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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 787

Journal Archives

Rest assured Putin and his crime circle are right now drawing up plans

to protect their prize asset in the WH. We just donít yet know what form it will take, or what degree of coordination it will require by dotard.

There is , l guess, what one could possibly call a new national

and political pride in the air. A big part of the continued hard work ahead is to defeat the GOP plan that allows them to use all their voter suppression tactics that allow a dwindling minority to rule, not govern, the majority, and feed dollars to their 1%. We have to recognize that we are in fact dealing with a criminal enterprise. The mob boss and the syndicate that allows him to operate is going to be neutered.

In the final analysis this has been a good election for us Democrats. The

Repugs controlled most of the levers of power, and used it to rig the entire voting process at all levels to try to perpetuate their power. Yet we were able to take back the House and put ourselves in a position to demand accountability and decency. This is just the beginning. The work begins for 2020, and we now have a much clearer picture of how the minority votes managed to be translated into majority power by the Repugs. We are going to persevere, and we are going to win - again.

Mueller is very good at playing the Washington game. Do not be too

surprised if when the shoe indeed drops it is much more than the prevailing expectation.

Absolutely disgraceful that is happening in a country that claims

the moral authority to spread democracy worldwide. This is so much more than a mere contradiction. Republicans have much to answer for.

Every rally from day one has been part of setting the stage for civil unrest

designed to perpetuate and expand his power and personality cult. He does not work for this nation. He works for Putin, and for his own megalomaniac ambitions. He sees his immediate family as a future ruling dynasty ensuring immeasurable wealth and power spanning the globe.

It constantly amazes me that reporters like Katie Hunt are allowed to

let political hacks constantly spin what we all know are the raw facts into some sort of false equivalency that pollutes the professionalism of the media. That is exactly the objective of the dotard bootlickers, and they are allowed into millions of homes and minds without any thoughts of the consequences. That is not being objective, that is being irresponsible.

The Fascist in chief and his syndicate of criminals have miscalculated

badly. The terrorist attacks on Democrats will not gain them votes, neither will it deter well thinkers from voting. Violence is the inevitable result of the hate rhetoric spewing out of the Whitehorse and GOP rallies. They are desperate, and showing it. Sadly l fear this is an acceleration that will continue until we are free from the tentacles of dictatorship.

The horrendous cruelty involved has no place in a civilized

society, despite what the liar in chief would have the world believe. We all know the Saudi royalty is guilty of murder, and that the worst they will suffer is a slap on the wrist. Dotard and Kushner have taken moral corruption to a whole network level.

Interesting prediction, but l doubt it very much. The criminal

in charge will not resign, neither he be gracefully forced out. Especially now that he has rigged SCOTUS, which is a continuation of him using the legal system to intimidate opponents and cover his crimes. Think of the behavior of a weasel when cornered. There are dangerous waters ahead, and the ship of state is not in the best of sea worthy conditions. The good thing is there are still some really good sailors aboard, and reasons abound to give us hope as long as we continue to resist.
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