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Member since: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 198

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Three Latest Texas Polls and 538 Projections..

So, just wanted to give an update on what's been coming in for Texas since its a pretty pivotal state with so many delegates at stake...

Well, three new polls came out today...

Emerson: Clinton +16
SurveyUSA: Clinton +29
KVTV CBS 11: Clinton +32

538 gives her a >99% chance of winning, which is no surprise. However, her are the current projected margins..

Polls-plus forecast: Clinton 66.1, Sanders 30.7

Polls-only forecast: Clinton 62.5, Sanders 34.3

New Polls Today: New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas

So far three new polls have come out today...

(NJ) Rutgers-Eagleton: Clinton 55, Sanders 32

(Maryland) Goucher College: Clinton 58, Sanders 28

(Texas) Emerson: Clinton 56, Sanders 40

So according to the GD:P, If Hillary shows sincerity

it's a "show" or she is "slick."

What kind of crap is that? It's sickening.

New Texas and Ohio Poll..

(Texas) UT/Texas Tribune: Clinton 54%, Sanders 44%.

(Ohio) Quinnipiac: Clinton 55%, Sanders 40%.

I just registered to volunteer

and also donated another $10.. Haha may not seem like much, but I'm on a college budget

Also, I plan on filling out an application for an internship over the summer once we move onto the general election

Sorry, some of you may not care too much, but just wanted to get the positive vibes out there. Go Hillary!

Tried to make a nice post on the GD-P

Promoting the Democratic Party with whatever candidate emerges, and I'm just shot down with negative responses. What a sour group of people. As far as his support base is goes, they're democratic supporters version of Trump supporters.

For those saying you won't vote for the Democratic nominee

Just remember, that's another vote that goes for Donald Trump or Marco Rubio, who is against abortion in any matter, wants to overturn gay marriage, and wants to get involved in pretty much any international conflict he can.

I sure as heck would be disappointed if Hillary lost, but whether you support Hillary or Bernie, a vote against or a non-vote for our nominee is another step closer to turning America over to a potential nightmare situation.

At the end of the day, whether it's Bernie or Hillary, we must stand together!!

No discussion about the Georgia poll that came out today?!

That had Hillary up 52 points! 102 delegates up for grabs there, that could be a big deal !

Regarding the latest WV poll..

First of all, that primary isn't until May 10. Not sure why clinging to polls this early is a good idea, but I think they need it to feel good. That said, if the percentages stay the same, which I can promise they won't, he would still only have like an 8 delegate advantage. What a huge win

Just did some very very rough math..

And barring some massive shakeup on Super Tuesday and in South Carolina, she is going to walk away with a deficit that he just won't be able to overcome unless he were to dominate her in a bunch of states, and besides the NE states, his wins are all going to be close where he only edges her out by a few delegates. It's going to be tough for Bernie to make up the deficit she is going to have in these southern states.
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