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The final nail in the coffin of democracy in Venezuela: Early (3 years) National Assembly elections.


Yes, Godgiven Hair (Diosdado Cabello, #2 man in the PSUV) has decided that since the unconstitutional ANC/TSJ/CNE has pushed up the presidential elections by 6 months (and banned most opposition parties and candidates), now it would be an opportune time to re-elect a new "all Chavista" assembly! Because the current assembly (which the Chavistas already ignore) won't rubber stamp Maduro's vision of the Utopian Bolivarian Socialist state!

I don't know why they even bother... its not like anyone outside of the UI's even believe there is any sense of democracy in Venezuela any longer. Why not have an enthronement, make him emperor and get it over with?

Global rejection awaits Nicolas Maduro after elections without opposition

Nicolás Maduro adrift: What awaits him when he is not recognized worldwide?
The Cooperator

translated from Spanish

Caracas, February 20 .- The next April 22 in Venezuela will be held presidential elections, with Nicolás Maduro as a candidate for re-election and until now, without any opponent of renown that gives the battle.

And the reason for the opposition not to participate is the same reason for the dissolution of the dialogue table in the Dominican Republic and the international community turned its back on it: the lack of electoral guarantees, which places Chávez's successor at the drift and with a tiny power that can only be handled in the country.

Despite all the efforts of the Government in the last weeks to transmit calmness in the process of convocation made by the National Constituent Assembly - unrecognized worldwide -, Latin American countries, the United States and Europe have emphatically indicated that they will not recognize that choice and therefore, to any candidate that is the winner.

The reproach of lack of electoral guarantees was further strengthened on July 30 when only Chavismo attended the polls to choose a Constituent Assembly only with Chavista spokespersons and a biased National Electoral Council. At that time, according to the CNE, at least 8 million people endorsed the power that Delcy Rodríguez now directs. The denunciations were immediate. From people who voted more than once, to manipulation of the machines. In fact, Smartmatic, the company in charge of counting electronic votes in Venezuela, dismissed the results presented by the commission and claimed that they were manipulated. Such a statement sowed more doubts in the world.

To this pile of signs was added the excessive advantageism of the ruling party in the electoral campaign in public media, and that today it takes up despite the fact that it begins in the coming days, in addition to the presence of electoral observers related to Nicolás Maduro. The history for the presidential elections this year is not different. That is why, in coordination, countries of different world coordinates have ignored the call and have warned of non-recognition of the election....



Well, at least this time Maduro won't have to promise his supporters anything (Christmas toys, hams) for their votes... he is about the only person allowed to run.

Fear not... despite the fact that Maduro and the TSJ/ANC doesn't recognize the National Assembly any longer, PSUV #2 man Diosdado (Godgiven Hair) Cabello thinks that since Maduro is a shoe-in to win the presidency (again!) that they ought to move up the AN elections a couple years so that it can be 100% Chavista instead of only 30%.

Its good to be the king... err... dictator!

Chavista blames Venezuelans for failing water infrastructure: YOU USE TOO MUCH WATER!

Government will replace water pumps in Tuy I, II and III systems in the coming days
Published February 19, 2018

The Minister of Ecosocialism and Water, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, informed on February 19 that in the following days the replacement of hydraulic pumps and motors that help pumping the resource in the Tuy I, Tuy II and Tuy III systems will begin. that the distribution of water in Caracas will be optimized.

Interviewed on VTV, Velásquez Araguayán denounced that Venezuelans are wasteful of water and that currently they waste more than international standards indicate, which states that a person can use about 250 liters of water daily.

When asked about the current water infrastructure, he acknowledged that the same needs to be renewed "not only in Caracas, but throughout the country", so he indicated that it is also necessary to perform the required maintenance. In this regard, he stressed that the first shipment of pumps and engines from China arrived to the country to begin the replacement of equipment that has already given its useful life, starting with the Greater Caracas system.


He also took time to claim that the reason the infrastructure hadn't been updated/maintained in 20 years was the "economic war". Whew. I thought for a moment he might forget!

Maduro distributes CLAP boxes with deficient milk? Who is skimming the milk?

