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Member since: Fri Aug 31, 2012, 01:52 AM
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Why I cannot support Hillary Clinton

I work a backbreaking job for $11.66 an hour, and it's hard to get 40 hours at my job. My rent is $700 a month at a supposed "affordable living" apartment. I can't get a better job, because I lack any professional skills. I can't afford to send myself back to school to gain any skills. My situation is similar to many of my neighbors. We struggle every day of our lives just to pay the rent and eat.

A couple years ago someone close to me developed Cancer. She would cry because she couldn't afford the medical treatment she needed. The insurance companies would hang up on her after giving her the total run around. It was heartbreaking to watch. I helped to take care of her until we spread her ashes last June. We'll also never know if she would have benefited from medical marijuana.

My own mother was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She lives in a lot of pain and there is no cure for RA. She needs to see a doctor almost weekly. She keeps getting worse. In the last year she had emergency surgery for a septic shoulder. She's gotten a secondary diagnosis of osteoporosis and broke two of her toes earlier this month. She can't afford a car and walks three blocks to the bus stop to get to work.

If I start ruffling some feathers here or seem like I take the primaries too personally, it's because for me they are personal. I would LOVE to have a woman president, but I NEED Bernie Sanders. I need a living wage, an opportunity to go to college, real affordable living, and a single payer option. Not to mention that we all need someone very committed to rolling back the effects of global warming or there may not be a country to preside over within my lifetime.

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