in 15 different segments, including portions that would tear through three wildlife areas. The documents also reveal a rating system the administration is using to rank the difficulty of building each segment, based on the topography and the legal difficulty of taking over the land.

“Nice RV park, many retirees live there permanently,” reads the entry for a nearly 2-mile segment that would cut off the Chimney Park RV Resort, the historic La Lomita Chapel and the Riverside Club, a popular hangout for winter Texans. “Western half of segment will impacts [sic] upward of 100 homeowners.” The Army Corps rates building the section as “most challenging.”

Yeah BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! He’s going to kill lots of innocent wildlife in the process! Now your average Trumplodyte will be bragging about how the wildlife deserved it, because, MAGA! So what kind of wall are they looking at building?

SAN DIEGO — The Department of Homeland Security unveiled several border wall prototypes here on Thursday that the agency said was the first step in carrying out President Trump’s plan to build a barrier along the nearly 2,000-mile border that the United States shares with Mexico.

Agency officials said they would test the mock-ups over the next few months to determine which worked best in curbing illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

“The prototypes are vitally important to the future of border security,” said Ronald D. Vitiello, the acting deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of the Border Patrol. Mr. Vitiello said the walls were central to the agency’s efforts to secure the border.

As Mr. Vitiello spoke alongside the prototypes, erected near existing fencing along the border in San Diego, a few Mexican police officers stood on the other side, watching. Before he spoke, Mr. Vitiello walked over and shook their hands.

Yeah that’s the kind of shit eating grin that makes people think you should belong on a list and kept 500 feet away from schools and Chuck E Cheeses! Chuck E Cheeses – the Florida of pizza chains! I kid, I kid! Anyway, I am getting off track here! Oh and guess what? You know what else is getting off track? The wall itself!

TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump’s wall is far from built but towering concrete and steel prototypes in San Diego are making Mexicans living just south of the border feel his campaign pledge has turned them into “pariahs.”

Eight samples as high as 30 feet (9 meters) were completed last week near the Otay Mesa border crossing, the first tangible sign of Trump’s vow to build a wall from California to Texas for some $21.6 billion.

Opposite San Diego, residents of the Mexican city of Tijuana, where homes, companies and parks abut a corrugated steel fence on the border, dread the prospect of work on a permanent wall.

“People are still going to cross out of necessity even though they view us as pariahs over there,” said student Paola Gomez, 21, standing outside her home as the noise of workers putting up the sections drifted across the border.

By the way I love the people who own one of my favorite party games - Cards Against Humanity. They've done all kinds of crazy shit like dig a giant hole, just because. But this week, in relation to Trump's insane border wall, the did this:

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Cards Against Humanity, the "party game for terrible people" based in Chicago, has purchased a plot of land on the Mexican border and retained an eminent domain law firm to block the construction of President Trump's border wall.

"Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans. He is so afraid that he wants to build a twenty-billion dollar wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing. So we've purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built," the company wrote on their website.

Cards Against Humanity purchased the land as part of their "Cards Against Humanity Saves America" holiday promotion. The holiday special costs $15 and features six "America-saving surprises" mailed to participants during the month of December.

The first gift features an illustrated map of the border land purchased, a certificate of the company's promise to fight the wall, and "other surprises."

Read more: http://abc7chicago.com/entertainment/cards-against-humanity-buys-land-on-mexican-border-to-block-trumps-wall/2648404/


Oh and by the way in case you’re wondering – no, Trump’s border wall will *NOT* keep heroin and other illegal drugs out of America!

THIRTY feet high, built of concrete and steel, eight prototypes for Donald Trump’s wall stand in the dusty ground near the Otay Mesa border crossing in San Diego. Later this month a private company will start testing the slabs to see how they withstand attempts to climb over or tunnel beneath them.

On October 26th, when Donald Trump declared America’s opioid crisis a public health emergency, he said that his signature infrastructure project was a big part of the solution. “An astonishing 90% of the heroin in America comes from south of the border, where we will be building a wall which will greatly help in this problem”, he said. “It will have a great impact.” He had previously suggested that the wall should be see-through to prevent injuries from smugglers launching 60-pound bags of drugs over it (two of the prototypes are transparent). Mr Trump has long argued that a border wall would reduce undocumented immigration including that of drug dealers. But the available evidence suggests that a wall would have no effect on heroin supplies and could even increase the number of undocumented workers in America.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Holy Shit
[br] [/font]

Yes, friends! Gather around, friends! Pass the collection plate, friends! Yay, in this most troubling of times, we turn to the holiest among us. But even then we realize that the holiest among us are full of well…

Yay, this week we focus our attention on our esteemed brother Roy Moore! Because you know he is among the holiest among us! And the Christian right seems to have turned politics into a contact sport because, well, he crazy. And most of his supporters are crazy. Like this fucking guy – Wayne Allen Root, who says this:

Right-wing radio host, commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump–obsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root delivered a furious rant in defense of Roy Moore on his radio program last week after reports surfaced that Moore had pursued sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s, demanding to know why the press never investigated reports that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had gay relationships.

