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Profile Information

Name: Michelle AbdusShakur
Gender: Female
Hometown: Brooklyn
Home country: United States
Current location: United States
Member since: Sun Jan 24, 2016, 11:05 PM
Number of posts: 174

About Me

Transgender woman of color who wants to live in a world where schools and libraries have enough money and the Defense department requires yearly bake sales to update their missiles.

Journal Archives


As a transgender woman of color the name calling and insults have increased for me personally and as a whole throughout the nation. I have been on hormones for nearly ten years and next year will complete more surgeries and it may well be moot if this administration defines and codified laws leading to more violence against those of us who are transgender.

And I now see

why you are married to the POS. As Alec Baldwin would say in Glengarry Glen Ross


Reading the letter

Both parties were mentioned negatively. I'm thinking false flag also for the record.

I agree

I agree wholeheartedly. One such discussion I've had a person referred to Ann Coulter as Mann Coulter. As a transgender woman these types of name calling can be hurtful. I also disagree with Ann, but calling her a transgender person as an insult really insults all of us.

My two cents anyway.


To say this when you are FLOTUS is disgusting.

What of the kids who are gay, or transgender, or have been abused or are being abused lessens their hurt. Those kids and teens who commit suicide or attempt it, all while she lays with the biggest bully.

Now I know why they are together. Both narcissistic greedy woe is me garbage.

Bring back the Fairness Doctrine

Allowing equal opportunity and time to different viewpoints.

Bingo RW radio and Fox news will be challenged and maybe even stifled

Hillary is right...we can disagree but we must agree on fighting back and I say with more vigor and tenacity than in years past.

Just my thoughts IMHO

That's amazing

To actually think a hurricane is fake.....

Knowledge is Key

The media should inform but I believe everyone should be thinking as well. They do remember 2008 and the financial crises known as The Great Recession?
They do remember who was President and how when he left the office the country was booming?

Saw this too

Another day, another Republican man demanding his damn privilege to speak over a woman.

I think so....

I've posted my thoughts and think that Sessions may be fired but unsure if Graham will go into that spot. He's got 4 more years as senator and that would be rough to give up while dealing with Spanky and Truth aint truth Rudy.
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