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When a Pregnancy is Unwanted...

Three related questions:
(A) When an unwanted pregnancy occurs, what limitations and/or options do you think should exist for a woman?
(B) Does society have a responsibility toward the woman and/or fetus in this situation?
(C) Do the circumstances of the undesired pregnancy matter to you when it comes to the morality of abortion?

Although reproductive politics may seem like a stale topic for many of us, this topic comes from a government class that happens to be overwhelmingly girls (17-18 yrs old) and of all the possible questions we brainstormed to post (on both a liberal and conservative board) this one by far had the most interest.

What do teenagers need to know to be good adults?

Suppose you could snap your fingers make it so that all teenagers in the country were held accountable for understanding THREE responsibilities, skills, and/or bits of knowledge that you consider to be of critical importance for adulthood. What would they be?

HS Seniors Ask: How will the healthcare law impact us?

Question: How will the new healthcare law impact people our age who are entering adulthood?

This question was created by a group of about 60 high school seniors in Iowa as part of a couple government classes. Feel free to discuss the question as you normally would, but to respond to the students just quote the OP, keep it short and rated G, start with a sentence that sums up your opinion followed briefly by your explanation, and finally if you don't mind, say a bit about how you identify yourself politically.


I'm a teacher in a government class in Iowa and I'm hoping to use this account to allow them as a group to ask you guys a few questions so you can share your insights and perspective. They'll be asking the same questions on a conservative board as we learn about differences between parties and American political ideologies.

It should be fun to see how it plays out differently on each board, but as far as you guys are concerned its just regular discussion questions for you to chat about. I won't be posting any links or spamming your boards with tons of stuff (just 3 questions for the time being spread over different boards). Students won't be posting stuff directly unless they choose to come and join on their own time. It sort of a little experiment for class discussion purposes. Hope no one objects.

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