“They’re scumbags,” Root said of Moore’s critics, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whom Root insisted is “evil” and “looks like he died 20 years ago.”

Root said that based on the photos he has seen of the women who have accused Moore of pursuing them when they were teenagers, “they were beautiful young girls and they could have passed for 20” and so even if Moore did “hit on a couple of them,” it is no big deal because “every time a see a video or picture of [Joe Biden], he’s got his hand inappropriately on a woman’s ass.”

Yes they beith ever so crazy! Because that’s what the LORD OUR GOD would have wanted! And of courseth, why not blameth all males or anyone who has a penis for that matter? Because that’s what JAYSUS would want!!!!

Religious Right radio host and American Family Association official Sandy Rios attempted today to downplay reports that Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore made romantic advances toward teenagers and molested a 14-year-old girl while in his 30s by implying that most men Moore’s age have things in their pasts that they are “ashamed of sexually.”

On her radio program this morning, Rios attempted to downplay and discredit accusations levied against Moore, questioning whether any of her male listeners did not have some shame over a past sexual act.

“Honestly, do you think there’s a person alive on the planet—certainly, I’ll limit it a little bit, I will say any man listening to my voice—that doesn’t have something in his past, in his box of secrets, that he’s ashamed of sexually?” Rios asked. “Especially, let’s just say, beginning in the ‘60s.”

Yeah so let’s just lump all men in with bizarre sex crimes. You know that’s the kind of logic or lack thereof that the fundies love. One does it, so all must do it! You know – fights breaketh out among thine parents at thine Chuck E Cheese, so all customers who take their kids to Chuck E Cheese are potential fight starters! I kiddeth, I kiddeth. But you know what? You got to standeth by thine man! Because that’s what THE LORD OUR GOD would want and he is up there in HEAVEN shining down the light on ALL!!!

Former Alabama chief justice Roy Moore’s run for the U.S. Senate is a dream come true for many Religious Right activists, and they aren’t letting allegations that Moore pursued sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s get in the way of their support for him.

While some conservative activists, such as the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, are hedging their bets by saying that the allegations against Moore would be disqualifying “if true,” others have blindly accepted Moore’s denials and are demonizing his accusers and the media, specifically The Washington Post, which first reported on the accusations.

Moore’s allies at Breitbart News have been all-hands-on-deck to run interference for their candidate and try to dig up dirt on his accusers. The conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group used a local Alabama TV station it owns to defend Moore.

But now beith some sanity. Or maybe not. Some Alabama republicans were quick to defend Brother Moore but then there were some that were sticking by thine groper:

A number of top Alabama Republicans were quick to defend Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) following allegations that he’d sought sexual relationships with multiple teenagers — and quick to attack Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for throwing Moore under the bus.

McConnell said Moore “must step aside” if the Washington Post’s story was true that Moore, then 32, initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl in 1979. It was a line echoed by most senators.

That infuriated a number of Republicans back in Alabama, many of whom defended Moore’s character and suggested the women were likely lying.

“I think it’s just a bunch of bull,” Perry Hooper Jr., President Trump’s Alabama state chairman, told TPM. “Mitch McConnell should know better to make a statement like he made unless he gets all the answers. We’re right in the political zone right now, the election’s December 12th. This is the same campaign issue the left ran against Donald Trump on, they’re doing the same thing against Roy Moore.”


But then finally in case you’re wondering if thine Christian right couldn’t be any crazier, I giveth you Liz Crokin, who sayeth this about child sex slaves and the illuminati. They are DEMONS!!!!!! Sanctioned by the LORD OUR GOD AND THE ALMIGHTY!!!!!! Hallelujah! Passeth thine collection plate!!!

Last week, right-wing “journalist” Liz Crokin alleged that the fact that Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta likes to wear red shoes is a sign that he is a pedophile because the Illuminati uses the movie “The Wizard of Oz” to brainwash child sex slaves.

Making a second appearance on a program hosted by one-time “Survivor” contestant Anna Khait that was streamed on Mike Cernovich’s Facebook page last Thursday, Crokin continued on her mission to expose the supposed fact that leading government, entertainment and business leaders are involved in a massive satanic pedophile cult by linking Podesta’s choice of shoes to Illuminati mind-control.

“Tony Podesta is obsessed with his red shoes,” Crokin said. “There is symbolism for red shoes in the occult and it’s also tied to satanic ritualistic abuse and the trafficking of children.”

“The Illuminati, the elites, they use ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to mind control child slaves,” she added. “They use certain films to program children and part of the programming is having them watch these films and they also sexually abuse them and they physically abuse them because the abuse splits their personality and creates different personalities, so then they are able to program them and control them and they virtually become MK-Ultra programming.”

