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Chavista prisons boss demands that El Pueblo rat out any economic counterrevolutionaries

Active government complaints system for surcharges: "Do not pay more than 50 Bs.S for a basic product"
By: Noticiaaldia.com | Sunday, 08/19/2018 05:58 PM|


August 19, 2018 - Iris Valera, minister of the penitentiary system, reported that the national government has already activated a system for citizens to denounce the overpricing that has been reflected in many businesses following the measures announced by President Nicolás Maduro last Friday.

"Denounce anyone who is charging three-digit prices in Sovereign Bolivars for a product of the basic basket, to report by telephone 0800 LO JUSTO (08005658786) indicating the business address and showing the sabotage prices," Valera said on her Twitter.

She recommended not paying more than 50 Sovereign Bolivars for any item in the basic basket. "Almost no product cost 50 million, which by removing the five zeros is only 50 bolivars," said the official.

She explained that all the headquarters of the Sundde are open 24 hours a day to receive complaints, also recommended to go to the nearest headquarters of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB). Similarly, she indicated that the penitentiary service is ready to notify any irregularity.

She indicated that a kilogram of meat at a speculative price cost eight million Bolívares Fuertes, so that you can not pay more than 80 Bolívares Soberanos.



Can't have a proper revolution without scapegoats.

Months ago, Maduro and the Chavist hierarchy wanted to sit down with producers and retailers, and come to a mutually beneficial agreement about prices. Actually, Maduro wanted to dictate prices and wanted producers and retailers to agree to them. There was no agreement, and now Chavismo has decided to do what it always does... make up some bat-shit crazy rule and let the chips fall... and blame it on the CIA or Colombia.

US to send hospital ship to help Venezuela refugees

US will send hospital ship to Colombia to help Venezuelan refugees
The Cooperator | August 18, 2018

Translated from Spanish

Caracas.- The Secretary of Defense of the United States, Jim Mattis, said on Friday that he would send a US Navy hospital ship to the Colombian coast to help treat the Venezuelan refugees who have overwhelmed the Colombian medical system, the first incursion American military in the crisis of Venezuela.

"It is absolutely a humanitarian mission. We will not send soldiers, we will send doctors", Mattis told reporters of his plans to send the gleaming white freighter with a Red Cross painted on its side to help treat refugees in Colombia and probably in other Latin American nations.

He did not give a timetable for when the ship, probably the ship known as the Comfort, would leave from its port of origin, probably Norfolk, Virginia, reported Miami Herald.

The decision to deploy American medical troops in the worst migration crisis in the history of South America is a significant departure from Trump's administration policy.

Defense officials have come out of the response to civil and international humanitarian aid organizations to deny Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro the possibility of launching it as a US military intervention in the region.


New minimum wage in Venezuela increased by 5900%... overnight!

Maduro: New minimum salary is 1,800 sovereign bolivars
The announcement was made this Friday during his meeting with the economic cabinet. This is the fifth salary increase decreed in 2018

AUGUST 17, 2018 07:14 PM | UPDATED ON AUGUST 17, 2018 8:22 PM

President Nicolás Maduro announced this Friday during his meeting with the economic cabinet that the new minimum wage will be 1,800 sovereign bolivars, which would be equivalent to 180,000,000 bolívares fuertes. The increase is 5,900% compared to the minimum wage set on June 20 of this year, which was 3,000,000 bolivares fuertes.

"You dollarize the prices, I control the salaries, I have decided to implement a new minimum wage based and anchored in the Petro, that's why I have set the minimum salary for all salary tables Bs 1800 or 0.50 Petros, basis for the salary update, petrolizando salary" indicated Maduro. He added that pensions, which are received by the elderly, will also be located in that figure.

The president pointed out that the new accounting unit, the petro, has a value of 3,600 sovereign bolivars, or 360,000,000 bolívares fuertes, so the salary equals 0.5 petro.


What could go wrong in an economy with 1,000,000% inflation, no electricity, no water, no food, no medicine, no transportation and a worthless currency?

iViva la revolución!

Chavista "man of the people" shows off lavish lifestyle on Twitter.

The video of Pedro Carreño who was criticized on social networks
Carreño published a video where the official leader could be observed exercising in a gym inside his house

AUGUST 16, 2018 08:28 PM | UPDATED ON AUGUST 16, 2018 9:11 PM


Translation: To be rich is bad ?: The luxurious private gymnasium where Pedro Carreño, a constitutionalist, trains in his mansion.
"It does not matter that we walk naked, it does not matter that they do not have food, here it is about saving the revolution" Hugo Chávez.

Pedro Carreño, a member of the National Constituent Assembly, posted a video on Instagram in which he performs exercises in a gymnasium inside his house in Caracas.

