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GaYellowDawg's Journal
GaYellowDawg's Journal
July 23, 2024

They are ridiculous

TFG: Biden is unfit!

Repblicans: Biden is unfit!

RiNCel: Biden is unfit!

Washed up 90's personalities at RiNCel: bluh bluh Trumpamania Brandon

Biden: Fine. Get you some Kamala.

Republicans: ... WTF... uh... uh... ohshit dogwhistle?...uh... uh... COUP!!

July 23, 2024

Okay, I am ALL IN for Josh Shapiro as VP.

On edit: sorry for the gaffe! I hear you, PN is NOT a Midwestern state. I also corrected "state" to "commonwealth." Now that we have the geographical corrections out of the way, how about the rest of what I said?

I saw his press conference. Extremely sharp, witty, charismatic, and he brings us a huge swing commonwealth, with the type of pro-union aura that should be appealing to much of the Midwest. I really like Mark Kelly, but he's nowhere near Shapiro in terms of charisma and energy. I think if we're going to appeal as the youthful ticket, we need someone as energetic as possible. I also think he would beat up on Vance a whole lot better than Kelly, and I even think he'd beat up on Vance as well as Buttigieg.

Check this out.

July 22, 2024

I said it in a reply, but I'll say it again: fire the FEC chair.

He doesn't think that VP Harris can have President Biden's campaign funds and that it's "really complicated."


Well, fire the motherfucker.

1. Cite Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Myers v. United States, and fire him.
2. Appoint a never-Trumper Republican interim.
3. Nominate a replacement after the election.

Sorry for all the errors and edits. I got fired up and posted too quickly.

July 22, 2024

I go back and forth.

I'm furious on President Biden's behalf but deeply appreciative of his willingness to try to keep Trump from the White House at his own cost.

I'm very worried about what AOC live streamed about there being no plan, but am grateful to see so much momentum (Joementum?) for VP Harris. She may be all the plan we need.

I'm very worried about legal challenges. You know Brett Kavanaugh in particular would be ecstatic to deny VP Harris the presidency because she ran circles around him and made him look like a complete buffoon during his confirmation hearing.

I really like, respect, and admire VP Harris. I was planning on voting for her in the 2020 primary but didn't get to. I was ecstatic when President Biden chose her. I'd be very happy with President Kamala Harris.

I think she's incredibly smart. I also have the strong impression she's got the humility to seek out the advice from the savviest operatives moving forward.

She's the one candidate who could give me hope. I was ridin' with Biden. I'll holla for Kamala.

July 21, 2024

I am furious, hurt, and very apprehensive.

I hate this. I've been disenfranchised. I am always going to resent every Democrat who called for President Biden to step aside.

I hate authoritarianism a great deal more. I hate Christian nationalism a great deal more. I hate the Republican Party and its inexcusable support of an inexcusable man a great deal more. And I hate Donald Trump everything he is, and everything he represents worst of all.

So whomever we nominate by whatever process, they'll have my full support.

July 19, 2024

I hope Lou Dobbs wasn't embalmed.

If he wasn't embalmed, then he could serve as fertilizer and finally be useful to the world around him.

July 18, 2024

Maybe this is how you could get a bunch of college students to the polls for us

Project 2025 proposes to eliminate the Department of Education.

FAFSA is a part of the DOE. Trump will get rid of FAFSA and they have no detailed plan to replace the mechanism for getting your financial aid. Administrators at your college are unlikely to be able to help you much because they'll have to try to adapt to a stripped-down system that will differ widely from state to state.

I'd love to point this out to someone higher up and get this huge publicity at the convention and galvanize college kids. I'll bet even the most vociferous college protestors would shut the fuck up and vote for Biden if they knew their financial aid would completely tank under a Trump regime, and that even the most disengaged students would register damn quickly.

Is there any chance at all that any politician who has any kind of pull would take a suggestion from someone without six figures attached to their name?

July 17, 2024

Why are some people intent on continuing to rehash the candidacy thing?

President Biden won the nomination.

He has said repeatedly he's going to remain the nominee.