Holy shit!!! You are actively defending pedophilia! So you can stop this foolishness, Liz! Because if you still defend Roy Moore, you are not the child of the LORD OUR GOD! Yay, mass has ended this week, may you go in peace! That’s it this week for:

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Sean Hannity
[br] [/font]

OK who wants a nice K-Cup of your favorite beverage? Come and get ‘em, audience! K-Cups for everybody! You get a K-Cup, you get a K-Cup, you get a K-Cup! And you get one! And you get one! And you get one! Everybody gets a K-Cup! Everybody gets a K-Cup!!!! Oh you stay here, Sean Hannity! Don’t let me think I’m letting you get away with this one! Yeah you know what I’m talking about - I’ve mentioned this twice already. But it bears a third mentioning.

Some conservatives are destroying their Keurig coffee machines in protest of the company pulling ads from Sean Hannity's show over his coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations levied at Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Keurig, Realtor.com, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature's Bounty all pulled their ads from the television show, in response to the Fox host urging viewers not to rush to judgment against Moore.

On social media, many used the hashtag #BoycottKeurig to slam the company for pulling its ads. Some posted videos of themselves smashing their Keurig machines and others vowed never to use the coffee maker again.

Yeah die, you motherfucking Keurig! Die!!!! Because MAGA!!!! You know you’re not really boycotting anything, Hannity fans. See Keurig already got your money. You really want to piss Keurig off take that $300 you would spend on one of their coffee makers and send a video of you lighting that $300 on fire directly! But guess what? It’s only temporary!

In a companywide memo obtained by the media, Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort apologized to employees for attracting national, negative attention to the coffeemaker by creating the appearance that the brand was "taking sides" by pulling its advertising from Sean Hannity's Fox News program.

The memo also placed the blame for the considerable backlash the brand has experienced since that decision on both Hannity and on the way it announced the move via social media.

Last week, Keurig made the not-unreasonable decision to stop advertising its products on "Hannity" after the host appeared to downplay allegations that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore had engaged in improper and illegal sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl.

On Saturday, the company announced the decision via a reply to an inquiry by Media Matters President Angelo Carusone, sent to the brand's official Twitter account.

Yeah take a page from Heath Ledger’s Joker – light your money on fire!!! So what did Sean Hannity say that pissed everybody off? You know, maybe don’t use the phrase “lynch mob”, guys!

NEWT GINGRICH: This guys never had a jury trial, he’s never been indicted, there’s never been a chance to measure up against his accusers. I’m not defending him but I’m just saying it’s amazing to me how rapidly the lynch mob can form.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You and I are in the same position. I, listen, I don’t know.

GINGRICH: I remember still, when you were a mere child I remember Clarence Thomas walking into that Senate hearing room and talking about a “modern day lynching”, and I remember how whipped up and how excited the liberals were and how they had this wonderful witness. And I watched all of them melt as Clarence Thomas just took them to pieces.

Seriously – this whole thing is a trainwreck! And here’s the thing Hannity fans – you’re not really boycotting shit! Keurig already has your money! They couldn’t really give a shit what they do with your machines!

Mix together a popular coffee maker, a conservative TV host and a politician accused of dating teenage girls, and the result is a potent brew of consumer anger.

The #BoycottKeurig hashtag started when coffee maker Keurig said it had pulled ads from "Hannity," the top-rated cable news show hosted by Fox News' Sean Hannity. The decision came after some consumers expressed concerns to the coffee company about host Sean Hannity's coverage of sexual misconduct allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama.

Brands carefully scrutinize where their ads appear, snubbing outlets that might reflect badly on their image. Yet conservative fans responded by expressing outrage with Keurig's decision, prompting the #BoycottKeurig hashtag and posting videos of themselves destroying their Keurig machines.

And then here’s the best part of this whole thing – the MAGA idiots destroying their Keurigs show that they’re actually part of a pro environmental movement! That’s right! By destroying something like the Keurig and boycotting the company, they’re saving the earth! And that’s something that the MAGA idiots hate!

In response to consumer complaints, Keurig wrote Saturday, “We worked with our media partner and Fox News to stop our ad from airing during The Sean Hannity Show,” in a tweet that has since been deleted. (Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort today clarified that “the decision to communicate our short-term media actions on Twitter was done outside of company protocols.”)

The ideological basis of the Keurig Smash Challenge is murky and filled with directionless energy, not unlike coffee. The protesting of Keurig is a small step removed from overtly supporting the reported actions of Moore. What’s more, destroying Keurig machines also clearly aligns these people with a global environmentalist movement. In 2015, the “Kill the K-Cup” campaign took hold among those concerned about the net waste of so many pods. A Canadian advocate encouraged people to publicly abandon the machines.

But Hannity and the Keurig CEO decided to makeup after the fiasco, but hey some MAGAholes got some likes on Twitter and they’re out $300. Can’t wait to see what the next advertising boycott brings! Smash your car, smash your house! You know you want to!

Don’t boycott coffee machine maker Keurig Green Mountain. So says conservative talk show host Sean Hannity, whose fans have been smashing their Keurig coffee makers and gleefully posting the videos on Twitter.

