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Maddow's show is covering that the Dems sued the W.H. for the Watergate burglary....

And how everyone thought it was a political stunt, David Brinkley was smirking on tv about it, etc. The Repubs called it a "scurrilous pack of lies."

Little did they know.

I didn't know the Dems sued the W.H. over that. So....looks like the Dems are repeating that, which had been a success in the past.

Very interesting. Wow....she and her staff are so up on all that's going on and on history. Good show tonight.

So...Trump IS, basically, Cohen's only "client."

If what Hannity said is true (and that's a big IF), then all he did was call him a few times and ask his opinion on some things, and he never paid for it.

That leaves only Trump as the client...except for that GOP guy who he handled a payoff of someone for. I suspect that's a stretch, and it was a favor on behalf of Trump.

If Trump is the only real client, then that adds to the fed's case that Cohen isn't really a practicing attorney.

They would look for invoices to Trump, descriptions of "work" performed, lists of expenses. The normal things a lawyer sends to his client. I bet there aren't such normal things.

What I want to know is...are the Russians dressing Cohen?

Here's Cohen, showing up for Federal Court on one of the most important days of his life.


Update: Yes, this is from Friday. One of the most important days of his life, going to Court after a search and seizure of home & office by the FBI for criminal related documents.

Jan 2017: Here's Michael Cohen & Hannity discussing his role

Here's Michael Cohen & Hannity discussing Cohen's role, after Trump takes office.

Cohen's statements (just a few statements) are at 1:30. Note the ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE comments at about 3:00.

A strange comment for Hannity to make, to bring up atty-client privilege. Seems as if he's acknowledging that that's why Cohen will not be working for the admin. So they can keep him as an attorney-client privileged person. Hannity and Trump are close. I'd bet that Hannity knows exactly the nature of Cohen's "business dealings" for Trump, and that Trump is a criminal and Russian collaborator.

Despite some Congress people stating he needed to ask Congress for permission...

Trump orders military strike(s) in Syria?

Rosenstein stands out with the few Repubs who did their jobs with integrity...

without regard for their own jobs, knowing that a mob boss was going to hit back.

I hope he doesn't get fired. But if he does, I hope there's a great job waiting for him. A smart lawyer with integrity is hard to come by these days. I think the more moderate Repubs don't hate him. It's just Trumpers. I hope that means that law firms won't consider him a deficit. He did the right things, when it counted.

How can Trump possibly handle this pressure? The others in the WH, too? And Mueller?

How are all these people standing up in such a stressful time? Daily attacks, not knowing what or who or what's next. Mueller under constant attacks.

How do they do it? I'd be having a nervous breakdown.

I did notice that Mueller is looking tired. Hard to say w/Trump...he always looks mean, hostile, on the edge, weird.

It was Preet Bharara's replacement who did the search warrant on Cohen.

Preet Bharara had been assured by Trump in a private dinner that Trump wanted him to stay on and asked him if he would. Bharara said yes. Then Trump fired him. Bharara had a distinguished career as a prosecutor. Huge loss to any administration.

Trump replaced him with Gugliani-mentored and Gugliani law partner Geoffrey Berman. I suppose he thought Berman would be more loyal.

It was Berman who got and executed that search warrant on Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.


Karma's a bitch.

UPDATE: Others have said Berman handed the power for that over to next in line, who did the dastardly deed. Sorry about that...that Berman signed it was what was reported this morning. Still, he could simply have refused to act on it. He didn't stop it. DOJ high level persons reviewed this, Rosenstein approved the referral, and of course a Judge reviewed & approved it.

So, Karma's still a bitch. Putting his own person in the job didn't protect him.

What Trump says in his speech about Cohen raid today

Witch hunt - thrice
Started when I won the election - twice
No collusion - four times
Hillary Clinton - horrible things she did and crimes - they're not looking at that (three times) - emails (33,000 emails deleted)
Disgrace - five times
Conflicts of interest
Terrible mistake for Sessions to recuse himself, mistake for the country
We've done fantastic job
We've beaten Isis
Our economy is incredible
They've found nothing
Rosenstein - he wrote the letter critical of & to fire Comey; he also signed FISA warrant

Greatest fighting force - thrice
Horrible attack near Damascus
It will be met forcefully
We're going to make a decision tonight or soon

Cherry on top:
Many people have said to fire Mueller.

60 Minutes today is having a section on the Russian hacking of state election districts.

Just fyi.

I remember last year when it was reported that the fed offered certain states assistance, after they rec'd information that the Russians MIGHT or HAD interfered with their election systems. Few, if any, states took them up on that offer.
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