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Member since: Fri Mar 17, 2017, 04:32 AM
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The Starbucks thing...

I'm having trouble condemning the company and police on this one.

I grant that the store manager might have been a racist, but that is probably something we will never actually know for sure. It is also something that the company probably doesn't know for sure, which means it will be tough to fire them on the basis of this incident alone.

As to the company, if there is a policy where you must buy something in order to hang out (which seems reasonable, btw), then it seems like that policy was being enforced. If that policy is enforced un-evenly then that is a problem, but it is very difficult for me personally to know how it is enforced, since if a white person were removed it wouldn't be in the news.

As to the police, once the store manager says the two guys are trespassing, then the police HAVE TO remove them. That is their job. They could be the most racist/supremacist officers known to man, and it would still be their job to remove the two guys who refused to leave. If the guys refused their order, then an arrest would happen.

What am I missing about this story that is making people talk of boycotts?

UPDATE: The two men are speaking out: (http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-starbucks-arrest-20180419-story.html)

"Seattle-based Starbucks Corp. has said the location where the arrests occurred has a policy that restrooms are for paying customers only."

"Nelson said they weren't questioned but were told to leave immediately." (by the cops)
- This makes the cops look much worse, like they didn't even try to ask the men to leave before starting to order them around.

The funny thing about PenFed...

I just got a new PenFed savings account in order to become a member and get a car loan.

I try to log in this morning (4am eastern) and the website tells me it isn't open yet.

Does the PenFed website really have to keep bankers hours just like a brick-and-mortar bank? LOL!

A little judo for Republicans re: video games and guns

I say we immediately confiscate guns from any gun owner who cannot prove he or she has never played a violent video game.

Violent video games are *sooooo* bad, and yet any ban on said games would only affect future gun owners. We need immediate action to ensure current gun owners are also not influenced by those nasty games...
Posted by ExciteBike66 | Fri Mar 9, 2018, 09:39 AM (2 replies)

My brother used to annoy me all the time when we were younger...

When we were kids, my younger brother knew how to push my buttons. He knew that repetition of any annoying phrase or song would get to me eventually, especially when we were trapped together on long car rides.

Looks like Guillaumeb has been talking to my brother:


A Pats fan despite the reputation for "loving" Trump...

I have seen it asked a number of times over the past two years: "How can you support the Patriots when they are Trump-humpers"?

1.) Kraft is a friend of Trumps, sure. Brady might also be one, but that doesn't mean that the entire team supports Trump. It also doesn't even mean that Kraft or Brady support Trump's current policies or rhetoric.

2.) How many other owners in the NFL are Trump-humpers? How many don't like Trump but would support any other Republican politician? How many players would do the same?

3.) Regardless of what team wins (including the Pats), we all get to eagerly await the vocal no-shows for the traditional meeting with the president. Furthermore, since Brady is "known" to be friendly with Trump, it is even more sweet when he decides not to attend the meeting with the president (regardless of his stated reasons).

Donald Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, has never visited the Statue of Liberty

That is one major twist I gleaned from his comment asking why people from "s***hole countries" come here.

My thought on this is that the people from those countries understand America a lot better than its current President.

In Jose Canseco's defense...

he did take a baseball to the head once. He should claim CTE made him tweet...


I was sad to see his whole tweetstorm, he was my favorite player when I was a kid...

The crowd at the Christmas Tree Lighting...

I have seen some back-and-forth here about how large the crowd was at the Christmas Tree lighting this year.

The only photo I have seen shows many empty seats, but some suggest that that photo was taken early in the event.

Since Trump is so concerned about his crowd sizes, you can be absolutely certain that he would take pains to document whether or not a large crowd showed up. He has photographers working on his staff and so does the NPS.

Thus, if the crowd were truly not tiny, Trump would be tweeting out pics of the full crowd constantly. Since he is not, we can safely assume the crowd was small. That said, perhaps he is waiting to release said pics?

Furthermore, Fox (State) News has already gone into damage control, with a story about how many times there are no-shows for this event.
Posted by ExciteBike66 | Fri Dec 1, 2017, 08:48 AM (5 replies)

Interesting fact I just learned about Christmas in America.

Every year, conservatives bemoan the fact that while this has "always" been a nation "Under God", some people these days do not say "Merry Christmas".

In reading my latest acquisition from the public library, a book called "The English and their history", I came upon a part dealing with the English Civil War where it is said that the Puritans actually outlawed Christmas in areas under their control.

This had me look up our early American history, and sure enough the Puritan settlers (i.e. the epitome of American colonists in our own popular histories) did not celebrate Christmas and indeed outlawed it.

Thus, when us gosh-durned libruls have the temerity to utter "Happy Holidays", we are actually following the very first Christmas tradition of our own country. Conservatives who demand we say "Merry Christmas" are actually demanding that we deviate from our earliest Christmas traditions!

The whole UCLA player shoplifting thing...

Let me understand this. The UCLA players did in fact commit a crime, and Trump got them off the hook with no consequences (in China, at least)? Are we supposed to applaud Trump's use of a "get-out-of-jail-free" card in this instance? Something doesn't feel right about that to me. I mean, if these kids had done this on UCLA's campus, and were given a pass based on their status as athletes, we wouldn't be cool with that, right?

Is it because China's punishment may have been harsher than for a similar circumstance in the US?
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