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Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2007, 10:55 AM
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I just saw this yesterday on FB

Posted to our local Indivisible group...so I contacted Bowdoin College (President Rose is on of Board of Directors with BOA). First I heard about this. Wanted to share.


Love this...hits it out of the park in the first paragraph

They lined up early in the foul musk of the moist, fetid Orlando air, the smell of spring already having been murdered by the sharp heat of summer. The media descended on the parking lot of the civic center named for Amway, a pyramid scheme business that promises riches for all who believe with their very souls in the lies that the company sells. Reporters interviewed every Jesse, Joyce, Mary Jo, Skeeter, and Bubba willing to open their mouths. "Of course, we had to be here," they said, "this is white trash Coachella and I'm ready to shake my titties for my president." Both the men and women there appeared to be able to do that....


The Yellow Handkerchief

Amazon Prime. Another good road trip movie. William Hurt gets released from a six year prison stint and meets up with Kristin Stewart and Gordy (Eddie Redmayne) in a depressed post Katrina Louisiana. Slow moving, great dialogue and a good story. If you like a good Indie film...this is a fine one.

After Life

A little slow on watching this but when I started we binge watched. What a brilliant show! I cried, I laughed and, at times, felt a myriad of emotions all at once. In all the years we have been together I never saw my hubby laugh as hard as he did during episode 5. Ricky Gervais was awesome. In fact the entire cast was great. Every. Single. One. Netflix hit it out of the park yet again.

What They Had...Amazon Prime

Movie was well done. Story line is basically the painful end to a beautiful marriage due to Alzheimer's Disease. Excellent performance by Robert Forster (Father) who is caring for his wife (Blythe Danner). Brother Nick (Michael Shannon) and sister Bridget (Hilary Swank) unite to deal with this family crisis. Each sibling carries their own deep issues of love and commitment and when they gather during the holidays, they experience first hand the cracks of memory loss and the pain it ushers in along with it. A very well done story that will suck you in and have you in tears as the reality from this dreadful disease surfaces. It depicts the raw emotions, front and center, what certainly can happen to any of us.


Tuned in to Netflix and watched as this movie came up as new. Well, I wasn't expecting what I saw. Still thinking about it today. What a simple movie. A movie that displays a powerful and passionate relationship between two friends. First, both of these guys were socially out of touch yet found each other. Ray Romano (Andy) gave an incredible heartfelt performance when he finds out his best bud Michael (Mark Duplass) has terminal cancer. The relationship these two have is really unremarkable, yet so very significant. It is truly the simple day to day living that makes life so precious. In the end...it's all about the love. Yep, I needed tissues. Good acting. Darn good movie.

950 marches across the country TONIGHT

Rachael Maddow said there are over 950 rallies planned for 5 pm local time all across the country. Please look up your local Indivisible group and go! No one is above the law.

The Glass Castle

Based the the true story by Jeanette Walls, the film couldn't begin to capture all the details from this great best selling book. I loved the book. Was the book better? You bet. It's a hard story to say the least. However, the movie was able to capture the story and tell it pretty much like it was. This is a memoir of a truly dysfunctional family. Despite the severe neglect, poverty and craziness, the resilience of the children will astound you. Woody Harrelson is awesome as Rex Walls. Brie Larson (Rex's daughter, Jeanette) was outstanding and Naomi Watts as Rosemary (the mother) was wonderful. They show original pictures of the family at the end of the movie during the credits.
This movie is definitely worth a watch. Streaming on Amazon Prime

The only Living Boy In New York

Thomas just finished college. His parents live on the Upper East Side. His Father (Pierce Bronson) is a successful publisher and his mother (who he is close to) is an artist. Thomas moves into his own apartment on Lower East Side. He becomes friends with his alcoholic neighbor (Jeff Bridges).... where lots of wisdom flows as do the shots of whiskey. Tom finds out his father is having an affair. in attempting to break up this relationship he ends up sleeping with the mistress. Was it a great movie? No. Good? Yes. Decent story line and a good soundtrack made it a good watch. On Amazon Prime.

Strange Weather

Grieving mother (Holly Hunter) goes on road trip from her home in Georgia to New Orleans to seek the details of her son's suicide. His demons go deeper than she anticipated. The pain is front and center for her and Hunter does a great job depicting a mother's grief. I loved the scenery of the rural south and the story is classic of a pretty darn good independent film.
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