“I am a believer of freedom of speech,” Hannity said during his radio talk show Monday. “I’m not going to support a boycott of Keurig.”

That came after Keurig said it planned to stop airing ads during the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News—sparking videos of Hannity fans smashing their Keurig machines in protest. Keurig’s decision to pull advertising, which its CEO apologized Monday for announcing on Twitter, came after Hannity sparked controversy for defending Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore against allegations of sexual misconduct with minors. Moore has denied those allegations, but the controversy has sent Republican leaders scrambling for ways to block his election to the Senate.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]The Alt Right
[br] [/font]

So the Alt Right – they’re like your racist uncle’s brand of racists but with a cool, hip new attitude! I mean you know Trump has emboldened the racists. And it’s also enabled a new generation of racists who, unlike their racist uncles, are proud to wear their racism out in the open. Take for example Alt Right darling and Fox News Barbie doll (now comes with “Hillary For Prison” t-shirt and pre-programmed talking list of Trump conspiracy theories!), Tomi Lahren. Who this week attempted to troll “liberal snowflakes” and it backfired on her spectacularly:


I like that last one! So the Alt Right is of course batshit insane. And now let’s focus on another Alt Right darling and guy who thinks “The Man Show” isn’t manly enough, Mike Cernovich, who said this:

Mike Cernovich, a self-described “New Right” pundit infamous for his role in the “Pizzagate” conspiracy hoax, claimed that what he perceives as attacks on him and Infowars host Alex Jones from mainstream media outlets are actually attacks on every nuclear family in America.

On Jones’ program last week, Cernovich and Jones discussed the Senate testimony of a lawyer representing Twitter, who said that the platform had attempted to suppress perceived interference in the 2016 election by suppressing tweets that promoted Wikileaks releases with the hashtags “#DNCLeak” and “#PodestaEmails.” The duo interpreted the statement as validation of their longstanding warnings that conspiratorial globalist forces are using digital platforms to censor and silence their worldview.

“This is not an attack on you and me,” Cernovich told Jones. “We’re just puppets to the globalist pedophile masterminds. You and I, they’re attacking us because we’re public figures. Ultimately, this is an attack on every nuclear family in America. They’re trying to destroy the nuclear family. They’re trying to enslave people.”

No Mike, we’re just trying to destroy you, big difference! I mean really, do you protest way too much, or is it just you? Yeah it’s just you. By the way in case you wonder what it’s like to work with these insane lunatics, ask the employees at Tesla who this week said this:

Tesla Inc.’s production floor is a "hotbed for racist behavior," an African-American employee claimed in a lawsuit in which he alleged black workers at the electric carmaker suffer severe and pervasive harassment.

The employee says he’s one of more than 100 African-American Tesla workers affected and is seeking permission from a judge to sue on behalf of the group. He’s seeking unspecified general and punitive monetary damages as well as an order for Tesla to implement policies to prevent and correct harassment.

"Although Tesla stands out as a groundbreaking company at the forefront of the electric car revolution, its standard operating procedure at the Tesla factory is pre-Civil Rights era race discrimination," the employee said in the complaint, filed Monday in California’s Alameda County Superior Court.

And that’s in my home state damn it! These alt right lunatics are everywhere! Well, it should be no surprise given the fiasco that’s been happening at Google lately. And speaking of the Alt Right, their favorite news network of choice Breitbart are the big losers this week in their defense of Roy Moore. You know Breitbart – it’s like Fox News but with more use of the N word.

Monday afternoon, the three-level headline on the homepage conservative website Breitbart News said it all: “Alabama Woman Says Roy Moore Sexually Assaulted Her in 1971… ’I Thought He Was Going to Rape Me’… Gloria Allred: Trump Supporter Came to Me.”

The revelations of another accuser of Roy Moore, the Republican’s problematic Senate candidate in Alabama, threw a bucket of cold water on Breitbart and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon’s attempt to back Moore amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

In what it promoted as an “exclusive” blockbuster story less than 24 hours ago, Breitbart published a piece featuring an interview with the mother of one of the women who has accused Moore of initiating sexual contact with her when she was a teenager. The mother claimed reporters at the Washington Post convinced her daughter to go public.

“She did not go to them,” Nancy Wells told Breitbart of her daughter, Leigh Corfman, who accused Moore of attempting to initiate sexual contact with her when she was just 14. “They called her.”

And speaking of freaks over there in loser ville, there’s Oath Keepers founder and member of the Bryan Cranston impersonators’ club, Greg McInnes, who said this about last week’s elections in Virginia:

CRTV commentator Gavin McInnes, who also leads the bizarre, misogynistic “Proud Boys” fraternity, said that the historic election of several openly transgender people to state and local offices earlier this week can be blamed on men allowing women to vote.