It doesn't matter what Adam Schiff or any other Democrat has to say about it. It doesn't matter who on this board would rather have someone else. It is down to President Biden or Donald Trump, and it doesn't fucking matter what you want, that's the choice. Live with it. People have to vote for someone other than their first choice in every single Presidential election. Get the fuck over it, get the fuck in line, and save your completely irrelevant complaints and "concerns" until AFTER THE ELECTION.

Vote for President Biden, give him every bit of your energy, and quit wasting everyone's time and energy with bullshit about wanting someone else. All you're doing is giving legs to something that should have gone away some time ago, and makes the odds better that Trump wins. Which means that you're either not a Democrat, or you're a goddamn stupid one. You're part of the Trump problem either way. At some point, you have to get the fuck over yourself and position behind defeating Trump and MAGA. And that means complete support of the only actual alternative: President Biden.

I submit that posts questioning President Biden's candidacy constitute a harmful criticism of President Biden, harm to the party, and harm to the nation.

July 16, 2024

Normally I try to be at least somewhat of an optimist

But it's hit me hard today. I don't know if we can fix this country.

They've got the courts, they've got their own vast propaganda machine, they've got their churches, they've got a disaffected media.

I think Joe Biden is the best President of my lifetime, to drag the nation out of the Trump wreckage to get it to where it is now. I have faith that he's an excellent leader, I have faith that he can win this election - but there's so much against him. The Supreme Court, the billionaires, the right-wing propaganda machine, and a media that is so stupid that they're willing to pout away democracy because he hasn't given them enough interviews or whatever foolishness.

The main reason I despair for this country comes down to 2 reasons: 1) the propaganda machine and 2) the Christian church. Right wing radio at least used to be fringe, and then G. Gordon Liddy and Rush Limbaugh got mainstreamed. There was a constant drumbeat and violent rhetoric in the 90's that started the moment that Bill Clinton got elected. It culminated in the Oklahoma City bombing. Every one of the hate purveyors showed no remorse, said it wasn't their fault, and went right back to business as usual. When 9/11 happened, I was actually surprised that it wasn't right-wing domestic terrorism. But there's been a drumbeat of hate and violence pushed in every kind of media that exists, and it only gets ratcheted up when Democrats have the nerve to win elections. It is unceasing. It has limitless funds. It has no remorse, no conscience, only a naked lust for power and violence that cloaks itself in the flag and the cross.

And then there's the Christian church. I used to be Christian, but I couldn't stomach being part of a religion that would spend so much energy finding people to hate and oppress. Churchgoers hear a constant anti-liberal, anti-science, dehumanizing grievance message from the pulpit. Everyone but the "right" kind of Christian is of the devil. The "end times" are here. Our enemies are tools of the devil. (insert Democratic politician here) is the Antichrist. It is not a religion of love and tolerance, unless you're a part of the group. If you are, then Jesus and them love you because you came to the right place. If you're not, then you might as well not really be human to them.

The main product of all of the hate radio and hate "news" and hate sermons is anger. There's so much anger in this country. It's great for Republicans. Stoke it, pick the target or issue of your choice, stoke it some more, and ride the wave. It's great for preachers. The world is evil! Come to church, it's your only refuge. It puts butts in the seats and money in the offering plate, and lets preachers justify all the money they get for their churches and themselves. So they stoke the anger, too.

It's not just a temporary thing. Right-wing media and fundamentalists have fed the fire until it has become this enormous, ravenous beast, lurching around in search of a target. And the billionaire class, who controls the media, benefits by keeping everyone else angry and in search of a new target. Fundamentalism prospers from the rage. Always someone new to hate and inveigle against and feel morally superior to!

The worst thing is, the modern MAGA conservatives are addicted to their anger. Absolutely addicted. I fear that the only people who could stop this are the ones stoking it. Since they have nothing in their hearts but lust for power, and they derive it from the anger, they will never do anything but amplify it. I fear that the moral universe has no arc any more. I'm sorry if this is depressing. I just don't know how America recovers from Trump, Fox News, fundamentalist churches, and billionaires.

On edit: but fuck those motherfuckers, I'm still voting.

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