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Member since: Thu Jul 18, 2019, 02:53 PM
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If the House Doesn't Immediately Begin Impeachment Hearings to Remove AG Barr

We will not have an election in November 2020. His Justice Dept is issuing opinions and taking actions that support the eventual dismantlement of the Constitution. I see the path to issuing “emergency” orders “suspending” the election and Congress, (they’ve stacked the Courts with enough sycophants) if it appears a year from now that Trump is going to lose. He will declare Trump the Imperial Leader to serve indefinitely,

Biden to Attend Fundraiser Held by Fossil Fuel Company Founder After Climate Fourm

THE DAY AFTER Joe Biden participates in CNN’s climate forum in New York, the former vice president will head to a high-dollar fundraiser co-hosted by a founder of a fossil fuel company.

Andrew Goldman, a co-founder of Western LNG, a natural gas production company based in Houston, Texas, is co-hosting one of two high-dollar fundraisers Biden will attend in New York on Thursday. Western’s major project is a floating production facility off the northern coast of British Columbia designed to provide Canadian gas to markets in northeast Asia.

Goldman and Biden have deep ties: Goldman served as an adviser to Biden while he was in the Senate and was the northeast director of finance for Biden’s 2008 campaign. He’s also an executive at the investment banking firm Hildred Capital Partners. He and his partner at the firm, David Solomon, along with their wives Renee and Sarah, will host a private fundraiser for Biden at the Solomon house, CNBC reported. Goldman also co-founded De Cordova Goldman Capital Management, which invested in “natural resources and energy.”

According to the company’s website, Western deploys “innovative floating liquefaction technology at inland locations, specifically those that have existing pipeline access to natural gas basins.” The group says it’s “opening up markets for these resources, which are stranded behind burgeoning shale production.”


Not that I needed any more information to eliminate considering Biden, this is the last straw. Automatically disqualified

TYT Hope to Raise $100k to Host a Candidate Climate Town Hall

I know there are detractors here of The Young Turks, and I prefer this thread not be used to trash them for the upteenth time. They are offering to step in where the DNC has announced its unwillingness, and host a Climate Change Town Hall for any of the Democratic candidates that are willing to participate. They have indicated they would use mainstream hosts. They have raised over $15,000 in the first 30 minutes trying to get to $100,000.
With the current Administration denying climate change and events such as the Amazon burning out-of-control, and each month new records set for the warmest in history, Climate Change should have an exclusive fourm and be the topic on its own
We need to have each candidate set out each of their own climate policy, so we the voters can judge who we think would be the most effective in dealing with trying to save the Planet.

First Hearing in the Devin Nunes Cow Case is an Udder Disaster

The first hearing in Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif.'s lawsuit against Twitter lasted three hours in a Virginia courtroom and did not end in a ruling.
The Fresno-area Republican filed the lawsuit against the social media company and three individual users in Virginia state court in March, and is seeking seeking $250 million in damages for defamation.
Two of the accounts in question, Devin Nunes' Cow and Devin Nunes' Mom, often post derogatory memes directed at the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. The third user being sued is Republican strategist Liz Mair.
Twitter asked the Virginia judge to dismiss the lawsuit during Friday's hearing since the company has no operations in the state. The judge did not issue a ruling but one could be coming in the next week, according to the Fresno Bee.

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