"Milk" distributed by the Clap does not meet minimum nutrition standards
Published February 18, 2018

Based on scientific studies, the report states that milk bags manufactured in Mexico and distributed by the government contain values ​​well below the minimum established by the National Institute of Nutrition

The milk sold by the national government in the boxes of the CLAP serves everything but to feed. To this conclusion came a research work carried out by journalists of the armando.info portal, which, based on scientific studies, determined that the milk powder distributed by the Executive does not meet the minimum parameters established by the country's nutritional authorities.

The report is based on an analysis carried out at the Institute of Science and Technology of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) to eight milk brands produced in Mexico and distributed between September and December 2017 by the local supply and production committees (CLAP), none of which complies with the minimum parameters established by the National Nutrition Institute (INN), and less by international standards.

One of the conclusions that the report reflects is that they are milk substitutes but in no way are they complete milk, as the labels of the different products reflect.

Among the discoveries is that the supposed 'milk powder' contains lower levels of the minimum required in energy, protein, fat and calcium, while the values ​​of carbohydrates and sodium far exceed the allowed standards.

The report was made, among others, by Roberto Deniz, one of the journalists who along with three other editors of the portal specializing in research, were forced into exile in the country for threats against him just to denounce irregularities in the import and distribution of the Clap boxes.

* Read the full report in armandoinfo.com


So Maduro is offering cut-rate powdered milky-drink that doesn't even qualify as being actually milk? Another Chavista enchufado/guiso racket? Whats next for Presidente Incompetente? Pretty soon they will start putting Kool-Aid packets in and call it "cherry milk".

Maduro has virtually no competition any longer in his "election".

Primero Justicia y Acción Democrática will not participate in the presidential elections
Advanced Progressive and A New Time evaluate going to the elections of April 22
FEBRUARY 19, 2018 09:35 AM | UPDATED ON FEBRUARY 19, 2018 11:27 AM

This Sunday several leaders of the opposition met in Caracas to define their strategy and decision on whether or not to go to the presidential elections on April 22.

In the middle of the conversations, sources assured the Panorama newspaper that Primero Justicia decided not to participate and Acción Democrática would do the same.

In addition, sources confirmed for El Nacional Web that Henri Falcón will attend the presidential elections with his Progressive Advanced party if the necessary conditions are met. A New Time also showed interest in going to the polls on April 22.

For its part, La Causa R will not participate in the elections. In a week will expire the deadline for candidates to register with the CNE.


Backstory: Maduro and the Chavistas have made it impossible for elections to be considered "fair" in Venezuela. Nobody, except for Maduro's uber leftist allies (Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, Syria) considers it anything except fraud. The major parties have been banned from participating, as have candidates. Many are in exile, and any candidate who says anything bad of the Chavistas is routinely jailed (the new "Hate Law" against Chavismo). The election date was arbitrarily moved from December to April (because the economy is spiraling down the shitter and won't make it until then) and about the only non-PSUV candidate considering a run would be the much despised but perpetual candidate, Henri Falcón, a former Chavista who was kicked out of the PSUV. About the only necessary condition for Falcón to not run would be for the sun not to come up in the morning.

The good news is, Maduro has invited selected international observers (Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc.) to see how orderly his election will be!

Bolivarian National Guard (VZ) joined ELN (Colombian terror group) killed in Colombia

Santos says that "guerrilla killed in attack was a GNB"
By: Agencies | Monday, 02/19/2018 12:33 PM

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Monday that a guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN) who died a week ago while placing an explosive on a highway "belonged or belonged" to the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) of Venezuela, according to the agenciua Efe.

In an interview with Channel One, Santos explained that they are investigating one of the two members of the ELN who died in the attack while they were placing explosives because of their connection with the GNB since the identification they had was precisely that "it belonged or belonged" to that Venezuelan military corps.

The attack took place a week ago on the road that connects Pamplona with Cúcuta, in the border department of Norte de Santander, where two people died with Venezuelan identification cards that were putting a bomb during an "armed strike" of the ELN.

Santos ratified that information, which shows that the guerrilla is recruiting Venezuelans, as General Alberto Mejía, commander of the Colombian Military Forces, said.