On yesterday’s episode of “Get Off My Lawn,” McInnes was joined by Gateway Pundit’s White House reporter Lucian Wintrich, who joined him in attributing major Republican losses to Democrats campaigning on “identity politics” by putting forward diverse candidates. They went on to attribute the election of transgender people, including Virginia state assembly candidate Danica Roem, to women’s ability to vote.

“The liberals say, ‘Maybe we should give up on identity politics,’ but you look at all the Sikhs and black people and trans who won in this election and all these unprecedented cases. It had nothing to do with policy. It was all identity politics,” McInnes said.

By the way, anyone really surprised that a known gun nut and creepy looking old guy who very obviously applies a generous dose of Just For Men hair coloring to his hair every morning hosts a show called “Get Off My Lawn”?. I’m not! But have no fear, Alt Right! If you’re that afraid of a democratic takeover of the government after your incompetence, you can always move to Poland – they share their views with you!

The official celebration of Poland’s 99th independence day went innocuously, with the usual ceremonies in the capital. There was even a visit from the European Council’s internationalist president, who insisted to Politico that Saturday’s festivities would proceed “with a smile on our face and with joy in our hearts.”

But for blocks and blocks and blocks beyond the central towers of Warsaw, a much larger crowd swelled beneath a cloud of red smoke.

Tens of thousands of people had come from across Poland and beyond, and reporters documented their signs:

“Clean Blood,” as seen by Politico.

“White Europe” streaked across another banner, the Associated Press reported — as about 60,000 people chanted and marched through Warsaw in an annual gathering of Europe’s far-right movements, which have grown to dwarf the official version of Poland's independence day celebration.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]People Are Dumb
[br] [/font]

Oh you know what time it is? It’s time for this!

Of course you know by now, people are people, and people are dumb. It’s been a while since we have done this, but there’s a lot of stupid people in the news lately. And while not all of them support Roy Moore, a good majority of them do! So who is stupid this week? Let’s start with this story out of Germany.

A young man arrested by police in the German city of Darmstadt was found to be carrying a python in his trousers.

The 19-year-old was detained for drunken behaviour after a reported altercation with another man had led to complaints from local residents.

While searching him, officers noticed a "significant bulge in his trousers", a police statement said.

The man told the officers he had a snake in his pants, revealing a 35cm (about 14in) baby king python.


So there you have it folks – a literal trouser snake! I guess that gives new meaning to the phrase “Is that a snake in your pants or are you happy to see me?” Yes – that is a snake in your pants! Next up we go to Florida – because hey, why not? It’s Florida! So there’s a guy who is trying to get his apartment complex to recognize his emotional support squirrel.

Ryan Boylan and Brutis are inseparable pals.

Boylan tells Clearwater’s WFLA News Channel 8, “I can’t imagine not being around her.”

As for Brutis, she always has a shoulder to lean on.

Problem is, Brutis is a squirrel, and property managers at Boylan’s Clearwater Beach condo, who discovered his furry friend in April, say Brutis has got to go or Boylan will be evicted.

Emotional Support Squirrels – awesome band by the way! Next up – sex on planes! And why am I not surprised that it involves someone going to or coming from Florida?

A man and a woman flew into some trouble Sunday night after they were reportedly caught engaging in a sexual act on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Detroit.

The man, 28, and woman, 48, were not named, but both were issued citations, and the FBI is currently investigating the incident, according to Detoit's WDIV-TV.

The woman was caught giving the man oral sex while the two were in their seats, the station further reported.

Both the man and woman were traveling to Detroit to catch separate connecting flights: He was going on to Miami, and she to Nashville. The two were reportedly strangers before meeting on the plane, officials told WDIV.

Next up let’s go to Wisconsin – Florida’s drunk uncle, and what do you do if you’re accidentally locked in a freezer full of beer? Well. The answer is obvious! Yeah I know it’s dumb but I can guarantee I would do the same thing!

MARSHFIELD, Wis. (AP) — When a central Wisconsin man got locked inside a convenience store cooler overnight, he made the best of it, knocking back a beer and three more malt beverages.

USA Today Network-Wisconsin reports that police were called to a Kwik Trip in Marshfield Wednesday morning. A customer had noticed the 38-year-old man inside the cooler around 6 a.m., and when employees opened it, he fled.

When police found and arrested the man, he told them he went into the store to buy beer and got locked inside the cooler just before midnight Tuesday. He told them he figured he might just as well stay inside and drink.


Next up – we go back to Germany for this one. And really… is it a World War II era bomb or is it a giant pickle? This will be a mystery for the ages!

A German pensioner feared a monster courgette he found in his garden was an unexploded World War Two bomb and called the police.

The 5kg (11-pound) courgette had probably been thrown over a hedge into the 81 year old's garden, police said.

Luckily no evacuation was required in Bretten, a town near Karlsruhe in south-west Germany.

The 40cm (16-inch) vegetable - also called zucchini - "really did look like a bomb", police said.


And finally for People Are Dumb – let’s go to England. Look, if there’s one place in the entire world you don’t want to get naked, it’s a cemetery.

