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Gender: Male
Member since: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 02:42 PM
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Think about it, Kavanaugh's history of assault works for the Republicans...

A sexual predator is the ideal candidate for the Republicans to choose to rule on a woman's right to autonomy over her own body.

Think about it, Kavanaugh's history of assault works for the Republicans

A sexual predator is the ideal candidate for the Republicans to choose to rule on a woman's right to autonomy over her own body.

Going to the mall to buy a Nike T-Shirt

Going to wear it everywhere just to piss right wingers off.

Pardoning Cohen won't help Trump

Cohen has stated, under oath, that he violated campaign laws "in coordination with, and at the direction of" the candidate. So now he is on record, under oath stating that Trump is guilty of conspiring to violate the law, and can be called to testify. Any testimony he gives has to be consistent with that statement, or a whole new criminal proceeding can be started for perjury (a new crime on top of what is now a criminal history).

This is better than cooperation in some ways because he is now on record as a witness, not as an informant.

Edit: Don't forget Cohen had an office in Trump Tower and worked almost exclusively for him - it will be hard for Trump to distance himself from Cohen.

"In coordination with, and at the direction of the Candidate"


Is gun control a basic tenet of Democratic ideals?

I guess the most surprising thing to me when joining this site was the number of members who come out against any gun control beyond mere background checks. I had always thought gun control was a basic belief of any liberalism. I always thought liberals conditioned the 2nd Amendment on it's whole language, i.e., tied to a "well regulated militia," something we don't need because we have standing armed forces.

Are the posters on here who follow NRA reasoning real liberals? I see the same people come out to argue against gun control, but I don't see them posting on other topics. Are there people who are against the assault weapons ban (or argue it is not feasible) ever people who do not own a weapon that could fall under such a ban?

Personally I think gun control should be just a strong plank in the Party's platform as freedom of choice and worker's rights. Do most agree?

Something about Giuliani

that I haven't heard much about, is his connections with prosecutors and the FBI in the Southern District of New York. Giuliani knew Comey was going to issue the letter reopening the Clinton investigation before anyone else. The leak was out of the New York FBI office.

The raid of Cohen's office was not carried out by Mueller, but rather by the DOJ's SDNY office. That investigation is not limited to a Special Prosecutor's mandate. That investigation can go wherever the evidence leads. I think Trump might be more frightened of that investigation than Mueller's since it may uncover years of illegal activity. Trump needs influence and an inroad to that prosecutor's office and that may be why they will tolerate Giuliani's antics.

So now we have had another attack with an assault weapon...

How long before we start seeing the posters on here that only appear when it is time to defend assault weapons and make crazy claims like target practice with an AR15 is a legitimate "sport"? The gunsplainers who post on nothing else? The Second Amendment enthusiasts who spew NRA talking points?

Don't let these trolls convince you the banning of these weapons can't be done. The banning of these weapons should be considered a core value of the party.

Being Trump's Attorney...

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