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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 524

About Me

Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Limited government, my ass. The GOP represents Authoritarian Big Fascist government.

Is the GOP's effort to overturn Roe v Wade limited government? Hell no.

It is intrusive authoritarianism invading a woman's body.

Fellow Democrats, it is time to call out the great GOP lie that Repubs stand for freedom and limited government.

They stand for AUTHORITARIAN, FREEDOM-ROBBING government.

I'd like to see our party run ads during Sunday NFL games that expose GOP authoritarian policies. Youtube, IG etc..

We need to open this country's eyes.

Playing nice gets us the Mcauliffe treatment. In other words, we lose elections.

Name the last Democrat..

during campaign season..

To call out their GOP opponent for wanting to ban birth control pills, choice, and almost all family planning?

Ever heard a Democrat call out a GOP election opponent for wanting to ban the Pill? I never have.

Why is that?

Why do Democrats never call out the freedom-robbing Authoritarian policies of their GOP opponents?

Low voter turn out is a Dem Party killer. It causes us more electoral loss than anything else.

Rally our voters by jolting them. Nothing else works.

Call out GOP fascist authoritarian extremism..

Banning birth control and choice.

Denial of science by those who flunked out of science class.

Rejection of science from vaccines, global warming, evolution. Again, by people who flunked out of basic science in high school.

Call out the GOP's rejection to a living wage and their war on workers rights.

Call out the GOPs war to kill the 40 hour work week and overtime protections.

Call out your GOP opponents protection of big pharma profits over peoples lives.

People hate big pharma. The fruit is ripe for the picking.

Grow a fucking pair, Democrats. Ovaries or balls. Grow a god damn spine.

Rally your troops by calling out the authoritarian vibes sent out by your GOP opponent or get ready for a sad Nov 22 with Democrats giving concession speeches.

We still control our future.

Should health insurance companies be encouraged to cancel policies for vaccine refusers?

I'm tired of the narrative from vaccine refusers..

"The vaccine is a personal, private choice."

This is NOT a private pandemic. It is a PUBLIC pandemic.

Thus, Covid vaccines are NOT a private, personal choice.

(Doctor ordered vaccine exemptions for health reasons are exempt, of course.)

I do not want unvaxxed people in my health plan and have reached out to my health insurer for feedback on their plans to deal with vaccine refusers.

I'm still waiting to hear from my health insurer. They are considering these drastic but necessary measures.

Call your health insurer.

I'd love to see President Joe go on TV, Youtube, other social media and say..

while looking directly into the camera..

Donald Trump, you are the worst sore loser in the history of human democracy.

Donald Trump, YOU are an embarrassment.

Donald Trump, history books will destroy you for your lying war on democracy. Your lies about the 2020 election and your lying claims of voter fraud will echo in eternity in our history books.

Fellow progressives, let's always commit to teaching current and future generations about Trump's Fascist war of evil against our democracy.

Fight with that message or we may lose our right to vote by GOP anti-voting bills and Trumpsters.

for a bonus,
Id love to see Joe challenge Trump to fully concede, admit losing the election, and calling on his supporters to accept his defeat. AND, for Trump to admit there was no voter fraud, to his supporters(and the nation).

Should the federal govt offer a $1,000 payment to encourage vaccination?

In my opinion, yes govt should.

Currently, about 50% of adults in the USA are vaccinated. A far cry from the 70-80% that public health experts believe will turn the tide against covid and help get our lives back to some semblance of normal. Whatever normal is.

IMO im not sure if we'll ever return to normal but vaccines will help.

I'm just going to throw out some numbers.

I'm guessing that as many as half of vaccine hesitant people would get fully vaccinated if they had this cash incentive of $1000 for getting fully vaccinated.

Do you think that is a reasonable estimate?

Should President Biden pursue this?

It could be a game changer.

If these estimates are close to being right, this could possibly get our country near the 75% target of our citizens being vaccinated.

Fans in the stands will spread Covid Delta everywhere. (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and minor leagues)

As fall approaches and NFL, NBA, NHL seasons start up again, I fear that delta will be a full-blown pandemic. It already appears that way as it is spreading like wildfire.

Large crowds all packed together like sardines will spread this highly virulent contagion known as the covid delta variant.

The delta variant appears to be far more contagious.

Should Democrats call on sports commissioners to suspend fans in the stands until we get a societal grip on delta?


It will save untold lives.

The good news..
Those who are vaccinated can sometimes test positive for covid delta but they appear to be much stronger at fighting it and often have little or no symptoms.

The vaccine works!

If it were up to me, I'd like to see Democrats run ads calling anti-vaxxers IDIOTS!

Yes, call them IDIOTS on TV and web ads.

But that's just me..

The GOP is trying to ban the Pill, choice, rubbers, IUD's, other forms of contraception....

Expose them in your political ads.

Do we realize that most people view GOP/RW/Conservative attacks on contraception as too extreme and they tend to vote for choice?

Attack the GOP on the fact that they want to ban the PILL AND BIRTH CONTROL.

Wake up Democrats.

Rethuglikon deregulation brought that building down.

159 are still missing.

This is 100% due to deregulation and lax building enforcemennt.

Global warming denialists are the same as flat earthers/moon landing denialists.

8th grade science flunk-outs and that's the latest science education for these folks.

Elected Democrats, start calling out the science denialist RethugliKlans as the science flunk-outs that they are.

Mock them.

FDR Fucking Dunking on Republicans..

The Pro Act = Employee Free Choice Act 2.0

Once again, Progress Joe shocks me into line.

But, I've stopped questioning Joe Biden quite quickly. He isn't some Johnny come quickly.

He's molded his career from a lifetime of public servitude.

Our president has built a political career from learning every aspect and nuance of the US Senate. He knows what can pass the senate into law and which bills will whither and die.

Biden is a true progressive in his heart. I've seen too much good from Joe to think anything else. He is the most progressive political leader that I've seen in my lifetime. FDR-like.

Fight for Joe. We'll all benefit.

Let's act like 2022 is a fight for our lives because it is.

Let's elect a congress worthy of Joe because it will benefit all of us.

Biden has a progressive heart of gold and his policies show that.


Fight for Joe. Fight for progress.

No more whimpering.
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