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Member since: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 11:44 AM
Number of posts: 8,971

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D2 Men's - Gannon Univ. - new head coach!

My relative-by-marriage, the (former) Asst Head Coach of the NCAA D2 Champion Nova Southeastern Sharks, has been named Head Coach of the Gannon U (Erie PA) Golden Knights! They’ll have to move to Erie from Ft. Lauderdale 🥶. [link:https://gannonsports.com/news/2023/4/12/mens-basketball-gannon-university-hires-jordan-fee-as-next-mens-basketball-head-coach.aspx|


Undefeated season!!

Halftime - Nova 55, W Liberty 48

Exciting game it could go any way! Go Sharks!! My grandson (9 months) is in the bleachers with his parents and sound asleep 😴

Div II (Men's) - Sharks to the Finals!!

Nova Southeastern Sharks will play West Liberty University (WV) in the Div II Finals, Sat 3/25 at 3 pm! Season record 34-0. What a season! My son’s BIL is Asst. Head Coach of the Sharks.

Div II Men's Final Four

Nova Southeastern Sharks vs Cal State University at San Bernardino, tomorrow (3/23) at 5:30. Go Sharks!! Undefeated so far this year!
I’m a little prejudiced as the Asst Head Coach of the Sharks is my son’s BIL.

Thank you for the ❤️!!

DU is my “safe place” and a reminder that there still ARE sane people in the world.

Patriotic music in church

…I HATE patriotic music in church. As a female, *especially now.* Can’t think of a time I’ve felt less like celebrating this country and our so-called freedom.
I belong to an ELCA church and most of the congregation is pretty liberal-minded that I can tell, and we have a woman pastor. But there’s a long tradition there of patriotic music on the weekend closest to the 4th. We get the weekly bulletin via email…yup. This Sunday.
I hate missing church 2 weeks in a row and I wasn’t there last week. I have no “obligations” (bell choir, lector, etc) this week and I honestly think no one will miss me. I might even tell the choir director, who’s a good friend and will probably agree with me (he doesn’t have final say on the hymn selections) why I’m sitting out this week
What say you, DU churchgoers? Do I have permission to play hooky on Sunday?

Things I learned on Fox this morning

If the general public had known about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020, Trump would have definitely won.
The LBGTQ Agenda in schools is a well-organized program designed to alienate children from their parents to create the next generation of radicals.
This was only in 5 minutes til I gently suggested to my hairdresser that I wanted to watch Hallmark movies.
We really do live in 2 different countries.

FB Community Standards??!!

A RWNJ “friend” just posted a pic of Joe and Kamala, with a pic of the Lincoln convertible - same model that JFK was assassinated in - with the caption “Those two would look good in here.” Not only did I un-friend him but I reported the meme to FB, whose response was “the photo does not violate our Community Standards.”
Advocating that the President and VP should be assassinated does not “violate their standards”?? What does, then? I’ve been thrown in “jail” for WAY less. Truly WTF.

Thank you for the ♥️ !!

So nice on such a depressing day for us. I come here all the time for a sanity break.
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