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Colectivos attack open assembly group in Venezuela with machetes

Chavistas groups dissolved "with sticks and machetes" an open chapter in Zulia
The Cooperator | January 18, 2019
translated from Spanish

Caracas / Photo of referential cover.- Collectives affected to the Government of Nicolás Maduro attacked this Friday "with sticks and machetes" against the opposition citizens who were preparing to hold the town hall meeting in the municipality of San Francisco, in the state of Zulia, according to Several reports on social networks.

The journalist Madelein Palmar pointed out in her Twitter account that several of the citizens were forced to take refuge in the surrounding buildings, including the deputy to the National Assembly, Julio Montoya.

Armed bands of the PSUV led by Omar Prieto and the robolutionary mayor prevent the town hall in San Francisco Delinquentes.
Groups prevent realization of Cabildo in San Francisco # Zulia Municipality . The same one would take place in the 1st Redoma of the Coromoto Urb. Several take refuge in nearby buildings including Julio Montoya dip. # 18Ene
# 18Ene Collectives affected by the ruling coalition dissolved a concentration of opponents who attended the Open Cabildo that would take place today in the San Francisco municipality of Zulia state, announced by the @ AsambleaVE # TVVNoticias # TVVenezuela
# URGENT Collectives affected to Maduro dissolved the San Francisco Open Council, state Zulia with sticks and machetes # 18ene


Who are the colectivos?


Venezuelan gas vice-minister says, "Let them eat cake!"

Yazmin Ramirez, Deputy Minister of Gas, when informed that the people of Venezuela were cooking with wood instead of liquid propane, in the nation with the largest reserves of oil ON THE PLANET


" And if that's what people have to cook with firewood, (...) they get used to the wood and the stove, we have a presidential order. Give the necessary gas to Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba"...

It certainly explains WHO is running Venezuela these days.

Chavista goons (colectivos) try to stop open assembly of Venezuelans. FAIL

Collectives tried to prevent opposition Cabildo Abierto in El Valle and so they responded
The Cooperator | January 17, 2019

translated from Spanish

Caracas.- A group of Chavismo collectives tried to prevent this Thursday the celebration of an Open Cabildo of the opposition in the populated parish of El Valle , in Caracas. However, the event was held against all odds with the participation of deputies José Guerra (PJ) and Carlos Valero (UNT). The neighbors responded to the cry "Out Maduro!".

Translation: "The Valley spoke: Out Maduro. Not even the attempt of sabotage by a small group of people affected by Chavism prevented the extraordinary assistance to our #CabildoAbierto in the Alberto Ravell urbanization, where we showed that this town is determined to achieve a political change"

Earlier, journalist Esteninf Olivares reported that a group of collectives tried to sabotage the act.

Translation: #NOW They inform that collectives arrive in El Valle where the Cabildo Abierto is held, convened by opposition deputies


"Colectivos" are the equvalent of Hitlers SA. Armed thugs loyal to the leadership of Chavismo only... providing they provide them with motorcycles, spending money and guns in order to extort, loot and intimidate businesses and the citizenry to keep them in line.

Wheels coming off Chavismo wagon, Maduro begs for audience with Trump, Pompeo

Maduro sends a message to Trump: "My respects to the US ... we are people with whom we can negotiate!"

translated from Spanish

01/17/19 - The journalist and leader of the Republican Party, Maria Elvira Salazar, told Univision interviewers that the interview that she exclusively made to President Maduro was requested by people close to the president. "The president Maduro wanted to send a strong message to the president. Trump through the North American press, in this case the FOX network, which they know is the one that President Trump sees more often¨

In the video you can see the first part of this interview. In a few minutes, the first national leader addresses Trump personally and asks for "face to face meeting". "America is one ... sooner rather than later we are forced to understand each other". In the interview, Maduro affirms that Trump "inherited the mistakes of previous administrations in foreign policy". He affirmed the respect he has for the United States despite the differences. "We are people with whom you can agree".

Next the video with the first part of the interview and the comments of María Elvira Salazar:


Maduro and the Chavistas are in an outright panic. The people have had enough. There is a HUGE rally planned for the entire country organized by the opposition, and Chavismo is doing all it can to squelch it. They have even gone so far as to pen a law (Constitutional Draft Law for Cyberspace) to end "social media" (ie Twitter, Whats App) and internet access for "state security reasons". Nobody, except the usual suspects, recognizes him as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, and various high level defections are starting to occur.

More evidence linking the Venezuelan regime with El Chapo Guzmn, drug cartels

According to Colombian witness, 'Chapo' gave Peña Nieto $ 100 million
Alex Cifuentes, a former associate of the Mexican drug lord, now speaks against him in court in New York.
By: International Writing January 16, 2019, 05:12 a.m.

translated from Spanish

The Colombian Alex Cifuentes, witness of the Prosecutor's Office in the trial against Joaquín "El
Chapo" Guzmán Loera in New York explained how they sought alternate routes to take the drug to Mexico from Venezuela and stated that the drug dealer paid him a $100 million bribe to former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Alex Cifuentes, who has said that for years he was a close associate of Guzman, discussed the alleged bribe in the interrogation of one of Guzman's lawyers in federal court in Brooklyn. When asked if he had told the authorities in 2016 that Guzmán had arranged the bribe payment, he replied: "That's right."

Regarding his links with the Chavez regime, "Joaquín (the 'Chapo') needed a landing strip in the Dominican Republic to be able to act as a springboard to get to Mexico from Venezuela," he said, after which a conversation between Guzmán was heard Loera and Antonio, your contact in the Dominican Republic.

