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Profile Information

Name: Harriet Skjerly
Gender: Female
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Home country: USA
Current location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Member since: Tue Mar 1, 2011, 05:47 PM
Number of posts: 298

Journal Archives

I think there are a few reasons for Trumps popularity

The Tea Party's hatred of our President has pushed it, and the media's coverage of everything Trump says or does are two really big reasons he's is where is now. Really sad.

I am over 65 and am a ameture nature photographer

My husband and I are not well off. We buy all our clothes at thrift stores, many house projects are put on hold, and we don't have anything in our savings account. I take pictures, some of them are of birds. So that makes me wealthy huh? Gotta laugh at that.

I would NEVER vote for Trump

If Trump gets to be out President he will sink the god damned ship and I would be on the lower deck as will so many others. I am supporting Bernie, but if he can't win we can't let a terrible person like Trump run our country. So maybe Hillary will get in, and maybe she will do OK, or maybe she won't, and maybe in four more years she will be replaced by someone who actually stands for the people -the real people, and not just big donors. At any rate we might have to settle. Believe me I have cried over this. I love what Bernie stands for. He is my hero. He is the man of La Mancha dreaming the impossible dream. I still hope that that dream is still possible. If we keep fighting and hoping, and maybe it will be.
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