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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 03:22 PM
Number of posts: 3,181

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A message for Biden opponents

Don't come here trying to disrupt or instill fear in us by parroting or promoting right-wing talking points about our nominee. Either you are with Biden or with Trump, and by repeating right-wing crap, you know very well where you are standing!

Whoever wants to weaken our nominee, Joe Biden, is pro-Trump.

It is that simple at this point. He needs the support of Democrats now that he will clearly be the nominee. Any calls to oppose him or to attack at this point can be interpreted as shows of support for Donald Trump, and should be forcefully rejected by all Democrats.

Joe Biden/Susan Rice

What you guys think?

Frankly, I won't watch Sunday's debate.

We have our nominee already. There is nothing to see there.

Dude's toast, but his ego is still very healthy.

You can't stay home in November, regardless of who our nominee is.

Why? Two words for you: STEPHEN MILLER.We have a fucking Neo-Nazi ideologue shaping government policy and you are going to stay home because your candidate won't be on the ballot?


I voluntarily deleted a post deemed divisive by non-Biden supporters.

I apologize for any grief caused to anybody. My disgust with Nina Turner, Cenk Uygur and other surrogates is real, but it is definitely NOT extended to any DUers.

Biden and Bernie should meet soon

Bernie could get an assurance from Biden that certain aspects of his vision will be part of Biden's agenda and that the VP will be a progressive. In turn, Bernie could drop and endorse Joe.

Why not?

The new smear from the right is that Biden is senile.

I am hearing the Fox News guys and the CEC pushing it hard. We need to be ready for this- it is the only thing they have and they are goin to run with it.

Has Warren spoken tonight? What about Bloomberg?

I really would like to know what their plans are given that they have no path to the nomination.
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