Man filmed naked in graveyard while on community service

The probation service has been accused of "appalling" failings after a man was filmed naked using a leaf blower while doing community service in a graveyard.

The man was also filmed wearing a priest's robes at a church he was supposed to be working at.

The Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company said a supervisor has since been sacked.

NAPO, the union for probation, said the company is "not fit for purpose".

Wait – the guy was wearing a priest’s robe before this? Way to... excuse the bad pun… bury the lead there, BBC! That’s it this week for:

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]World Tour Destination #22: Australia
[br] [/font]

Part of our mission statement here at the Top 10 Conservative Idiots is to show you that conservative idiocy isn’t just a problem with America. No, it’s a global problem that is stemming far and wide, and it’s not just America where conservative idiots ruin everything they touch. And if you’re thinking of moving out of the United States just because Donald J. Trump is our current president and our nation is turning to shit, you should know what it is you’re getting into should you decide that you want to leave the country. So if you want a recap of where we’ve been so far, in the last few weeks we’ve discovered that South Korea might go nuclear, China’s falling space station will most likely kill a whole bunch of us, and India’s got some major human rights violations. Man Asia’s not nearly as fun as Europe was. Here’s the tour schedule:

[font size="6"]Australia[/font]

G’Day mate!!!! We have made it to the land down under! And you know what? We have officially hit all six continents!!!! Whew!!!!! Yeah how awesome is this? We have made it! We are on the home stretch of the first leg of our World Tour, so I will celebrate with a giant 64 ounce can of Toohey’s Ale! Because they do love beer in Australia, and lots of it! So Australia. You might know them as the home of this guy:

But there’s more to Australia than that. It’s the home of one of the world’s original natural wonders – the Great Barrier Reef, which might be slowly disappearing if the world’s oil companies don’t get to it first. And it’s the home to another one of the world’s wonders – Ayers Rock. You know it as the giant rock that Tom Cruise nearly fell off of in Mission: Impossible 2. It’s also the home of a man made wonder – the Sydney Opera House. Australia’s also home to some very large and beautiful cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. It’s also the home of some very exotic wildlife which includes kangaroos, koalas, and tons of insects and other animals that could possibly kill you! So don’t wander too far into the woods, there, mates! There’s so much more I want to say about the Land Down Under, but in the interest of time we will move right along! So what else is Australia the home of? Well, you might have heard about a crazy election they are going to have that could legalize same sex marriage throughout the country!

Like many Australians, Melissa Chomel wants to marry the person she loves.
She's been looking at wedding dresses online for months, picked a wedding car, but can't decide between a church service or beach ceremony.
But there's no point in making firm plans yet, because she doesn't know if the government will allow her to marry.
You see, Melissa is in love with her girlfriend Ebony.
Since September, Australians have been voting in a divisive postal survey to decide whether or not same-sex couples should be allowed to wed.


And you know when something like this that’s this controversial gets mailed out to everybody in the country, people tend to fuck with it.

ARGUMENTS for and against same-sex marriage have very little impact on whether voters support it or not, a major report has found.

The finding presents a challenge to the rationale behind having a $122 million nationwide debate and postal survey on the issue.

Respondents were randomly assigned either the “plain” version of the question, “Do you approve or not approve of same-sex couples being allowed to marry?” or a version summarising the “equality” and ”religious freedom” arguments for and against.

But the different wording had “no discernible impact on attitudes”, the United States Studies Centre concluded, with “both arguments seem[ing] to carry equal force, cancelling each other out.”

Researchers also found Australians were far more accepting of same-sex marriage than their American counterparts, with 60 per cent of Aussies supporting it compared to just 48 per cent of people in the US.

Would it be surprising at all to learn that Australia’s rural conservatives really are no different from rural American conservatives? Well, they’re not! They are definitely cut from the same cloth, especially on this marriage debate!

Liberal backbencher Ian Goodenough has revealed he is among “probably more than a dozen” members working on the alternative bill.

Conservatives have voiced concerns that the pre-existing bill drafted by moderate Liberals, sponsored by Dean Smith, does not include adequate protections for groups that may continue to oppose same-sex marriage on religious grounds after the law is changed.

“I believe that the bill is focused on the wedding ceremony itself, but it doesn't go further than that,” Mr Goodenough told ABC Radio on Thursday.

The Smith bill would allow churches to refuse to marry homosexual couples.

But Mr Goodenough said there were not enough protections for schools, parents and religious charities, which he said could risk violating anti-discrimination laws for voicing opposition to same-sex marriage unless there are specific exemptions in the new law.


That’s right! Australia’s rural conservatives want to use their freedom of expression against them to be able to discriminate against same gender couples the same way American rural conservatives want to! I mean really, Australia. You should know from watching us that that’s bad! And you know what? I am going to switch subjects here, Australia’s also as in denial about climate change as we are!

Australia has less than three years to form a coherent, long-term plan to tackle climate change or the effects could be disastrous, a leading expert says.

