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Member since: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 07:06 PM
Number of posts: 517

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SNL Appears to be Blocked Out of Our Local NBC Channel. Weird

The local news ended, with the announcement that SNL would follow, then the screen went black. An infomercial came on briefly after a few minutes. Now the screen is blank, with a message "No Signal." Brief 2 to 3 second snippets come on occasionally, but then it goes blank again.

I've never seen this happen before. Is anyone else experiencing problems viewing SNL right now?

Never Mind - It finally came on. It's a repeat, but that's what I expected.

Rachel Maddow Just Announced

That she will be interviewing Pete Buttigieg on Monday's show. I can hardly wait!

It's Unfair to Judge Elizabeth Warren's Potential Based Solely on Fund Raising

Although she's not my first choice, I have great respect for her insights into our economic system, and some of her solutions. I believe it's ill-advised to dismiss her this early in the primary process. It appears to me that she was originally more focused on her message than on fund raising, but she has plenty of time to catch up financially. In my perception, we need to remain open to her message, and to give her the support she deserves. -- Just one old guy's opinion.

Pete Buttigieg Makes First Financial Report

The Buttigieg campaign just reported that they have collected over $7 Million as of March 31st.

They will provide a breakdown of that amount later today. Considering where Pete started as an unknown, this is impressive. Not as much as some others, but not too shabby, either.

My words, not the campaign's.


I'm Old, on Social Security, and Just Finished Doing My Taxes

As a Social Security recipient for more than 10 years, I have consistently had the same withholding amount, and I have always received a Federal Tax refund of approximately $1,000. This year, however, under the "wonderful" new Trump/Republcan tax "reform" act, my taxes increased by $780, and my refund dropped to $220. My brother says I "got Trumped." A euphemism for "got screwed."

I don't know if my tax filing experience, and the intense decrease in my refund, is typical, but even if only half of us older people are going through this taxation BS, I can confidently predict that a hell of a lot of old people will definitely NOT vote Republican in 2020.

We Witnessed Real Magic This Afternoon!

Trump turned himself from a person into a urinal - good for nothing but to be pissed on. I guess the most salacious parts of that dossier were accurate all along.

Simple Question, Mr Trump - How many "fine people" on the Nazi, White Supremacist side were killed

or hospitalized? If both sides are "equivalent," what is your FACTUAL evidence of the violence of the anti-protestors? You and your mindless positions are worthless and disgusting.

Just a Prediction on Trump's Response to Alt-Right Violence in Virginia

He's about to speak. I would bet he will try to equalize the violence. He won't mention the obvious elements of racism and hatred. He'll do the "all violence is bad" thing. He will have no idea that he is partially responsible for this, and will dismiss any inference that anything he has ever said to encourage violence has helped to motivate this disgusting situation.

Interesting White House news conference!

ICE official is talking about apprehending criminal aliens, but has made no mention of Russian gang members, or Russian criminals. Is there any effort to find and deport them? Seriously!

Hey, Sessions - Do you realize how stupid and illogical it is

to claim that you cannot recall your conversations with the Russians, and that you did not collude with them? If you don't know what you said, how do know that you didn't collude? You make absolutely no sense. Resign. Your dignity has been lost.
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