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Fred Drum

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Member since: Thu May 1, 2014, 03:20 AM
Number of posts: 293

Journal Archives

phone controlled drone swarm's

i'll go back to sleep, wake me up singularity

for what its worth

young people speaking their minds

wish people would listen

Maher on 28 pages

killing someone is better than not killing nobody

vengeance is mine , sayeth myself

edit: motherfuckers cant admit we killed people for nothing

how can hillary not pick bernie for veep

HBO prescient

Apple, FBI to face off at House hearing on encryption

who will win, who will lose

i'm betting me and you both


minimum wage

and maximum wage , compare and contrast

once again......s.randall thomas

5 months old, still good

with more than 3 million germans in poverty...

would it make sense to employ more in the nuclear weapons industry?

or would that be a bad idea


also, social programs can do good, or maybe minimum income

why is it assumed the FULL REPORT on torture

can not be released

the fight over the REDACTED summary was bitter, surely the full report could answer any questions
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