Internationally renowned climate scientist Will Steffen says it will be impossible to limit the damage caused by rising temperatures and sea levels if Australia fails to act by 2020.

"It would be virtually impossible to cap at (a rise in) 2C degrees... we estimate that could mean somewhere around 15 metres in terms of rising sea levels," Professor Steffen told reporters on Thursday.

But there is some good news and I’m actually glad I’m doing Australia this week because… something very awesome happened!

That’s where we’ll leave today’s rolling coverage of the historic same sex marriage survey.

It was a controversial, expensive, and often traumatic exercise which in the end confirmed Australians supported marriage equality in numbers similar to those found by repeated polling.

But it won. 61.6% of people who took part in the non-binding postal survey said Yes. The No campaign got 38.4% - lower than the 40% that former prime, Tony Abbott said would deliver a “moral victory”.

No campaign leader, Lyle Shelton, blamed the media and the “relentlessness” of the Yes campaigners.

Oh and by the way if you visit Australia, don’t make the “dingo ate your baby” joke. One thing – it’s horribly offensive! And two – it’s been done. Seriously, if you’re going to insult, at least find some original material!

Paris Jackson's first trip Down Under got off to an uneasy start following her controversial appearance at Tuesday's Melbourne Cup.

But it appears the 19-year-old has been enjoying her recent days in Australia.

On Thursday, Paris took to Instagram to share pictures of herself patting a dingo - before adding the caption 'A dingo ate my baby'.

Perhaps unaware of the chilling origins of the phrase, 'a dingo ate my baby' was first screamed by Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton after her daughter, Azaria, was abducted from an Uluru campsite in 1980.

Yeah so that happened. I take it Ms. Jackson (Oooooooooh!) doesn’t really get out much. But if you’re thinking of moving to Australia, you should at least be aware of what you’re getting into should you decide to leave the US!

GENEVA (Reuters) - Australia should stop rejecting refugees and change its migration laws to come into line with international standards, the U.N. Human Rights Committee said in a report on Thursday.

The committee, which comprises 18 independent experts and monitors countries' compliance with a global human rights treaty, said Australia should come back in a year to explain what action it had taken to meet its concerns.

Australia has been widely criticized by the United Nations and rights groups for detaining asylum seekers who try to reach its shores by boat, even if they are found to be refugees, and keeping them on offshore processing centers in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

[font size="6"]The Verdict & Scorecard[/font]

Australia is a great place to visit. It’s also a great place to live. But if you’re thinking of moving here, you should know that their rural conservatives don’t take too kindly to outsiders. Just stay in the cities and you’ll be good!

Tourism: A
Culture: B+
Political Spectrum: C
Liberal Appeal: B

Overall: B+

[font size="6"]Next Week[/font]

Uh oh, we’re headed to the Middle East next. And our next country will be a particularly fun one to watch because we’re going to Saudi Arabia! And I hear they don’t have much of a sense of humor in that country.

[font size="8"]And Now This:[/font]
[font size="8”]King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard[/font]

Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest is one of Australia’s premier psychedelic experimental rock bands. One of their latest albums is called “Flying Microtonal Banana”. Playing their song called “Rattlesnake”, please welcome King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard!

See you next week! If we still live through this week that is!


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Initech Productions: Yes, We Got The Memo

Mark Taylor: Illuminati-Controlled Hurricanes Hit Texas And Florida To Punish Trump Voters

Yesterday, self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor made another appearance on Sheila Zilinsky’s podcast, where he claimed that the Illuminati sent hurricanes to strike Texas and Florida earlier this year as punishment against those who voted for Donald Trump in “retaliation for backing out of the Paris Climate Accord.”

“These things did not come from God,” Taylor said. “People want to know where is this coming from. Well, I have the answer for you, it’s called the Illuminati, New World Order, Deep State, whatever you want to call it because they’re all part of the same team. The Lord showed me—and I know this is going to be a conspiracy theory but it’ll come out, the truth will come out one day to back this up—but the Lord showed me, Sheila, these two weather incidents with Harvey and Irma, they were manipulated and steered by man, literally.”

“The Lord said, ‘What two states did they hit? Florida and Texas. You think it’s a coincidence that both of these states were the largest electoral votes for Trump?'” Taylor continued. “So the Lord was giving me signs to prove that these were, in fact, manipulated and steered by man.”

Taylor went on to assert that the Illuminati targeted the U.S. with these hurricanes because Trump had “delegitimized climate control” by withdrawing from the Paris Accord, which he asserted was really just a “slush fund to fund the New World Order.”

“This is the largest spiritual battle since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,” he added.

Vanity Fair: Has The Far Right Reached A Point Of No Return?

You’d think Bill Clinton was still president, lying about his personal life, and that impeachment was imminent, given how the controversy over Alabama’s Roy Moore has been covered by the far-from-monolithic right-leaning media. Moore may have a firewall to protect him, given his popularity, but the quivering among establishment Republicans is obviously revealing of fissures within the party.

