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Fluke a Snooker

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Member since: Sat Oct 8, 2016, 04:46 PM
Number of posts: 163

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Expat progressive trying to make it in the smaller snooker clubs.

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Best way to introduce intra-Democratic discussion issues

I am an unabashed progressive, and I would like tips on how to improve Democratic Party discussions to include promoting the ideas of one Democrat over those of another. I am fully aware that "attacks" on sitting Democrats are not allowed in the forum, and am very aware that Republicans would like nothing better than to highlight those differences to denigrate BOTH Democrats. Sometimes, when we have ideals that need to be met, we select our candidates and representation based upon those ideals, and in the pursuit of those ideals we unwittingly ruffle the wrong feathers.

I'm relatively new here, but I did want to remain in everyone's good graces while putting out my opinions. So rather than argue specifically my ideals, which may not be OTHER Democrat's ideals (for instance, I want to progress to a globally-enforced progressive society that transcends borders, enforces race and ethnic equalization, environmental protectionism, etc.), what would be the best way to respectfully disagree with someone who is a Democrat?

Probably the best way would be to refer me to threads with such discussions. Thanks to all for making my experience here among friends a wonderful experience. I appreciate any other recommendations as well.

EDIT: I forgot that I had ad-blocking. Until I can afford to pay for a membership here, I will unblock all ads for Democratic Underground, and recommend others do the same.
Posted by Fluke a Snooker | Fri Jul 14, 2017, 11:46 AM (0 replies)

Great pre-school book: A is for Activist!

What a find! I was looking for material I could recommend to my nephew who just turned 4 years old and is showing a lot of intelligence, already doing math! After seeing how horrifically popular Rush Limbaugh's talking horse / white oppressionist-based children's book series with his ugly mug on every cover was, I searched a bit more and found this gem: A is for Activist!

Here is a great review: http://www.aisforactivist.com/nyt-childrens-primers-court-the-littlest-radicals/

We NEED to approach EVERY teacher and EVERY preschool administrator to order as many books as possible. If you can get government grants to pay for them all the better! If we can get all our kids reading this book by the time they are in school, everything would be so much better.
Posted by Fluke a Snooker | Wed Jul 12, 2017, 02:07 PM (0 replies)

Let's get behind Kamala Harris for President now!

Without a doubt, Kamala Harris is the most qualified person in America to be our next president. The freshman senator from California has already proven her political acumen, her progressive bonafides, and her refreshing outlook that brings out the dynamic presence that only Barack Obama has shown, along with the ability to complete the interrupted transformation of this country from its capitalist oppression to the fully progressive, global integrating society that is necessary for the total harmony and the elimination of the GOP as a force for all time.

Kamala is all the right attributes: Female, progressive, person of color, and a representative of our most progressive state in the nation: California. She resonates positively across all factions, is someone that the media can promote with conscience-free exhilaration, and work well with all Democrats and even progressive-leaning Republicans (at least the ones that will be left).

Kamala will have the ability, ALONG with the popular agenda to turn back all of Trump's (or Pence's) executive orders, reinstating Obama's executive orders, and working with a definite 2020 Democratic-majority Senate and House to finally get single-payer off the ground, restore fair and sustantial tax hikes not just on income, but also on dividends, enact a 90% estate tax, reduce the size of the military, and most importantly, reinstate our immigration policies that will facilitate the population trend to reduce whites to a true minority.

I realize we are two years away from the start of the presidential primary season, but lets start NOW and promote her here. If you all think it's too early, then let me remind you: Had Bernie Sanders basically started HIS presidential campaign a year earlier, he would have been president as he would have easily overcome the oppressive Super Delegate system that the Democrats have stupidly kept in place, and would not have had the (admittedly overhyped) problems that Hillary Clinton brought. And lets face it: WHO is more qualified, more photogenic, more youthful, more experienced, and more progressive than Kamala at the national level? In short, getting behind Kamala now will SEND A MESSAGE to the DNC that WE NEED REAL DIVERSITY, and REAL PROGRESSIVE VALUES.

Kamala Harris, President-Elect, 2020... MAKE IT SO!!
Posted by Fluke a Snooker | Mon Jul 3, 2017, 06:26 PM (42 replies)

Need some help with arguing a point

I follow snooker religiously (DUH!), particularly the World Championships happening in Sheffield, UK. One of the players, Rory McLeod, is a devout Muslim, who are not allowed to shake the hands of women. The judge in the match in which he beat Judd Trump was female. During the match, it is customary for competitors to shake hands with each other at various points of the match, predominantly the beginning and the end.

A repuke I know said that if someone would have refused to shake McLeod's hand because he was a Muslim, the other person would have been criticized, but McLeod was justified in not shaking her hand. I told him that Muslims were the most oppressed religion in the Western World, and had every right to follow his conscience, and in fact had every right to not shake the female judge's hand. But he asked what if someone refused to shake Rory's hand? I told him it would be outright bias at the very least, and in fact should be reprimanded at the strongest possible level, to include banning him from professional and organized snooker altogether.

He told me I was a hypocrite! Would you believe him?? In any case, I wanted to ask the great people here what I should do to respond to such arguments in the future. Thanks.
Posted by Fluke a Snooker | Thu Apr 20, 2017, 03:52 PM (6 replies)

How do you deal with non-progressives in society?

This is a serious question. It is getting to a point where if I have to interact in any capacity with anyone who is not a progressive, my adrenaline runs faster, and if I have to talk with or even be in the vicinity of a non-progressive Republican (redundancy, I know), I actually start to feel triggered and I get very wary, even in normally non-confrontational situations. For instance, at the place where I play snooker, I tend to treat non-progressives with colder resolve and less civility during our frames, even if other outwardly appearances don't reflect this unease.

This is something I've only noticed since I've seen the insidious racial hatred toward Obama, and has accelerated beyond the point where it is easily negated through exercise or meditation. Since I, a rational person, feel the effects, I know it affects others here as well.
Posted by Fluke a Snooker | Sun Apr 9, 2017, 12:06 PM (24 replies)

New here...let's break this Fluke Snooker Trump!!

Hey, everyone, new here. I'm an American who loves snooker, and if anyone knows what my user name means, I'll save you the trouble of googling it. Snooker is essentially pool played on a large table with half-sized pockets that combines elements of eight-ball with nine-ball. In short, snooker is to pool what chess is to checkers, where defense (preventing opponents from easy shots) is just as important as offense (pocketing, or "potting" balls to score points). At the elite professional level, it is especially important to prevent someone from getting an "easy starter," or easy shot that sets them up for a big "break," or run, that usually ends with the winning of the "frame," or game. The namesake of the game, snooker, is actually named after the shot that results in making a shot in which your opponent's turn, he is blocked from hitting the object ball without going cushion first, or "snookered."

"Fluke a snooker" is a common phrase in which a player tries to make a shot, misses, but luckily the ball ends up in a place where the opponent doesn't have a shot at his object ball. Usually snookers are done purposefully, but in this case it was a happy accident. This is also a metaphor into how Trump became president...he essentially "Fluked" his way in and now we are all "snookered." It is up to us now to break the snooker.

Ironically, my once-favorite player is Judd Trump. He is not now, through no fault of his own but for his own descendency from the Drumpf clan.
Posted by Fluke a Snooker | Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:47 PM (3 replies)
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