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Member since: Sat Feb 10, 2007, 01:29 PM
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Why doesn't the Democratic Party demonize Republican leaders?

The Republicans have done it for years, and successfully, it seems. Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi! Feinstein Feinstein Feinstein! Hillary Hillary Hillary! Pocahontas Pocahontas Pocahontas!

They seem to zero in on women leaders. Tweety on Hardball had a segment on this.

So WHY doesn't the Democratic Party do the same thing? McConnell McConnell McConnell! Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan! And so on.

Would it not work for us?

The Republicans have all turned into mini-me Trumps.

In 2016, many of the Republicans were horrified by Trump's behavior.

As I was watching Lindsey Graham and McConnell and Paul Ryan on tv tonight, speaking in ways I haven't heard them speak before (about the Democrats), I realized they were using Trump's style and Trump's words. I realized that the whole frickin' Republican Party member have become mini-me Trumps. All the main characters are mimicking him...words and style. Extreme aggression, disrespect, hateful tone, no mention of government performing for all the people...the whole drill.

Then I realized that the Republican Party has totally, and probably permanently, changed. At least for the foreseeable future.

This is really bizarre and scary. They have seen that extreme aggression "wins" with their base, so their oaths of office, their duties, any hint of decency, have all gone out the window. They are running with the ball solely for the touchdown, even if they have to run over people to do it. I've never seen anything like this since I've been watching politics for over 40 years.

This is really a war, looks like. How do you win against people like that? I guess the Democrats have to become the same way, in order to win? This is not the way a democratic government is supposed to work.

Henri the Cat. Politique.

Oh, mon amis. La politique, she is hard to persist.

Keep your eyes open...

for whatever Susan Collins was offered for her vote.

A plumb spot on a committee, or a spot on a plumb committee? Support for a pet project or a bill she plans to sponsor. Extra money for her re-election? Something good, besides a thank you call from former President Bush.

Ford to Cut Salaried Workers Worldwide to Reduce Bureaucracy

Source: The Street

Ford Motor Co. (F - Get Report) will reorganize its salaried workforce worldwide, flatten its business operations and create a more efficient company that results in fewer white collar jobs, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Ford has 201,000 employees globally, including an estimated 70,000 salaried workers, and is the largest car manufacturing employer in the U.S.

The company didn't say how many jobs would be affected.

The Dearborn-based automaker told employees about the plan on Thursday, the Free Press reported, saying the changes are part of trying to identify how the company can become stronger by limiting corporate bureaucracy and identifying weaknesses in all areas of business, from communications and finance to manufacturing and human resources.

Read more: https://www.thestreet.com/investing/ford-to-cut-salaried-workers-worldwide-to-reduce-bureaucracy-14735704?tstmem=74645471&utm_source=alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=TSC&utm_term=Ford+to+Cut+Salaried+Workers+Worldwide+to+Reduce+Bureaucracy

This comes out the same day as the news about Verizon sending out early severance offers to 44,000 of its workers, and announcing it would outsource its IT to an Indian multinational company.

Wanna hear something weird? Verizon sends out its letter to 44,000 workers, and FORD has about 44,000 workers in its hdqtrs in Dearborn, Michigan (if Wikipedia is correct).

This makes for a lot of layoffs in America, between these two companies.

Verizon is outsourcing its IT. Sent early severance letter offer to 44,000 workers.

Verizon is outsourcing its IT to Infosys, an Indian multinational company. It will be getting rid of thousands of workers. It wants to cut $10 Billion in costs. It is offering early severance packages to those who will take them.



How's that for "making America great again"?

I wish I could change my DU name to Squee.

That is all.

The takeover is almost complete.

Trumpers have now almost completed the takeover of all three branches of government.

I am depressed. I mean, if proof (and yes, there's proof, IMO) of a sexual assault isn't enough to keep someone from rising to the top, with power over the ones he assaulted...I don't know.

Now starts the PR campaign to shore up the base, curb political damage from confirming Kavanaugh. There will be an FBI Investigation, maybe, because the ABA strongly "suggested" there be one. Then Mark Judge is hitting the talk show circuit to shoot down all allegations (not under oath). Then the Repub Senators will hit the talk show circuit, too, assuring people how credible Ford was, but it comes down to no evidence so can't ruin a man's entire life and career. It's bad enough that his life is all but ruined, as it is. And so on.

I need a break from all this dismal news.

O'Donnell said the Committee would vote tomorrow, & only Flake is the question.

Assuming all the Dems (10) vote no, and the other Repubs (10) vote yes...only Flake hasn't made a decision.

If Flake votes yes, I think it goes to the rest of the Senators. If Flake votes w/the Dems, it's up in the air what they will do.

IMO, it's not a good sign that Flake is struggling so hard with this decision. In other words, I take it that he wants to vote no, but the pressure on him from his party is immense. He'll be hated & ostracized. He's leaving the Senate, but may pursue other political office, maybe. He may even be kicked off his committees.

Flake has caved before.

Lesson Learned: Perps, prepare your calendars!

Here's a tip we learned from Kavanaugh today!

All you perps out there, start keeping your calendars! If you don't have "raped lady on Clover Street" penciled in on a day 10 years ago, or "burgled the house on 3rd Street" last week, then you didn't do it!!! It's that simple. Who knew!

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