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Equinox Moon

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Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Mar 22, 2016, 07:43 PM
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I believe we are stewards of the earth, not landlords.

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Philosophical political activism & sacred activism.

Social justice topic starts @11 min into video, which leads into talking about Martin Luther King Jr.
“All I am saying is that life is interrelated.” MLK

"If we change the world view, we change the world. Let’s planetize the movement. Let’s build a movement that connects ecology, social justice, and cosmology using the power of dream, the power of story, the power of art and the power of action." ~Drew Dellinger

The eco-philosopher Joanna Macy has stated that, “the sense of connectedness with all beings is politically subversive in the extreme.” In this talk, Drew Dellinger will explore the links between changing our worldview and changing the world. By examining the world-views of connection and mutuality present in all traditional cultures, we can better recognize the cosmology of separation and exploitation underlying the modern West’s ecologically and socially destructive philosophies and practices.

This talk gives an overview of the ecological and cosmological vision of Thomas Berry, the wisdom of Indigenous and African traditions, the worldview of Martin Luther King Jr., and the emerging movements for social and ecological transformation as examples of what Dellinger calls, “a cosmology of connection.”

Living in a thoroughly interconnected cosmos challenges us to act with compassion, discernment, and ethical integrity. From personal transformation, to collective social change, the ontological nonduality of existence calls us to recognize systemic injustice and deepen our expressions of prophetic courage, healing, and loving-kindness.

Drew Dellinger Ph.D., is a poet, teacher, writer and speaker who has
inspired minds and hearts around the world, performing poetry and
keynoting on justice, ecology, cosmology and compassion. He is also a consultant, publisher, and founder of Planetize the Movement Press. http://www.drewdellinger.org

In front of Trump hotel - Karim Sulayman stands with courage

Karim Sulayman is signing the song in this video.


One woman wrote, "If I watched this every day, I will be a better person."

Hello, my name is Karim and I am an Arab-American. Like many people who are Black, Brown, women, LGBTQIA, Latinx, Muslim, Jewish, immigrants and other, I am very scared. We are anxious and uneasy in our own country and it's difficult to see what lies ahead for us. But I have hope that I am safe with you. Together we can build a community of caring rather than one of fear. You can trust me to care for you no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you are from. Will you embrace me as willingly as I embrace you?

Will you shake my hand and/or hug me and or take a photo of me and post it as a sign that I am safe here with you?



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Cost of War - New Bernie Ad - with Tulsi Gabbard

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