But this is not the first time that supposed links of the 'Chapo' Guzmán with other drug traffickers also met with Venezuelan high-level officials and people related to the state oil company PDVSA , as confirmed by the ex-Venezuelan Sunny Balza during an interview for the news channel NTN24 in August of 2017.

Balza said that the capo continually visited the Venezuelan tourist destination in the Caribbean Sea. He also said that a cousin of Diosdado Cabello, current president of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, "shared" the tourist destination with Mexicans linked to the Guzmán Loera cartel.



Boos, fruit rain down on Chavista governor during religious parade

(VIDEO) Rain of oranges and tangerines forces the Governor of Lara, Carmen Meléndez, to leave procession of the Divina Pastora
By: Aporrea.org | Monday, 14/01/2019 07:15 PM

translated from Spanish

14/01/2019.- Parishioners who participated in the procession of the Divina Pastora in Barquisimeto, Lara state, expelled from the pilgrimage the governor Carmen Meléndez, against whom they threw tangerines, oranges and empty pots of water. The situation occurred while the regional president was traveling on Lara Avenue with Leones.

Through social networks, a video was broadcast in which the crowd booed Meléndez while a circle of people tried to protect her, including officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB).



Mining mafias in ChavismoLand cut out tongue, cut off hands and gouge out eyes of soldier

Soldier of the Army was mutilated in the mines of El Callao
Published 1 day ago on January 14, 2019

translated from Spanish

The mining mafias continue making theirs. This Sunday, the case of Leocer José Lugo Maíz, a 19-year-old boy who had his two hands amputated, had his tongue cut out and, as if that were not enough, both eyes were removed.

Lugo Maíz was transferred to the Dr. Juan Germán Roscio hospital from the Yin Yan mine in El Callao. The boy is a soldier reported as a deserter since January 1, as he had to appear before his command on December 28.
According to journalist Pableysa Ostos, the young man belonged to the September 2018 contingent.

Translation: #13Jan. A 19-year-old youth entered the Dr. Juan German Roscio hospital from the Yin Yan mine in El Callao, south of the # Bolívar state. According to police information: "the man had both hands amputated, they cut off his tongue and took out his eyes".


Maduro has lost control of the monkeys in his circus. Now, even his military conscripts are being tortured by his enchufado mafias.

Brazil extradites fugitive convicted murderer back to Italy

Bolsonaro sends captured Italian fugitive Cesare Battisti to Salvini as 'a little gift'
By Rob Picheta and Vasco Cotovio, CNN

Updated 0943 GMT (1743 HKT) January 14, 2019

An Italian fugitive has been detained in Bolivia and will be sent to Italy as "a little gift" from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Cesare Battisti, a 64-year-old former communist militant, was wanted for four murders in the 1970s.

He spent years living in Brazil as a political refugee, but has been on the run since December, when the country's former President Michel Temer revoked his residence and approved his extradition to Italy.

Bolsonaro welcomed the arrest, writing on Twitter: "Congratulations to those responsible for capturing the terrorist Cesare Battisti!"

"Finally justice will be made to the Italian assassin and companion of ideals of one of the most corrupt governments that have ever existed in the world (PT)," he added, a reference to the party of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who had allowed Battisti to remain in Brazil.



Leftists in Spain abandon Maduro, demand new elections for Venezuela president

DECLARED DICTATORSHIP! PSOE: Investiture of Maduro lacks legitimacy
Dolar Today / Jan 13, 2019

The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) ruled on the swearing in of Nicolás Maduro that took place on January 10, as part of the second presidential term.

"The investiture of Nicolás Maduro lacks legitimacy because it is the result of elections without democratic guarantees," the party posted on its Twitter.

The party led by Pedro Sanchez said that they adhere to the statements of the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini.

The EU regretted that its request for new presidential elections in accordance with internationally recognized democratic norms and constitutional order has been ignored and that Maduro is beginning a new mandate based on undemocratic elections.



2 more patients die in Venezuela due to electricity cuts

Workers point out that plants did not turn on due to lack of maintenance
Two patients of the Clinical Hospital died during the power outage that lasted more than 12 hours
By: Aporrea.org | Sunday, 01/13/2019 06:57 PM

On the night of January 12 and early morning of the 13th, a power outage was recorded at the University Clinical Hospital, a medical center located in the Capital City. "They inform me that 2 patients died due to severe pathologies during the power outage that lasted more than 12 hours" informed union leader Mauro Zambrano. According to the testimonies of the workers and patients, the service was restored at 5 a.m. this Sunday. Although the authorities have indicated that the cut was due to a sabotage, Zambrano stressed that the plants did not turn on due to lack of maintenance. "That is the responsibility of Dr. Fernando Alvarado, director of the HUC."

"While they spent millions of bolivares at parties in December for high-level personnel, the hospital is increasingly deteriorated. The workers had informed the situation of the plants indicating that they do not have the tools to carry out their work and the authorities ignore it," the workers point out.

For his part Denis Guedez of the Venezuelan Workers Intersector said that the situation was complete chaos and that the deaths occurred in this accident are the responsibility of management. "It was reported several months ago that the 3 plants were without battery or diesel, could have gone light as other times has happened but these deaths are due to negligence"


Ah yes... more sabotage. This time in a hospital, where the obvious answer is the CIA trained Colombian orderlies stole all of the copper wiring from the exterior lines coming into the hospital. That the lines had not seen maintenance in nearly 20 years and had corroded, and there wasn't any wire to replace it isn't a convenient answer. And the batteries and diesel fuel was probably stolen too... that they hadn't seen maintenance in years isn't convenient.

But how about them dancing girls, eh? Life is hard at the top of the food chain!

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