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Member since: Wed Dec 20, 2017, 10:44 PM
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Frank Zappa

On the 25th anniversary of FZ's passing, I thought I would share this audience shot footage from his final tour.

A Beatles medley with the lyrics rewritten around Jimmy Swaggart's then-recent bust for bein' all SINFUL!


Mueller Begins Writing Final Report - Requests Trump Tower Call & Visitor Logs With Roger Stone

Source: Hill Reporter

While everyone expected a quiet period in the Russia probe leading up to the midterm elections this week, no one besides the Mueller team themselves know for sure how long the quiet will actually last. With political pundits on both sides of the aisle expecting additional charges and indictments coming from the Special Counsel, it now appears as if Robert Mueller and his team are beginning to reach key conclusions in their 18-month-long investigation.

According to multiple sources speaking to CNN on the condition of anonymity, Robert Mueller and his team have begun writing their final report and have also requested specific information from the Trump legal team.

Read more: https://hillreporter.com/mueller-begins-writing-final-report-requests-trump-tower-call-visitor-logs-with-roger-stone-13553

Well, a moron won for governor in Oklahoma....

But Kendra Horn flipped the seat, and the WAVE IS HERE. Yeah, we didn't get Florida, but you know what? WE GOT THE HOUSE!

Just voted in Oklahoma

There were more people in line and more votes cast just in five hours of open polls than were cast TOTAL in 2016.

Let's show these fuckers.

Giants v.s Cowboys! Fuck Jerry Jones!


Petroglyphs in Death Valley

I go hiking in Death Valley twice a year, mainly to look for petroglyphs, blinds, old village sites etc.

Here are some from last March.






Trump's company approved $420,000 in payments to Cohen, relying on 'sham' invoices, prosecutors say

Source: MSN

President Trump’s real estate company authorized paying $420,000 to lawyer Michael Cohen in his effort to silence women during the presidential campaign and then relied on “sham” invoices from Cohen that concealed the nature of the payments, according to legal filings released Tuesday.

The payments began flowing in February 2017, soon after Trump took office, when Cohen approached Trump Organization executives seeking to be reimbursed for “election-related” expenses, prosecutors said.

That included a $130,000 payment Cohen had made to adult-film star Stormy Daniels so she would remain silent about an alleged affair with Trump, according to the court documents.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-s-company-approved-420-000-in-payments-to-cohen-relying-on-sham-invoices-prosecutors-say/ar-BBMgHFY?ocid=ob-tw-enus-1531946787702
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