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Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2007, 10:55 AM
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The Dig

On Netflix... True story. Archaeologist dig up a ship along with treasures from the Anglo Saxon era. Sound a bit of a hum drum? Not so. Filming was done on the beautiful English countryside. A lovely story involving the lives surrounding the discovery of these treasures in a country on the verge of war. Hope to visit the British Museum to see these beautiful artifacts one day. Well done.


I come here often. To catch up on the latest. Been here for awhile. I'm older. Maybe too old for many of you. I remember a lot of the old time posters. Many are gone...many moved on. I don't post here much at all. However, I have seen a lot of change. I see a lot of discussions here of late and many of them take a deep 6 real quick. I ask myself over and over what happened here at DU? I saw a post today and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Someone gave their opinion about maybe secession. This poster was ripped seven ways to Sunday. They obviously were new here. So what did I see? Well, what about "my" job, and what about "me"? Where will "I" go? Another told this poster to go fuck himself. Another accused the poster of being a right wing lurker. It was simply an idea. An opinion. One thrown out for discussion. No more ....no less. First of all. Look up history. Same thing happened in Germany. Lots of people had jobs and businesses. People were very happy with what they had. No one wanted to go anywhere. All was right with the world. Then Hitler came along and businesses burned to the ground, jobs were gone and people disappeared. It was then those folks that were comfortable that also had great jobs and homes couldn't get out of there fast enough! Seriously, our very own democracy is in question right here. Someone voices an idea and all one thinks about is "me" and attacking an idea someone had? OMG, I do not recognize this place any more. Don't get me wrong. There was a lot of discussion. Good discussion. It's the mean spirited posts that one sees scattered throughout this board. Have we lost our grace, our tact and manners? Go "fuck yourself"? Really? How is that constructive? Maybe I am just "old school". I get pretty angry myself. But some of these "keyboard warriors" that attack others because they disagree is just bullying. Nothing is gained from that except hurting others. Isn't there enough of that already without us, who are suppose to be in the same corner, are coming at each other with aggression like that? Is this the new normal? There are a lot of wonderful people here. Many have a lot to offer. IMHO many need to choose their words a bit better before posting. Ask yourself how YOU would feel if you were on the receiving end. Everyone has a right to an opinion. Everyone should have a voice. Everyone should have a chance.

Uncle Frank

On Amazon Prime. I am always up for a good road trip movie and this was recommended by a friend. (Ahhh...The deep south never ceases to surprise me). Takes place in 1973 but could very well be 2020. The story was heartwarming to say the least. Very well done. Great acting. In the end, it's all about the love isn't it? Always will be. Well worth the watch.

American Folk

On Amazon Prime. If you like a good road trip movie and folk music this is pretty good. Indie film about two strangers who meet up immediately after 9-11 in LA and wanted to get back home. They head back east in an old van and the rest is pretty heartwarming. I enjoyed the music and the kindness of those they encountered along the way. Brought back a lot of raw feelings from that day 19 years ago. One thing I came away with ....how did we, as a country, become so divided as we are now? Damn.

Have a question on Al Franken

Anybody remember when Al Franken was in a discussion on TV and the person got up and threw a punch at him knocking him off his chair? We were having a Zoom group discussion tonight and I vaguely remember that happening but can't remember the details and year. Anyone remember when that happened and where or is that a vague memory in my once sharp and detailed mind. Thanks

Self rising flour

I have 10 lbs of self rising flour and I don't know what the hell to do with it. Can't get regular flour as it is obviously as important as bath tissue. So hubby picked this up for me when he saw it. He just didn't know Can anyone guide me as to what to do with this? I bake a lot (cakes, pies, cookies etc) for meals we serve here at our our food bank. Running low on regular flour. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx

Mayor Pete blasting Sanders

Mayor Pete and many others need to get a grip. Bernie is not extreme. What is extreme is the unfettered capitalism that presently exists in this country. Thus we have the extreme disparity of wealth and the absolute destruction of the middle class. Trump and the GOP are out to concentrate the nation's wealth even more. We don't need more of the same, we need a sea change in policy that will reverse the flow of the nation's wealth back to it's people. Thus we have the two progressives; Sanders and Warren, garnering the support of the majority of the Democratic voters. The people know what's going on because they're living it everyday and they are going to vote accordingly.
So, those who want more of the same (because they're wealthy and greedy or just woefully uninformed) start with the buzz words "socialists, communists, extremists". Labels meant to divide, scare and distract. After forty years of this economy for the elites the people now see through it and have had enough! Vote for progress and real change in November and send Individual One packing along with the entire Greedy Old Party.


I just saw this yesterday on FB

Posted to our local Indivisible group...so I contacted Bowdoin College (President Rose is on of Board of Directors with BOA). First I heard about this. Wanted to share.


Love this...hits it out of the park in the first paragraph

They lined up early in the foul musk of the moist, fetid Orlando air, the smell of spring already having been murdered by the sharp heat of summer. The media descended on the parking lot of the civic center named for Amway, a pyramid scheme business that promises riches for all who believe with their very souls in the lies that the company sells. Reporters interviewed every Jesse, Joyce, Mary Jo, Skeeter, and Bubba willing to open their mouths. "Of course, we had to be here," they said, "this is white trash Coachella and I'm ready to shake my titties for my president." Both the men and women there appeared to be able to do that....


The Yellow Handkerchief

Amazon Prime. Another good road trip movie. William Hurt gets released from a six year prison stint and meets up with Kristin Stewart and Gordy (Eddie Redmayne) in a depressed post Katrina Louisiana. Slow moving, great dialogue and a good story. If you like a good Indie film...this is a fine one.
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