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EveHammond13's Journal
EveHammond13's Journal
February 24, 2020

trump's approval numbers are being boosted by MASSIVE digital media campaign

that has been going on for 3 years, non-stop, with vile creep Brad Parscale behind it

without that he would be in the gutter. but we don't live in fantasy world. we live in a world where trump is using Facebook, Google and Twitter to buy the election. With lies.

February 24, 2020

do people not understand that logic doesn't work on voters???

what works is rhetoric, propaganda, repeated 1000 times, in digital ads and other media

read Lakoff. Please. Read any cognitive scientist.

please can we grow up.

February 24, 2020

Are we really just going to ignore data on the voters we need and just "go with our hearts"

So selfish, childish, self-indulgent, immature, naive, and dumb.

If you're not running to WIN, then why bother.

This is a base PLUS election. Whoever gets those PLUS voters, wins. You better believe trump is targeting EACH of those PLUS voters with 1000 targeted --- tailored ---- FB ads each. And he started 2 years ago. 2 years ago.

If we're not going after those PLUS voters, just to the right of the center, who voted for Obama then trump, then WE WILL LOSE. And they DON'T want Medicare for ALL. And they DON'T praise Fidel Castro.

The election is already OVER in 35 states. Don't pander to CA. It's over there. Don't pander to NY or OR. Election is over there. Over!

This election is in the swing counties of WI, MI, PA, AZ.

You don't go after the PLUS voters by telling them your pie in the sky dreams of a progressive utopia. You make it about THEIR dreams. This is the basics of sales 101.

February 23, 2020

$750M dollars of granular targeted FB advertising will go toward socialist fear-mongering

and it will go to the reddish swing-state counties that we need to win

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