So, Chavismo is sending their zealots from the GNB/PNB across the border to foment "revolution"? The ELN has already plastered their names and propaganda all over Venezuelan CLAP boxes that were SUPPOSED to be distributed by the Venezuela government. The Marxist-Leninist ELN is FARC membership that refuses to disarm and cease terrorizing Colombians.

FWIW, aporrea.org is a Chavista news/propaganda site. Even they are tired of Chavismo.

Starving zoo animals in Venezuela. Bolivarian Socialism for the WIN again!

And the animals aren't doing much better than the citizenry of Venezuela...


"Here, I'm starving". Thousands flee daily across VZ border with no money, no food, no hope

"Here there is no money or food": Migrate from Venezuela with nothing in your pocket

The Cooperator
translated from spanish

Caracas, February 18 .- The crisis that is currently hitting Venezuelans has led them to cross the border en masse, a phenomenon that Colombia especially resents. An example of this is the case of Gregory Díaz, who crossed the Simón Bolívar International Bridge with a TV in tow, his only birthright.

According to the newspaper El País, Diaz sold the device in Cúcuta and managed to stay a few months with the money received for the business and with the border mobility card. That was the first attempt to emigrate from a young man born and raised in a house with a dirt floor and zinc roof at the tip of the Bolívar district of Petare, in Caracas. A boy of 24 years of age, father of a child of 5, with incomplete baccalaureate, an intermittent carpenter job and no passport.

"Here I do not have a salary, here I'm starving. I want to be able to help my mother, and my sister so that she can study, or in case of bad luck someone gets sick. For thousands of other things that I suffer here I want to go, because here they spend every day thinking about what to eat, because there is no money or food," says Diaz. The offer of a job as a barber is your only certainty.

Díaz is part of a new wave of Venezuelan immigration that has set off alarms in neighboring countries. The first Venezuelan diasporas, which began in 1998 with the arrival of Chavismo in power and have had peaks over two decades, left the country without much of its professional capital, says in between.


But the good news is that the Bolivarian Revolution rolls on!

Another devaluation of the VZ Bolivar Fuerte coming... maybe the Bolivar MUY Fuerte?


That's right... lop off another 3 zeros and instantaneously, hyperinflation evaporates! Your Bolivar is now worth 1000x more!

The Venezuelan currency has devalued over 41,879,609% since Chavez was sworn in on February, 1999

Maduro prepares Venezuela for yet another fake imminent invasion

Maduro calls military exercises to "show that Venezuela is respected"
February 18, 2018

Caracas, Feb 17 (EFE) .- Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called this Saturday for a new day of military exercises to "show the world" that his country "respects" and "is a territory of independence, of dignity and peace".

"I have ordered the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), together with our people in a civic-military union, to carry out the integral multidimensional defense operations of the territory of our country, the operations and military exercises Independencia 2018 on Saturday, February 24 and Sunday. February 25" said Maduro.

During the departure of an official cruise ship outside of Caracas, the head of state called the entire FANB, to join these operations with the citizens, the military reserve and the Bolivarian National Militia; composed of those who, without exercising the military profession, voluntarily express the desire to enter the body.

"We are going to fine tune the aim of all the teams, we are going to fine tune the movement of all the troops, we are going to fine-tune the movement of all the tanks, of all the missiles, planes, helicopters and above all we are going to fine-tune the aim of the national soul" He said.



FANB (Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana), GNB (Guardia Nacional Bolivariano), PNB (Policía Nacional Bolivariana), and SEBIN (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional) are all Venezuelan agencies of state that serve the interests of The Revolution. They are not agencies that serve the Venezuelans. Nor the Constitution. You will notice, that these agencies do not have the name VENEZUELA in any of their titles... but instead BOLIVARIANA/BOLIVARIANO... the Chavista revolution. And there is only a Chavista militia... not a Venezuelan militia. Only Chavistas are given guns. (see picture above)

Maduro needs a distraction, and this "military parade" (sound familiar?) is another in the long list of foolish acts meant to divert attention from the massive humanitarian disaster that is Venezuela. Some even think that he might invade Guyana (Essequibo) as a means to precipitate armed action, as this is something that Maduro needs in order to save face.
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