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So. Was seated next to Robert Duvall the other night at a northern Virginia-area restaurant

Well, not *next* to him as in having dinner with him, but the restaurant is a series of rows of booths, each set of two booths separated by a low wall. My husband and I were having dinner in one booth, and Duvall and his wife were in the booth on the other side of the little low wall with some friends.

Was unexpected. I used to see a lot of people randomly when I lived in LA. But the only other person I've seen in the area where we now live (well, I heard him and only saw the back of his head because he was seated right behind me) was Sen. John Kerry, late last year.

I didn't talk to either one of them - they're in their private lives, so I leave them alone. But I grinned like an idiot for a few minutes.

Anyone famous you've seen lately in a completely random setting (meaning - you didn't go to an event to see the person)?
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