"To be rich is bad?: The luxurious private gym where Pedro Carreño, a constituent, trains inside his mansion," said Alberto Rodríguez, a Venezuelan journalist, on Twitter.

Through the recording on Instagram, Carreño could be observed exercising while using a treadmill inside his expansive home.

"It does not matter that we walk naked, it does not matter that they do not have to eat, here it is about saving the revolution, Hugo Chávez," journalist Rodríguez said on Twitter.

Carreño commented during a session in the constituent assembly that the "attack" against Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, was an act of terrorism.


Ah yes. While "El Pueblo" struggles to buy a potato to feed a family of four, and shoes are a luxury that even physicians and teachers cannot afford, the Constituents of Maduro live large, and by the looks of things, haven't missed many meals.



The Bolivar (VEB) was worth 564 to the dollar in February of 1999, when Hugo Chavez swept into power.

In 2008 (nine years) the currency was devalued, and renamed the Bolivar "Fuerte" (Strong Bolivar, VEF) when Chavez cut off 3 zeros from the currency.

In 3 days (August 20, 2018) the Bolivar Fuerte will be devalued again (Maduro will cut off 5 zeros), and be called the Bolívar Soberano (Sovereign Bolivar, VES)

A ONE BILLION PERCENT devaluation, and the new cash hasn't been introduced yet.

Another win for Chavismo and the Revolucion Bolivariana!

A week without electricity. No comment from the Chavista hierarchy.

Zulianos meet more than 140 hours without light

Emilys Sarache / Yalezsa Zavala / Aug 16, 2018.- After the high-voltage wiring that crosses the bridge over Lake Maracaibo collapsed, the inhabitants of the state of Zulia have already completed more than 140 hours without electric service.

But the blackouts are not a matter of a week ago. The region has been suffering constant interruptions of the electric service from 4 to 6 hours a day (in some areas even more) for eight months, with the government promises to solve the situation and with the thesis of sabotage as the main cause of the problem.

The municipalities that have been most affected are Maracaibo, Jesus Enrique Lossada, La Cañada de Urdaneta, Mara, some of the East Coast of the Lake and San Francisco, reported El Universal .

However, the engineer Winston Cabas, president of the Venezuelan Electric Power Association, said that in Maracaibo only one electric line works; that is to say, that the city only reaches between 200 and 300 megawatts of a consumption that could easily reach 1,600 megawatts. On multiple occasions he has said that the electricity crisis, not only in Maracaibo, but throughout Venezuela, is due to the lack of maintenance and investment of the plants.



Yes yes... Chavismo has a plan. The plan is for everyone to go back to the good old days of colonial Venezuela when beeswax candles were used for light and everyone was a sustenance farmer or worked as a peon and had no need for refrigeration.

iViva la Revolucion Bolivariana!

The water that the Venezuelan people drink, vs the water that Maduro drinks.

Inhabitants of Chacao: The water that comes to us is very little and unhealthy
August 15, 2018

translated from Spanish

Oleg Kostko 15 Aug 2018.- A group of residents of the municipality of Chacao denounced on Wednesday in a demonstration that the little water that reaches them through pipelines comes with turbid tones and unpleasant odors.

"Not only do we denounce the little water that comes to us but also the poor quality with which it does it, which is yellow water that smells brown, water that smells of water that it knows, water that I am sure they do not take in Miraflores", denounced the neighborhood leader Gabriel Santana in statements given to El Nacional

Santana warned that the consumption of such water can cause serious illness to those who consume or use it. "This is the water that all Venezuelans drink and that can cause diseases, can cause amoebiasis salmonella infections by bacteria and parasites that they bring," he said.

One of the people who was in the demonstration explained that there are already neighbors with intestinal diseases because of this water so the medicines to treat them are exhausted.

"The remedies to solve gastrointestinal problems are totally depleted and it is because the neighbors have been attacked by different ailments caused by the consumption of water that is obviously not potable."


Without a doubt, Maduro blames the nasty water problem on the vast conspiracies by the CIA and Colombia... not at all on the 19 years of infrastructure neglect at the hands of Chavismo.

Besides, isn't brown water like brown rice? Chock full of vitamins and minerals?

80% of Venezuelans want Maduro out and Chavismo GONE.

NATIONAL SENTIMENT! Antonio de la Cruz: "Luck is cast" for Maduro
Dolar Today / Aug 15, 2018 @ 9:56 pm

The polling company Meganálisis has just published the results of its August survey, in which they show the photograph of the political reality of Venezuela. It is a portrait of Venezuelan public opinion taken before the event known as "el dronazo".