Will Sommer, an editor at The Hill who cranks out a weekly newsletter surveying conservative media, notes how, “Fox and most of the rest of conservative media have been as sparing in coverage of this as they can reasonably get away with, and repeating decades-old Bill Clinton allegations along the way.”

“It’s the same playbook we saw perfected after the Access Hollywood tape came out—avoid talking about it as much and as long as possible, until there’s a defensible narrative that can be rallied around. With Access Hollywood, it was ‘locker room talk’; with the Moore allegations, it’s claims that the allegations are ‘he said-she said’ or that the [Washington] Post can’t be trusted. And, just as the Access Hollywood tape fallout inspired Steve Bannon to bring back Bill Clinton’s accusers, conservative media is doing the same this time around.”

He notes the vivid outlier of Breitbart News, which is far more activist than other media on the right. It broke news (obviously fed by the Moore camp) that the Post was about to publish the Moore story, and last week sent reporters to Alabama to discredit the accusations. This is largely because Bannon has real skin in the game. If Moore goes down, it hurts Bannon’s essential case against a moth-eaten GOP hierarchy that he sees embodied by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

They stooped to a new low of defending child molesters. I'd say that's a yes.

Cards Against Humanity buys land on Mexican border to block Trump's wall

Source: ABC News

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Cards Against Humanity, the "party game for terrible people" based in Chicago, has purchased a plot of land on the Mexican border and retained an eminent domain law firm to block the construction of President Trump's border wall.

"Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans. He is so afraid that he wants to build a twenty-billion dollar wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing. So we've purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built," the company wrote on their website.

Cards Against Humanity purchased the land as part of their "Cards Against Humanity Saves America" holiday promotion. The holiday special costs $15 and features six "America-saving surprises" mailed to participants during the month of December.

The first gift features an illustrated map of the border land purchased, a certificate of the company's promise to fight the wall, and "other surprises."

Read more: http://abc7chicago.com/entertainment/cards-against-humanity-buys-land-on-mexican-border-to-block-trumps-wall/2648404/

BTW - check out their FAQ on the official website - it's hilarious!

Bryan Fischer: We Must Withhold Judgment About Roy Moore Because The Biblical Standard Of Proof Ha

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer has been a vocal supporter of Roy Moore in his campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate from Alabama, declaring that Moore’s race is “a referendum on the Constitution” and that “we as Christians and as social conservatives must unapologetically defend Moore whenever and wherever we can.” In the wake of reports that Moore pursued sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s, Fischer doubled down on his defense of Moore and lashed out against Republicans who have withdrawn their support and urged More to drop out of the race.

Fischer was on the air yesterday when another accuser came forward, recounting an incident in which Moore allegedly sexually assaulted her when she was 16. While Fischer had not seen the press conference, the American Family Association’s president, Tim Wildmon, did watch it and he appeared on Fischer’s show to rather somberly report that this latest accuser seemed credible and her claims about Moore were “very believable.”

In the wake of that news, Fischer’s defense of Moore changed and he started insisting that nobody can condemn Moore because the biblical standard of proof had not been met and so everyone “must withhold judgement” regarding the multiple allegations against him.

Hmm... him getting banned for life from a mall for trying to pick up high school girls wasn't enough proof for you, Bryan?

Alex Jones: Texas Church Massacre Was Staged

Alex Jones, the tinfoil-hat creator of the conspiracy outlet Infowars, claimed there was “no doubt” that the mass shooting at a Texas church that killed 26 people last weekend was “staged.”

Jones was joined by Shepard Ambellas, editor-in-chief of the conspiracy theory site Intellihub, on air today to further Infowars’ dissection of the Texas church shooting, which has so far included theories that news media gave the shooter “permission” to kill, that the far-left group Antifa was responsible, and that the shooter was under “mind control” from the “deep state.” Jones expanded on his prior theories to claim that the shooting was staged by forces who want to embarrass the president.

“There’s a civil war going on the embarrass Trump. I mean, no doubt this is staged,” Jones said. “And the media is going to spin it and say I said it didn’t happen. That’s not what I said. They let him out of that mental institution when he was planning to kill his command chain. They let him go. They knew.”

Ambellas agreed and told Jones, “They let it all fall through the cracks and then they use it to their advantages.”

And the Sandy Hooking of this tragedy has begun, although they are much faster than normal. Fuck Infowars. Seriously.

Trump Has Tweeted About Hillary More Than 70 Times Since He Won The Election

He just can’t quit her.

It’s been 365 days since Donald Trump won the presidency and Crooked Hillary is still one of his favorite Twitter targets. To be fair, Trump did give former opponent Hillary Clinton a break for a few weeks after November 8, 2016—perhaps he too was in mourning?—but that doesn’t mean he gave up picking on her. To see just how much the president is not over the election, we’ve gathered the 70-plus times he’s trolled Clinton, at least by name (or nickname), since beating her a year ago.

Check them out here:

Bill Maher is right! The GOP really are the democrats' crazy ex girlfriend!
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