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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,172

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Resources to file a Bar complaint against Matt Gaetz:


As an official arm of the Florida Supreme Court, The Florida Bar and its Department of Lawyer Regulation are charged with administering a statewide disciplinary system to enforce Supreme Court rules of professional conduct for its more than 105,000 members. The Florida Bar accepts complaints against attorneys, investigates those complaints and prosecutes attorneys who engage in unethical conduct.


For individuals who are unsure if a lawyer has acted ethically or who are dissatisfied and wish to consider whether filing a complaint may be appropriate, The Florida Bar operates the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP). ACAP staff, including attorneys, handle complaints and may be able to resolve problems before a complaint is filed. The ACAP telephone number is toll-free: 1-866-352-0707.

For public record information regarding any Florida Bar attorney, members of the public are asked to contact The Florida Bar via email at LRInfo@floridabar.org.

Obstruction of Justice
Witness Tampering
Violation of National Security/Violation of SCIF Security
REPEATED offenses - has not learned from his prior disciplinary cases

Trump considers self in "hospitality" biz? Guess that's why he maliciously slanders HRC...

immigrants, the Squad, African-American athletes, civil rights heroes, Democrats, Members of Congress...


What a hospitable host.

these people are completely lost for a generation


Funny TripAdvisor review for Trump Doral

I was here for a business trip with an extra spa day. The grounds (lovely) are very spread out and you will pay extra for parking and just about everything else! Water, fees, tips, etc. So even if you get a great room rate, everything else will add up. Even golf carts to get around $$.

Decor: I found the overall vibe tacky, very Dynasty style, a bit worn out, lots of throw pillows, lots of gold. The linens were not luxe, this is not a chic place. The room was a bit musty. People who have never stayed anyplace nice might think this is true luxury, but it is not a true 5-star, not even really a 4-star. This is not the Mandarin. Paper cups abound.

No serenity: Our room in the Tiger Woods !! Villa was NOT quiet. Thin walls. Worst of all, the entire property is in the flightpath of the airport, so the noise is fairly constant. No sleeping in.

Overall: The location is isolated, so if not here for golf it's a bit of a waste. The mediocre quality of the food, the spa, and the rooms do not make up for location. The staff tried hard but were not overly professional. Again, this is not really a luxury resort. Hospitality is an art, and I don't think anyone in the Trump family has mastered it. Go elsewhere.


This place is like what a child with no sense of taste would create to make something seem nice. There is only so much you can polish a turd. The staff, while seemingly nice people, donít give the impression they are happy to work there. The place is in need of a major renovation before I would recommend it.

John Barron?

The only hotel I will book in Miami. Service is consistently 5 Star, I book this hotel for business as well as personal. At least 12 times per year. From the bell staff (especially Pensy) to the check in staff, to the food and beverage staff in both restaraunts, service is perfect. From name recognition to my food preferences, etc., always so friendly and accomodating LK/Naples, FL

Tulsi Gabbard appears on Fox News (Tucker Carlson) to attack Hillary Clinton


so if the same group of dead-enders are following trump from rally to rally doesn't that mean

that local support is less than it seems?

It's just him, slopping virtually the same group of crazy hogs but in a different location every week...

Hunter Biden has been interviewed more than Jared and Ivanka combined.

Go on OFFENSE in a way the Bidens can't - read and share InvestigateIvanka.com

If Biden were to attack Ivanka she would play the victim card in a nanosecond.

It's harder for her to do that when the attacks are coming from all directions.

There is a running clearinghouse of Ivanka's criminal and unethical actions at


tweet and share with #InvestigateIvanka

get under trump's skin in the worst way possible - bring all the scrutiny down on Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump is using nepotism to block investigations into accusations of grifting, corruption, self-enrichment, criminal activity and other unethical
behavior. Nepotism compromises national security and erodes democracy.

Because she chose to take a senior position in the White House, Ivanka is complicit in every action of her father and the Trump administration. This includes the kidnapping and abuse of children at the border, sexism, racism, threats, incitement, propaganda, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, corruption and treason.

The American People demand accountability. No one is above the law. Call Congress: (202) 224-3121


Open Borders - inviting other countries to ratf*ck our elections

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