The photograph of the political moment says that 8 out of 10 Venezuelans "want Maduro and Chavismo to leave Venezuela." The hyperinflation caused by the economic policies of the Plan de la Patria drown the pocket of Venezuelans. The inflation during the month of July reached 125% and the interannual 82.776%, according to the measurement of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

Likewise, the image captured by the opposition leadership indicates that almost the same proportion of Venezuelans (75.3%) blames the leaders of the Democratic Unity Table for the permanence of Nicolás Maduro in power, because "they coexist and keep him there. "Only one Venezuelan out of 10 thinks that "the people support him" -the images on the day of the supposed assassination reveal it-.

The lack of credibility, sincerity and competence in the leaders of the MUD to produce the change of government in Venezuela have undermined the confidence of the majority of Venezuelans in the traditional MUD politicians. The missed opportunities for the Maduro administration to leave the MUD leadership for the past three years have caused disconnection with the people. As a great friend he told me: "The political struggle of the MUD is more between the different leaders than by the seizure of power in Venezuela."

Faced with this void, product of the traditional political leadership of the country, 8 out of 10 Venezuelans believe that the Armed Forces must "convince Maduro to leave" -to renounce and open the way to a transition in Venezuela- for "well-being and future" of the Venezuelans. " In addition, they believe that traditional MUD politicians should "move away and disappear, allowing new leaders ('other faces') to lead the opposition struggle." And in this sense they recognize María Corina Machado as "the face" to lead "the new force or opposition unit." 40.7% believe in their leadership for the change, followed by Lorenzo Mendoza with 11.1%



The opposition is a curious thing. Despite the histrionics of the Marxist Leninists about how "right wing" the opposition in Venezuela is, it is decidedly leftist. What they would do, should Chavismo falter, is replace the failed paradigm with the SAME PARADIGM with themselves in the leadership role. Same sinking ship... different captain.

Venezuelans LOVED Chavez. He was charismatic, and he "got results" while the money was still rolling in... but he had the good luck of dying before the wheels came entirely off the Chavista train. He mortgaged everything up front, and now, like a Ponzi scam, it is all crashing down.

I still have a few relatives living there. They pine for "a new Chavez". Unfortunately, even Chavez himself wouldn't be able to plug the holes in the Venezuelan economic version of the Titanic.

Maduro calls young Venzuelans who have fled "beggars and slaves"... for cleaning toilets

Maduro labeled as "beggars" young people who have emigrated from Venezuela
The president indicated that the people who left were washing pocetas (toilets)

AUGUST 15, 2018 08:15 AM | UPDATED ON AUGUST 15, 2018 18:40 PM

President Nicolás Maduro called Venezuelan youths who have emigrated from the country "beggars."

The statements were made this Tuesday night during an event of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

"There are hundreds who left with the false offer of the right, who were going to enjoy the honeys of other countries, and ended up washing pocetas, like slaves and beggars," the president said.


So cleaning toilets is beneath a Chavista? My mother (a maid) cleaned toilets. I cleaned toilets during college (work study). I clean my toilets now. But Maduro seems to think that people earning an income cleaning bathrooms is far worse than staying in Venezuela and starving to death. Another win for Bolivarian Socialism!

It's official: Businesses must turn over 70% of production to Chavismo

Government orders in writing to entrepreneurs give 70% of production: denuncia Fedecámaras

The businessman said that the country's problem is not distribution, but production

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 5:28 a.m.

This decision feeds the informal market - of bachaqueros - of resale of goods, alerted the president of Fedecámaras, Carlos Larrazabal

What started as a rumor became reality. The first circulars already exist: the Venezuelan government ordered entrepreneurs, in writing, to deliver 70% of their production. One of the circulars bears the signature of the Minister of Food, the military Luis Alberto Medina, and was sent on August 8.

This implies that 7 out of 10 products will, in theory, go to the public network.

"That has already been said in meetings, and being passed in writing that 70% of production has to go to the formal channels and tiered pricing", confirmed Contrapunto Carlos Larrazabal, president of FEDECAMARAS.

Larrazábal assured that the country's problem is not one of distribution, but of production, and he recalled that the agricultural sector "is only sowing 70% of the cultivable areas" while the industrial sector works at less than 30% of its capacity.

He also warned that official channels are the source of goods for "bachaqueros". "We will begin to see, more and more, that it is through the informal channels that food arrives."

When the Government called the unions to talk about the agreed prices of 50 products -measured that did not materialize- the unions "raised the inconvenience" of the delivery of 70%, but judging from the circulars "they have already begun to formalize this requirement "

More than forcing the Government to give 70% of its production, Fedecámaras proposes to encourage production "to have products, to return to the Venezuelan culture of before". Otherwise, it will only be "administer the shortage", he anticipated.


Another great victory for Bolivarian Socialism!
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